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  1. Lets not let the english off the bag here...there was trouble outside the stadium too. Not only that, against Lens, there was problems in France, i'm surprised you didn't blame the eye-ties for that one...Or perhaps the spanish police getting battered by Spurs fans throwing seats? is that Italians fault too? Maybe the english 'fans' should get some blame. Over reaction or not by police, there is always two sides to a fight.
  2. Can't go wrong with Football Manager...Its newest game is 2007, and is fantastic...I've played it since it was called championship manager, and its gotten better every year... www.sigames.com plus they make a great hockey management game too...eastside hockey manager.
  3. big fan of the logo, simple and to the point, no flaming balls or firebolts etc. the name is good...i'll be calling them reds..but i guess that depends on what the dominant colour is.. My 50$ is down as well...Good going MLSE!!..now just dont Pat Quinn the team, and we'll have some progress! I'm totally psyched..finally some pro level f-ball in the area...and i AM not counting the Stynx down as pro..
  4. Heh, the Lynx are the only ones who think they are special...They've pissed off one of the last remaining 'large' clubs in the GTA. Even when the Inferno were around, they 'supplied' the biggest bunch of players, and did that last year too, along with a coach. There are only so many more clubs willing to pair up with the lynx now that they are not the big dogs (cats?) in town. Not that Oakville are saints, but their money, infrastructure and grassroots supporters are priceless. There aren't very many clubs who can match their level of support.. Its gonna be tough to replace them.
  5. Tee hee i can't help but laugh when i hear this...it looks really good on the Lynx...
  6. Sinclair headed to Chelsea Canadian soccer star Christine Sinclair has signed to play for the Chelsea women's team. Sinclair will be joined at Chelsea Ladies FC by veteran American star Tiffeny Milbrett. The Lady Blues play in the FA Women's Premier League. Chelsea spokesman Simon Greenberg said the club is waiting for work permits for the pair. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Soccer/Canada/2006/02/13/1440591-cp.html
  7. Period? are you sure? Do tell me why Ms Sinclair would turn down chances to go to Europe (Germany, Norway or England) to play in Van City? is it out of the goodness of her heart? is she that devoted to a beautiful city like Van to forgo the 'riches' of europe? and when i say riches i mean a working wage, not Ottawa Senators money. The Caps are a 'big' club in USL terms, they have multiple teams in youth divisions and can afford to have players, who might otherwise be playing 'pro' on the club. Andrea Neil, Amy Apps, Amber Allen Randee Hermus etc are all players should be overseas. But they aren't because they are part of the club. Am i going to stand up and say when they existed the Inferno could do such? no. of course not. We turned down players who wanted that (other forms of compensation) to happen, if you do it for 1 player, it sets a precident. But Montreal (the xtreme), Vancouver, New Jersey, Ottawa and to a certain extent the Lady Lynx (shudder) and others all do/did it. You want to know how much money a team can pull from a day camp run by pros for 30 girls? Over a 2 month period, a lot more than i make in a year thats for damn sure. its lucrative, in a sense they can properly compensate their stars. Before you dismiss out of hand the possibility of the rules being bent, distorted or gently stretched, you should open your eyes to the realities of the game. It happens, it happened in the post, it will happen in the future, and the W league knows it. They are willfully blind to the matter. Otherwise they would lose the stars they currently have. I'm not gonna have a p**sing contest over this, you either believe it or you dont. Oh and the Inferno shot was classy, i'm just gonna take it as a shot at the city, and not at the thousands of fans who saw their first taste of elite womens soccer in Ontario.
  8. you are dreaming if you think the ladies who are above NCAA age are working for free in the W-League. They are 'benefiting' from the club in a compensatory manner. Do you think they are playing from the goodness of their hearts? They are for the most part highly trained and skilled players who could be making money in europe, especially Sinclair. The gals are making money in other ways; Camps, speaking engagements, being a part of the club hierarchy, coaching youth teams etc.
  9. a followup to the whole Vergara Benitez thing... http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Soccer/Canada/2005/12/20/1361666-cp.html
  10. Anyone else questioning why Lithuania was in the Francophonie?
  11. Tho i'm happy about Serie A being back, i hope the mixup in games isn't something we should be getting used to with tln/goltv, It just doesn't look very good. And whats with the announcers, everything was FANTASTIC, MARVELLOUS and PEACHY KEEN. It seems like they've never watched a high level game before, they were so awed with the players; It pains me to say it, but i kinda miss the other idiots from last year, tho they are doing the fiorentina game now..
  12. Rumour time..Just saw this on Planetfootball and thought it may be of interest... Arnesen scouts duo Chelsea new man Frank Arnesen was spotted watching Helsingborg's 2-0 defeat to IFK Gothenborg. The former Tottenham director of football will plan ways of spending Roman Abramovich's millions by recommending targets to Blues boss Jose Mourinho. Although IFK were victorious at Olympia, it is rumoured that two of Helsingborg's stars were the focus of his attention. Canada international Atiba Hutchinson and defender Andreas Granqvist are the players in question. Tall midfielder Hutchinson, 22, has scored four goals in 16 games this term and is a key man following his arrival from Osters. 6ft 4ins Granqvist is only 20 but is already a regular at the heart of the Helsingborg defence. "Chelsea would be the perfect club," said defensive anchor Hutchinson in Sportbladet after the game. http://skysports.planetfootball.com/list.asp?hlid=297855&lid=2&cpid=8&title=Arnesen+scouts+duo&channel=football_home
  13. hah that would make too much sense for the USL
  14. Congrats & good luck to the Lady Lynx, too bad they didn't dream up a bigger attendance figure...but all the same, good luck to the gals against Boston, they have always played Toronto hard...
  15. I called him the worst player because in my opinion he was. That doesn't mean i'm hatin' on him. It means i have expectations of him. If you dont have expectations whats the point? I'm tired of hearing 'good run out there boys we tried hard' that doesn't cut it any more. ok maybe in hindsite i should have tempered my 'worst' player crack, but that does not mean i'm still not critical of parts of his play, just saying hes great isn't going to make him any better..
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