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  1. As long as the youth are learning that tactics need to change to suite the opponent you are playing. This holds true at any level.
  2. This is an excellent point! One that MAY bode well in the future if they can add the missing components. IE: Finishing from the buildup!
  3. 3-2 Ven 82nd minute http://www.fifa.com/u17womensworldcup/matchcast/matchday=7/day=1/match=300263759/index.html
  4. And what is with the loooong ball from Ven? We need more movement in the middle! Garcia is pretty physical!!
  5. They are beginning to look extremely tired. Silly mistakes being made.
  6. For some reason I ALWAYS think that I am in the wrong when I listen to the commentators, they are so FULL of exuberance. Either that, or they are not as nit-picky as the rest of us. Moving forward, the ladies are going to have to pick it up considerably. Pure heart and desire, and constant kudos from the commentators is NOT going to be enough for them to progress.
  7. LOL, I thought it had something to do with those crazies behind the scenes. But, I guess we have to keep the gears a churning. And realistically $11 / 7 isn't much of a fee per game
  8. Okay, I was just confused about the $39 price vs the $50 price. But I am going to assume that the $50 has all the crazy-ass hidden TM fees buried in it somewhere. Thanks for the clarification!
  9. I am totally and utterly confused. (which is probably normal) 1) Do I simply buy from TM at the $50 / ticket pricing? 2) I am assuming that is a 7 game venue pack (so 6 group + 1 second stage) Does this appear correct? Am I way off base? Do I need to drink more to comprehend? THANKS!
  10. I concur, she doesn't have the physique but she does mentally have the fortitude to take the hits and roughness. I just worry that she might suffer from some burnout at this age if it isn't cultivated properly. She has a LOT on her plate. Her distance running is definitely going to pay off in the long run, although she has been converting a lot of her "distance" physique into speed / power. All in all, they need to step up if they plan on going further.
  11. If they are on chains... But I like to wear mine on a toque (hat)... Which of course, is just a piece of cloth on my head!!!!
  12. So... just to clarify, I don't have to remove my cross when I play now?
  13. And the weird thing is, that prior to the swastika being hijacked by the nazi's, there were TONNES of teams that wore it proudly on their shirts... In Canada nonetheless.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernie_Swastikas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windsor_Swastikas It is amazing how things can be soured so easily...
  14. Oh, good point about pricing! And if you can keep an accurate count since January 2012, then obviously it is NOT ENOUGH! Considering the fact that I have had to explain it to about 10 folks already.... I would say we've been painted with a big-racist-brush.
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