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    2009 Dallas Cup

    I was happy to do the posts for those who were interested. Thanks.
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    2009 Dallas Cup

    I attended all four remaining finals of the Dallas Cup on Sunday 12 April, 2009. 10.00 am. Under 16. Real SoCal White from Woodland Hills, California. Versus Arsenal FC USA from Alta Loma, California. 12.30 p.m. Under 17. Lonestar from Austin, Texas, Versus Club Futbol Monterrey, from Monterrey, Mexico. 3:00 p.m. Under 19. Solar Soccer Club Under 18 Academy from Dallas, Texas, Versus Dallas Texans Under 18 Academy, from Dallas, Texas. 6:00 p.m. Under 19 Super. Vancouver Whitecaps from Vancouver, Canada, Versus Sao Paulo F.C. from Sao Paulo, Brasil. As I mentioned in a previous post, there was bad weather all through Saturday night and it was still raining just prior to 10.00 on Sunday morning. Stadium seats were all wet and the attendance for the Under 16 final I estimated to be about 50 (generous). Because of the bad weather, the distance to the Stadium and the fact that there was not a local team in this final, clearly kept some people from going to the match. Who could blame them as it was wet, windy and cold. But like everything else with the weather in the Dallas area, it soon cleared up and we had a fine day of football. Even the seats became dry (eventually) and the attendance picked up during the day. Thank goodness the stadium is turf. The Under 16 game was between two strong California sides who served up a first class encounter. In the end, Real SoCal won the game on penalties after giving up a 2-0 lead they had versus Arsenal during the regulation time. During the over-time, a serious head injury was inflicted on a young Arsenal player, # 9 Ulises Mosqueda. It was an accident and his opponent could not be faulted but he received a serious kick to the head. He lay what appeared to be unconscious as the medical people and others rushed to his aid. The game was suspended until the ambulance arrived and for the medics to determine the prognosis. You could hear the siren of the paramedics vehicle as it rushed to the stadium. After a wait of 10 minutes, with the boy being made as comfortable as possible, the medics arrived and for almost another 20 minutes more they checked him out. Eventually, they carefully placed the young player Ulises on the stretcher and prepared to carry him out the stadium to hospital. Just as they were taking him away, both teams appeared and the rest of the Arsenal team rushed to the stricken boy and did what they could to encourage him. In a very moving moment for all who watched this scene, the entire Arsenal team all fell to their knees and prayed for Ulises to recover. Hours later, the stadium, announcer reported that Ulises we found to be not in danger and would be returning to California later that day with his team. The Arsenal players' prayers were answered. ] In the Under 17 final, Monterrey defeated Lonestar 2-0 in a very enjoyable game. Both Monterrey's goals coming in the second half. A bigger crowd at this game as the weather was getting better and there are a lot of people from Mexico living in the Dallas area who come out to support Mexican sides. In the Under 19 final, Dallas Texans whipped Solar FC of Dallas 4-0. It was 0-0 at the half but, within 10 minutes of the second half, the Texans had scored 3 great goals. Later they added a fourth. A good crowd at this game (two local teams). In the Under 19 Super Cup final, Sao Paulo played the Whitecaps. Although the attendance for this game was the best of the day, it was nowhere near the 5 figure crowds the Dallas Cup used to get in the days before they moved their event way up north to Frisco, Texas. I thought Vancouver, knowing the reputation of this great Brasilian club, would have started the game in a holding pattern because, and I have seen it so often, the big pro clubs from South America usually attack from the start and try to get early goals. However, in this case, this was not the plan for the Whitecaps, or so it appeared - unless they were just overwhelmed by the sheer verocity of the Sao Paulo midfield and forwards. The Sao Paulo team were all over the Whitecaps at the start and scored a fine goal after 5 minutes, when a Whitecaps player, some 35 yards from his goal line, gave up the ball as he got caught in possession. Like a flash, the Brasilian midfielder gave a brilliant firm on the ground pass to # 3 Jackson Souza of his team who, at great speed, ran with the ball and then struck an unstoppable shot into the back of the Whitecaps net. Worse was to follow for the Whitecaps, who were being completely dominated by the Brasilians, when # 11 of Sao Paulo, Bruno Anjos (a real entertainer this guy) and who headed in a cross from the right to make it 2-0. Then in the 16th minute, # 7 of Sao Paulo, Jose Silva rounded of a fine passing sequence by the Brasilians to drive the ball home. Great celebrations by the Brasilians after every goal and here they were, after only 16 minutes, up by three goals and, I have to say, well worth the lead even at this stage. The Whitecaps just couldn't get anything going but eventually got to grips with the game and held out until half time with a three goal deficit. The Whitecaps came out with renewed strength for the second half and a sensational effort from Whitecaps # 11 Dever Orgill from no less than 35 yars out forced to Brasilian goalkeeper to make an outstanding save. Let me tell you this was a tremendous effort by Dever Orgill and for the rest of the game he was a real thorn in the side of the Brasilians. The Whitecaps were coming more and more into the game and were carving out quite a few openings against a tough Sao Paulo defence. An easy scoring opportunity went amiss by Dever Orgill as he broke clean through and tamely shot past the GK's left hand post. Do not think for a oment that Sao Paul took their foot of the gas as this would not be accurate. They wanted to score more goals but couldn't although a clear chance by # 7 Jose Silva, when he broke through due to a defensive mistake, tamely shot over. This was the same player who blasted a shot into the Eintracht net from an even more difficult position. The # 11 of Sao Paulo, Bruno Arjos also had only the goalkeepr to beat and he missed the target. No wonder he pulled his shirt over his head to hide himself. About a minute from the end, the Scottish FIFA referee, Dougie McDonald awarded Sao Paulo a penalty kick after a player was brought down in the box as he prepared to shoot. Brasilian goalkeeper Everson Peres took the kick and scored. 4-0 Sao Paulo. At the final whistle, there was great rejoicing, dancing and singing by the Sao Paulo players as they ran all over the pitch hugging and high fiving each other. They were really elated at winning, probably, in part, because Sao Paulo sent two teams to the Super Cup in previous years, and won both. No doubt, this third Sao Paulo team did not want to return to Brasil without the Championship. It was a one sided affair for quite a while in the first half but, eventually the Whitecaps, to their great credit, started playing the way I saw them before and were by no means disgraced. Sao Paulo badly wanted to win this game and the opening 30 minute onslaught made and proved their point.
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    2009 Dallas Cup

