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  1. Agree the condition of the pitch was not a factor and with the team back out on the road for the next two matches it will be in great shape. Impact finding a way to collect points without much of an offence. This may prove to be the best edition of the Impact ever as Garde is getting good performances from every player at his disposal. The Canadian players are gaining confidence which makes for a strong bench.
  2. It was too bad Leon is injured, I believe she could do damage up front. Schmidt seems to make too many bad passes for my liking.
  3. Big Black Has No Attack 270 minutes and 0 , zip, nothing from the run of play and but for a PK vs Scotland Canada's all black will need to re adjust if they want to do damage in the upcoming World Cup. Relying mostly on Prince and Sinclair on top with cameos from Leo, Rose Huitiima along with Lawrence and Beckie out wide proved to be nothing but frustration in finding the back of the net. Canada did however dominate all three opponents in terms of possession in the final third. Defensively they were much superior not allowing too much penetration. They did manage to win 3rd with Fleming booting in the winner in the shootout. Sinclair was relieved I bet as she had Canada's only miss.
  4. Canada still in hunt for first place to put Canada in final Switzerland must beat Portugal. Netherlands must beat Poland and Scotland must tie or beat Iceland or if Iceland does no win by any score greater than 1-0 today. If Iceland wins 1-0 along with Switzerland and the Netherlands fair play is the first tie breaker then highest FIFA ranking which means Canada would win top spot.
  5. Yes who and when was it decided that Canada is now black and white? Poor finishing on 2 breakaways kept this game close at least Sinclair did get 1. meanwhile back at the ranch Poland is leading 2-0 over Spain at HT.
  6. Iceland's tactics paid off but Canada still could have came out on top with two glorious chances. I hope to see Leon out there today as i find she is super aggressive in the final third. They have virtually no chance to play in final but should be in the 3rd 4th place match.
  7. Looks like Canada has dumped Red as our official colour, team is wearing white and black WTF.
  8. Leon nets 2 in FA Cup match https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2019/february/03-february/leon-double-sends-hammers-through-fa-cup https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2019/february/04-february/leon-it-was-more-important-win-me-score
  9. Leon signs with West Ham and starts vs Man City, Adrian Leon tweeted she signed up with West Ham United last week. It is nice to see she got plenty of minutes in her debut. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46772734
  10. The play by Antoine trying to dribble past the Mexican striker along with her 2nd bad decision to foul in the box enraged me at the time. However I have see the pros do the same. I'm sure many coaches will show this to their teams as a lesson of why a simple back pass to the goalkeeper is mandatory.
  11. You said it as there us no explanation for stupidity. meanwhile Canada must do better at the midfield.
  12. Midfielder Lara Kazandjian was terrible in the first half always giving the ball away, I see she is a bundle of energy and hopefully improves in next game.
  13. The second red was brutal, talk about violent conduct something you don't often see in the women's game.
  14. It's always good to have 5 or 6 keepers. lol They had 4 this year which puzzled me as to why.
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