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  1. I was also sorry to see him go. The problem was that he was making too much money. I wonder what he is paid at Dundee.
  2. Well, you could say the other half is the CSA's fault for hiring him in the first place! Discreet? Most likely a mutual agreement to not air dirty laundry. He had nothing to be gained in a mud slinging contest!
  3. Can't argue with that. We're all just trying to make some sense of it.
  4. Very possible and others have mentioned here, perhaps his reason to want to move to the men was that the women may be in line for a downward trajectory while the men hold lots of promise. Maybe.
  5. You could think "Wow, Zambrano must have really messed up behind the scenes to be ditched so soon!" and you'd be right.
  6. I'm not speculating! I've heard more than enough from multiple sources but I'm not at liberty to disclose! He was a disastrous hire leaving the CSA in a no win position! His firing was inevitable. Ref is saying his firing was a mistake although he has no idea of why he might have been fired. Now that makes no sense! Edit: I'll just add that I was just as disconcerted by the firing/hiring as anybody else and I am just as skeptical as anybody else. I'm not a blind faith supporter of Herdman but as this is the situation we are in, I'm going to let him succeed or fail on his own merits and record. For the sake of Canada, I just hope that he succeeds even if he does so in spite of himself.
  7. You really can't say that without knowing why he was fired. The dumb decision was much more likely the one made to hire him in the first place.
  8. Perhaps a mutual non-disclosure agreement.
  9. My understanding is that there is a lot more to his dismissal than that.
  10. Possibly because he knows some sort of reality that we do not. I wonder if Octavio is still being paid!
  11. Agreed. It's a very crowded market but that's why TSN2 and Sportsnet360 exist.
  12. $5.2 Billion over 12 years. Much more likely CPL would have to pay to get on the air or outright purchase the time and try to support the production via commercial revenue. I doubt the original CSL made a cent from TSN. Exposure was the key!
  13. It wouldn't surprise me if there are financial issues at play here.
  14. Ya but we could say that about a lot of players! The CPL doesn't exist for that purpose.
  15. dbailey62

    CPL General

    Yes. Bunbury in Hamilton, Montreal and Toronto. I remember watching Fernando Aguiar score a hat-trick against LA Salsa. Onstad in Winnipeg. Berdusco in NY. Mobilio and Catliff in Vancouver. Lyndon Hooper! Lots of players who became household names who went on to good careers!
  16. Ya, some sort of taxi squad or an arrangement with a lower league club for short term loans.
  17. dbailey62

    CPL General

    They had their moments and Pesch was a huge breath of fresh air for us. He'd been our most exciting player at the U16 World Cup and to see that kid play against the adults......wow! In the last year of the CSL, when TSN had dropped their coverage and I was working at Rogers, we did a Toronto v Vancouver game in which Pesch just killed the 86'ers and Bobby Lenarduzzi said as much in the post-match interview!
  18. dbailey62

    CPL General

    Many didn't even know about the CSL! After the collapse of the CSL, they did only play one more year that being in the APSL and it was pretty good soccer with at least six CMNT players on the Blizzard roster. They deserved a crowd but couldn't get one.
  19. dbailey62

    CPL General

    No and the fact that so few supporters migrated with the club was a constant source of frustration for me. Later, I learned that many weren't even aware the team still existed!
  20. dbailey62

    CPL General

    Beat me to it! That straightens everything out!
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