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  1. I would totally have assumed that the league would have incorporated an official fantasy game into their app, but with the opener being less than 3 weeks away, I'm not confident that about anymore. That would be a shame because it would seriously help the non-hardcore follow the league along more closely a la FPL. Who would be the best to tweet at about this, would it be PB?
  2. Been checking the CPL site constantly since midnight lmao, thanks for posting the shop.canpl.ca link. I must say one thing quickly, where are those beautiful jackets at?? That's what I'm ready to splash the cash on at this point more so than the jerseys. I have to say, I have yet to meet one person who didn't like the Nigeria WC jerseys, everybody I know absolutely loved it. I don't think the York9 pea soup green colour is that aesthetically pleasing for the general public though, but I'm down with it.
  3. The kits look really nice on paper in the Macron mockups, but less so when you see it on a live photo or a video. I think it's because the mockups have the kits looking darker than it actually is. I was watching the kit launch yesterday on the TV and my friend said she thought the York 9 looked the worst because of the colours, too neon green.
  4. Respect to you for your calmness throughout, my bad and I apologize for getting all worked up today for no reason at all. It would honestly in an ideal world be something to think about for sure, but I'm just going to be hard to be sold on an actual fight to the death between a USL club and a CPL club in the same city, because in the end, it has to be about growing soccer in Canada as a whole, and I think it would definitely be way more ideal to see the Fury be convinced to see the light and join CPL asap as soon as possible, rather than two clubs trying to see if they can possibly bleed each other out. I think there are a number of Fury fans who are on the forum and IRL who will keep up the pressure throughout this offseason and the 2019 season calling for OSEG to join CPL as soon as possible, and not mess up this situation any more than it already is, because it really is pretty ridiculous, CPL's 1st signings are quite indicative that this league will be very close to, equal or better than USL on a number of metrics from the get go. But hey, any derby within CPL where we are all for Canadian soccer as a whole, and we have clubs beefing it out for city or province pride? I'm most definitely down for that. A future where a club like FC Gatineau is in CPL1 or CPL2 later down the road and financially sustainable? Would be cool to see for sure. Cheers bro, have a good weekend.
  5. Using average attendance as a proportion of the entire population of the census metropolitan area and telling us that a ratio below 1% indicates weakness for D2 pro soccer in Ottawa and justifies a 2nd professional soccer team in the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA is a pretty weak argument in itself. And once again, I say this as somebody who spent many days over and over again arguing with many many Fury fans about why the Fury absolutely should be in CPL for 2019.
  6. This is the kind of thing somebody who knows a few Ottawa fans off the V's forum, the CanPL Discord and Twitter might say. It reflects unawareness of just how much the Fury is embedded within both serious and casual footy fans in Ottawa-Gatineau, and how little of an appetite or demand there is for 2 professional footy clubs in the National Capital Region. Not counting FC Gatineau obviously. And I say this as somebody who very much wanted to see the Fury in CPL for 2019.
  7. It's a corporate event, guess who paid for the dinners. I don't know very many Toronto Voyageurs who attended the event, to put it another way, unless they were part of Gen IX bringing the noise, kudos to them. As somebody else put it eloquently upthread, the regular mainstream fans are the ones that will make the games attractive to corporate fans long-run, not the other way around. I'm most definitely skeptical about whether the focus on corporate fans and youth clubs selling memberships is a sustainable strategy long-term, or even medium-term. As I said, I criticize out of love, and we all should be thinking about all of this more critically if we want this thing to truly succeed.
  8. As for the membership numbers going from 260 in mid-October to 1,000+ now, my assumption is this - if the community youth clubs are supposed to be receiving $50 everytime somebody uses their promo code to sign up for a $50 membership deposit on the website, then my guess would be that, perhaps York 9 and the youth clubs have agreed to a system where the youth clubs put forward a list of soccer families that would be interested in a York 9 membership, and that anybody who wants to buy York 9 seasons would just get the $350 price, with the $50 discount already factored in, through their community club or through York 9. This way, the youth clubs don't pay a single cent, York 9 gets the "memberships" and a list of prospective SSH families, and the youth soccer families get the $350 price with the $50 discount if they do take up the option to buy seasons. There's obviously a big difference between members, who've paid $50, or perhaps even $0, and SSHs, who've paid $200 or $350 or more. I'm happy we have 1,000 members now, and it's innovative and smart for York 9 to agree to partnerships with all the youth clubs, but I just don't know how many of the soccer families have actually forked out the $350, but I do hope there's a lot. Just statistically speaking though, it's pretty funky how we went from 250 after five months to 1,000 one month after.
