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  1. Jonathan is Canadian. He has his reasons for waiting so long. I say if he wants to put on the jersey let him. We always talk about wanting our best players to play for us so let's embrace him now. Show hiim what it means to be a Canadian. We are compassionate, caring, and an embracing society. If he wants to come home lets show him he made the right decision.
  2. What time will it be shown if you live in the Eastern Time zone?
  3. My tickets say 7pm but the CSA website says start time is 7:30. Anyone know which one is correct?
  4. I like O'Dea and Eckersley but paying those guys 840 grand combined is way too much. TFC are totally overpaying for what they are getting in that position. I believe the next highest paid defender is making around 300 grand.
  5. Do you think TFC would be a better team with just all the Canadian guys in the league with them?
  6. TFC should bring DeRo back. We have really sucked since he left. They should have paid the man. Instead they are dishing out roughly 4.75 million on Hassli, Frings, and Koevermans. All three players are old and slow and definitely at the end of their careers.
  7. We are much better than Haiti. Actually, we are also in my opinion better than Jamaica.
  8. Hall definitely is weak. He is not that good of a shot stopper nor is he that mobile. Kocic played great and really started to command the box well. Plus, I think he may be better in the air than Frei. I like Frei but I am not so sure how he will bounce back from such a terrible injury. Get Kocic signed and stop playing around TFC.
  9. Anyone know why Junior sat last game. It seems as though his spot on the starting 11 is not totally his.
  10. Mykola is back for a second trial with Dynamo. He is 15 and is in their academy.
  11. That is great news hopefully for the future.
  12. Sven is a good strong Croatian boy. He works hard and will tackle like crazy. I don't know why this guy isn't on TFC's radar.
  13. Teach

    TFC Roster Dance 2011

    I am hopeful that we will do better this year. But, I am not wholey convinced that we have the players to do so. I thought Winter would have brought in a bunch of guys who have played for some good teams. What about a DP? We don't have any real good players in camp right now. If this is all we have we are not going to go anywhere this year.
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