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  1. We are the Sauga City Collective, a group of Mississaugans dedicated to seeing a Mississauga club in the newly founded Canadian Premier League. We’re young, goal oriented and on a mission to turn dream this into a reality. We have been able to establish a core group of supporters and this helps us with our strategic plans for the future. With approximately 340 members on Facebook and over 300 followers of our official Twitter account, we’ve progressed well, but the road is long. We can do better! While in our preliminary phase, we’ve done our best to try and spread the word to people we are directly connected with in the soccer community, and it has worked. We have spoken directly with members of city council who was receptive of our idea and now has a history of undertaking soccer projects in the city. These are all steps in the right direction, and we believe we’ve made progress. We have also has contact with L1 Ontario teams and established great relationships with them, as we try to get more of the soccer community involved. Our next steps will will be producing merchandise for sale so that we can use the funds to further promote our cause. We are not-for-profit, rather we are for the promotion of soccer in Mississauga and will use the money earned for doing so. Our plan is to keep showing our support and we realize that this is a marathon and not a sprint.. There’s strength in numbers - we hope that you’ll join us and spread the word!
  2. Lots of positive responses thus far for Mississauga SG. 1) Met with Paul Beirne 2) Very engaged on social media 3) Completed two meetups and looking to make L1 Ontario games in Mississauga a regular thing 4) Merch store to open soon The future is bright!
  3. Mississauga SG goes to L1 Ontario all-star game. Check it out.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV01fUL4ldw
  4. Hello Everyone, Mississauga SG has just officially launched! Visit the website at www.saugacityrising.ca (best experienced on desktop) Sign up under the Contact Us tab to receive news and the latest information about meet-ups and more. Follow on Twitter: @SaugaSG   Tweet using #SaugaCityRising Join the group on FB: Mississauga Supporters Group - Canadian Premier League Thanks,
  5. I have a Voyageurs account as well, but have already emailed Bill. For those that are in support of allowing turbans you can like a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/quebecturbanban and also follow on twitter @QuebecTurbanBan
  6. I'm lucky, I got two today in the north section behind the goal. Tried looking for two together in the lower bowl afterwards and didnt find any. Pretty good as public sale only starts tomorrow.
  7. I need one, I can meet you at the bar as well. Not sure, if you received my PM
  8. If anyone from the west-end cannot make it to downtown Toronto, The Cock and Pheasent in Mississauga will be showing the game. I just spoke to their manager. Hopefully people come!
  9. I'd be up for this. I won't have enough time to reach downtown for the Duke. I am actually trying to look around the West End right now! Does anyone have suggestions? I believe this match is up against NBA finals and the Jays.
  10. IMO,promoting rivalries in a decent fashion is good for the sport in the country. It also helps people who aren't into the sport/team much, get into the spectacle of rivalries. e.g. fans from other MLS teams watching the matches between Toronto and Columbus. It'sone thing to support rivalries, it's another to get totally out of hand and bash an entire population of a certain city....and I've seen this happen before.
  11. Agreed with much of what you said about Evil Bert. It takes effort, money, and a lot of disappointment to follow clubs in this country pre-TFC. His commitment to the game seems to be unquestionable. I agree, it was a funny segment to see on Breakfast Television, but making fun of one supporter this way is wrong, specially if it comes from his own group of fans. Another thing about your post that I have to disagree with....who the hell are you to judge the Red Patch Boys? How can you say they are not real fans, when there's been loads of dissapointment with TFC over the last two years? They could have just said "F*** it" and left. All I know is that they bring it every game with their flags, banners, voices etc and also follow the team away in large numbers. This whole "Holier Supporter than thou" attitude has got to change. Toronto got a proffesional team and people got behind it, sorry if that bothers you in Vancouver. Supporting the Lynx was never a prerequisite for supporting Toronto FC. Basically, I tend to notice there is a lot of RPB bashing on this board and yet I thought the point of it all was to push Canadian soccer forward. Nice to know some of us aren't welcome.
  12. Hey I think this is a brilliant idea. Put me down for one, no name or number though
  13. I agree. I think the website and the team should stay seperate. I do love the idea of a fan-owned team, but I don't know how people will feel about Voyageurs FC. I dont mind it, but perhaps I dont understand the group well enough yet.
  14. meh who cares what Vancouver has done. We(TFC) are still in the competition and they are not. Other than that it should be an intense game tomorrow, cant wait. I am in 111 !!!
  15. Yes, you can get in, you just wont be allowed to drink !! With that many people there, I doubt they will check anyways.
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