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  1. Leon nets 2 in FA Cup match https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2019/february/03-february/leon-double-sends-hammers-through-fa-cup https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2019/february/04-february/leon-it-was-more-important-win-me-score
  2. Leon signs with West Ham and starts vs Man City, Adrian Leon tweeted she signed up with West Ham United last week. It is nice to see she got plenty of minutes in her debut. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46772734
  3. The play by Antoine trying to dribble past the Mexican striker along with her 2nd bad decision to foul in the box enraged me at the time. However I have see the pros do the same. I'm sure many coaches will show this to their teams as a lesson of why a simple back pass to the goalkeeper is mandatory.
  4. You said it as there us no explanation for stupidity. meanwhile Canada must do better at the midfield.
  5. Midfielder Lara Kazandjian was terrible in the first half always giving the ball away, I see she is a bundle of energy and hopefully improves in next game.
  6. The second red was brutal, talk about violent conduct something you don't often see in the women's game.
  7. It's always good to have 5 or 6 keepers. lol They had 4 this year which puzzled me as to why.
  8. No big loss here as he was hired because of his friendship with NDS as he had zero experience as technical director.
  9. I often say to myself when watching "Fire the director". Another thing I would like to see is more views from behind the goal as it show the entire width of the pitch thus offering a view of where every player is positioned. I often go to watch games from behind the goal even though seeing the opposite end is more difficult. This would not be a problem for tv viewers as they could switch cameras views.
  10. Leon could win Golden Boot as she leads with 6 goals and in both tie breaker categories with 2 assists and the least minutes played over Morgan who also has scored 6. As a player who had to ride the bench this year in the NWSL it would be great if she would get it.
  11. mtlfan

    Impact 2018

    Amarikwa is making Impact Great Again Quincy has brought something new to the team up front with his aggressive play that is creating havoc on opposition defences. Perhaps this team can make more than just a playoff appearance. However I never thought much of the Union being ahead of them and Phil. could easily drift out of the playoff race. Next week should tell us how good they really are when NYFC come to town.
  12. Cheers Vic, you put a smile on my face, This situation reminds me of the 2102 Olympic Women's Tournament where Germany did not qualify as they finished behind Sweden and France at the 2011 World Cup. Great Britain as hosts along with Sweden and France represented Europe. Germany. As the Olympics is a junior tournament compared to the World Cup having 3 Euro teams in 2011 was acceptable.
  13. mtlfan

    Impact 2018

    This year the Impact have been a work in progress with the new coaching staff coming into a franchise loaded with incompetence at the front office. Garde hopefully will find the striker and midfielder he needs for next season. When I see they have 4 goalkeepers and now 10 defenders I am anxious to see who stays for 2019. My expectations of a deep playoff run if they do happen to make it is still set at nil.
  14. mtlfan

    TFC 2018

    So if the ref is bad a player may kick another player? What ever the victim did is not relevant. If a ref allows violent conduct what happens next? Did Altidore kick an opponent? Yes he did, case closed. It truly shows how weak minded some players can be. If players remember to put the team first then these incidents would not happen.
  15. mtlfan

    Impact 2018

    Saputo is incompetent as a President. Scouting is so important for teams to find the players they need. The Impact don't have scouts and rely on De Santis and Braz to get the job done. Garde has been able to attract some players but without a scouting system the Impact will remain as they are.
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