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  1. I think many disliked Brett Hull especially after he appeared with Gretzky at a pre-tournament press conference making it seem like he was going to play for Canada only to say no such thing leaving everybody wondering why he was here. Also, the hockey rules allow players to change countries all to easy. Tony Esposito played for both Canada and the USA at different times. Peter Stastny played for both Canada and Czechoslovakia at different times. As it isn't a one time decision, people take it all a bit less serious but with Hull, I was pissed and I know I wasn't alone.
  2. Ya, there was and is a flippant pomposity to her.
  3. If there's any truth to it at all! There may not be. Also, remember, ownership wants to win the CCL and go to Abu Dhabi for the World Club Championships! They are aiming high! TFC would need a lot of depth to play in a tournament that takes place the week after the MLS Cup......but let's not get ahead of ourselves!
  4. Only 17 goals in 97 appearances. If we are after a scorer, I don't know if he's it but I know little of him apart from the red card vs TFC some years back. Could he be a back-up #9 behind Vazquez? Can he be a playmaker?
  5. I figure he's a TAM guy. Only 17 goals in 97 appearances doesn't make him worth that kind of money or transfer. Yes, he is a striker. He'd be our third attacking option off the bench competing with Ricketts. Good depth though.
  6. While this is so, 50 of those were scored in his 187 games with Santos Laguna. In the 97 games he has since played for Club America, he has only 17.
  7. dbailey62

    CPL General

    It doesn't work that way. Do you really think the fans of the three clubs would accept having their MLS Cup runs damaged by the V Cup? The CSA wouldn't do something that stupid.
  8. Playing at altitude has to be taken into account too! Vazquez is not a concern.
  9. dbailey62

    CPL General

    MLS clubs would probably object as they will have the stretch run and play-offs to worry about.
  10. However he did or didn't, we need him. He was better than Larin. Hopefully Cyle improves with his Turkish experience. Truth be told though, we need both of those guys plus Junior.
  11. While I agree, don't doubt what one player can do to make the difference. Canada has missed out on the last two hexes by one goal! Two cycles ago we needed one goal at home vs Honduras and we are into the next round. In the last cycle we needed one more goal against El Salvador on the road. We win instead of draw against their reserves (their starters were on strike) and Floro would have had us in the hex and actually would still have a job! Two consecutive hexes missed by one goal each time! One player can make the difference!
  12. dbailey62

    CPL General

    Realistically, what else would they or could they do? They certainly wouldn't be importing officials.
  13. dbailey62

    CPL General

    I'm sure the club, if there is one, will choose the best person available for the job. For me, none of those four would be suitable unless they have achieved all their coaching certifications.
  14. The anger with Leroux is that even while playing for Canada's women's youth teams, she was telling her teammates she really wanted to play for the USA. She took advantage of our system and our funding while having no intention of ever playing for Canada at the senior level if the USA would take her. The ill will was compounded when she accused Canadian supporters of racism when the USA played here. There was never any indication of such. In regards to your references to private enterprise entities, it's not as if they are wearing the Maple Leaf on their shirt or representing our nation when they go to work at Shopify. An athlete, playing for Canada, whatever the sport may be, is wearing our national symbol, standing at attention during our anthem and playing for our country. You seem to be unable to define the distinction between playing for a club and playing for your country!
  15. .... and it's not as if boxers are representing their nations in professional boxing.
  16. At least Lennox won an Olympic gold for Canada before leaving.
  17. dbailey62

    CPL General

    I would assume we are using the most experienced officials the CSA has on their books both at the FIFA level and below just as was done in the late 80's/early 90's in the original CSL. Here is a press release from 2016 listing their top level officials. I'm sure we would see an overlap of some of the officials we have seen in MLS such as Gantar, Fischer and Petrescu to name three, depending on scheduling of course. https://www.canadasoccer.com/canadian-officials-appointed-to-2016-fifa-list-of-referees-and-assistant-referees-p159021
  18. I have no animosity towards Thunder Dan Fernandes who couldn't get an opportunity with Canada despite having a good career in Europe so when Portugal came a calling, he leapt at the chance and while he was capped only twice, Dan was their #3 keeper in South Africa (he didn't play). To be in the dressing room with Ronaldo and the rest must have been the experience of a lifetime. Some of you may remember that Dan, as Thunder Dan, was a presence on our first Voyageurs forum way back when. I was thrilled for him!
  19. Yes it is. In fact, for the CCL, I'd love to see a version of this shirt with six little Maple Leafs above the crest signifying six Voyageurs Cup titles!
  20. I like it. The star is wonderful of course. It's a nice, classy, non-goofy design so I'm good with this!
  21. dbailey62

    CPL General

    I like the idea too but what you say is true as I know from my days as Blizzard when I moderated over at Big Soccer. I didn't have a nervous breakdown but my blood pressure became a concern!
  22. I'll be there tomorrow. I'll take a photo. Ya, that grinds doesn't it.
  23. A bit more burgundy perhaps? The whites more of a silver or gray. What about gold? Works well with black.
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