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  1. Wanted to wait till today to see if I could make the 4pm meeting but I sadly won't be able to. I really liked theaub's agenda on the 1st page, and think it'd be great for the V's to become more and more structured as we go on.
  2. Hey, based on Connors and ur signature in this forum, Im pretty sure we are chatting in the same thread in the FB group this afternoon about the Ott Citizen article See u in the forums and FB
  3. I DID play in MR2 for two years with the Hotspurs. It's been 4 or 5 years so my memory is hazy. I play at Hornets Nest often for friendlies as well and a few guys I play pickup with every week play in Hornets too, I think they said MC3 but I forget. Playing in the Footy Sevens mens outdoor this summer instead of OCSL though cuz some friends asked, g luck w ur season and see u in the forums!
  4. Played for Nepean Hotspurs and now for Nepean Spitfires. I've also played in almost every league in the city by now Mens, Coed, outdoor, indoor, pickup, love to play anywhere! Not very good though lol. What team or league do you play?
  5. Thanks guys, I see my fellow Ottawans in the Ottawa NASL threads as well! I actually went from the Fury FB to the Bytown Boys FB, then to the Voyageurs FB before ending up here today I was chatting with two of the guys with the Bytown Boys and let them know I'll join them once I get a move sorted out. Hey, Ive been to Connors a few times as well, it's my OCSL team's usual hangout after winter league games! During the summer, though, it's usually the parking lots lol. Canada => Grace O'malleys TFC => Connors, got it, thanks guys
  6. Thanks! You know, I've actually been to Grace O'Malleys twice, is that the Ottawa Voyageurs HQ? I also go time to time to Georgetown or Heart and Crown to catch CL with friends time to time. I'll definitely keep Grace O'Malleys in mind now.
  7. Hi there, I'm writing this as I wear my Canada jersey on a casual Friday at the office I'm a Korean Canadian who loves to play and watch footy, and other sports as well. I follow the Canadian and the Korean national teams, and support Daejeon Citizen FC, Valencia CF and Toronto FC, in that order. They are all in different leagues so it's all good . I love to watch the Champions League and La Liga, and the major international tourneys and qualifiers. I love to watch the men's NT play the WCQ and the Gold Cup, and I have seen the Voyageurs at BMO Field and Swangard Stadium before, but I
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