  9. Pretty happy with Porter and Furlano, old Fury and TFCII boys, and with the L1O guys as well. I think a lot of people out there are saying that York 9 is going to be filled with a large contingent of L1O players, so I would assume a guy like Porter would be a definite starter for sure, especially when he got to write a nice letter on the website for all of us. I was happy about the signings, so I took the chance to catch up to the last month on this thread, and I do have to say I was happy to see that a lot of people spoke up about their concerns about the ticket prices here, and I hope you all took the chance to relay that to Ben Z and his team as well. I got the $200 myself, but I think it's a bit crazy that a person has to pay a minimum of $500 per season to get an assigned seat. That's insane. A lot of us here probably are used to paying $250 to $400 for TFC seasons, and we all have assigned seats even in the south side, even if we are standing somewhere else in the section instead. So yes, no matter how you look at it or want to justify it, it's pretty crazy that we have to pay a minimum of $500 per season to get an assigned seat for a temporary field for York 9. Anyways, I say all this about the prices because I really absolutely want York 9 and CPL to succeed for many many years. CPL is the most important project in Canadian soccer history, bar none, it absolutely must succeed if we want Canadian soccer to elevate itself beyond the MLS/USL/PDL/USSDA landscape we have been this past decade. I criticize out of love, I really hope the York 9 staff lowers their SSH prices as soon as possible, which probably won't happen until the 2020 season but no loss in asking early, and that they continue to elevate their marketing game, and that they continue to find success in coverting memberships into season seats. I'll most definitely be in the supporter section in April.
  10. They 100% did it with the intention of joining CPL for 2019, as is what OSEG did want for most of this 3-year negotiating process, regardless of what Mark Goudie says publicly. I believe it's just that the negotiations broke down because the two sides were so far apart privately in their vision for the 2019 CPL season.
  11. Man, somebody's gotta say it so it might as well as be me, having had Fury seasons back in Ottawa, and a Day 1 York 9 FC member. Any non-Fury pro soccer team in Ottawa-Gatineau is nearly guaranteed to pull membership numbers similar to York 9. There are just not many people out there in Ottawa-Gatineau who are going to ditch the Fury to sign up for CPL Ottawa-Gatineau, even if you've seen a few of them on this board, on Twitter and on other social media. Most of the "support local soccer" type are already on the Fury, and few will ditch, even those who are fervently pro-CPL. A bunch of the Ottawa pro-CPL fans are slowly making peace with the 2020 and beyond timeline, as terrible as it is for the launch as many of us including myself have argued. There is only one league that's going to whip up the city in soccer frenzy, considering the Fury have really settled their base since launching in NASL, and it ain't the CPL. And we all know MLS in Ottawa ain't happening either. The best course of action is to convince the Fury to join CPL asap. It's a real shame it's not for 2019.
  12. A fantastic observation overall with the medium-term in mind, fully agreed. Those who are fully pro-Fury/OSEG will be uttering the $8 million USD expansion fee that Mark Goudie mentioned for years to come by the way. My response to that would be that those Fury fans who repeat that figure are professing a fully self-defeating mentality, where they actively believe the CPL will undoubtedly fail and that they need to run back to the safe haven of USL. This fully reflects the lack of leadership that both OSEG and some of the Fury fans are showing for the CPL launch.
  13. You haven't been on deeply in the Fury twitterverse/FB groups like some of us have, there are very few people that would jump to another Ottawa team that would rival the Fury, even among those who actively support CPL.
  14. We did all applaud the Fury on all of this the past year for sure, who knew they'd do too good a job hoarding all em Canadian talent lol We know there's more out there, but no doubt, the Fury has really stocked up for sure.
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