    Eintracht Frankfurt beat Manchester City 2-1 in the third place consolation final Saturday night in the Stadium. Maybe 500 spectators at most in attendance including half a dozen sky blue clad Manchester fans singing songs throughout the game. This time, both teams went at each other from the start. with # 9 Marcos Alvarez of Frankfurt nipping in between the City defenders and the GK to slip in an opening goal at the 30th minute mark. City tied the game up after 28 minutes when coming in from the left, the City player # 19 Jack Redshaw, wiggled along the penalty area and struck a fine effort to level the scores. End to end play throughtout the first half. City made maybe 3 changes at the half and Franfurt 1. Frankfurt playing very well and it was no surprise, after earlier missing a sitter and thundering a shot of the woodwork, # 10 of Frankfurt,Anthony Jung scord a fine goal to take the lead. City made more substitutions to try and save the game but it was too late and they lost 1-2. Frankfurt getting third place, for what it's worth really. Third place was introduced by Gordon Jago (Exececutive Director of the Dallas Cup) when he came in maybe 5 or 6 years ago. It is an interesting concept but third place?? Frankfurt looked more like the team I saw against Sao Paolo. Their # 9 had a much better game versus City than the disaster he had against Vancouver. Generally, a good show by Franfurt and congratulations to their coach for getting the players minds refocused as they came out a determined bunch. City made many changes in the starting lineup compared with their usual eleven. I counted may 7-8 different players on the field at the start. Frankfurt looked reasonably the same with a few cosmetic changes. Maybe City would have won with their regular line up on the field but who knows really. Anyway, it gave other players an opportunity to play. The final goes on tonight, 6 pm local time with the Whitecaps taking on Sao Paulo. Three other finals take place today starting at 10:00 a.m. with the Under 16 final with two California teams. The Unde7, Under 19 and Super U 19 follow during the day. Yesterday, the Under 13, 14 and 15 divisions had their finals. All very enjoyable and exciting for everyone involved. I took the opportunity to have my first look at Ajax Gunners in the Under 16 semi-final yesterday morning. The wind was troublesome as they and Arsenal from California went after each other for the coveted final place in the stadium. I didn't stay long but I thought Ajax were holding their own, and then some, against a well thought of California team. When I left, the score was 0-0 but later learned that, unfortunately, Ajax Gunners fell 2-0 and Arsenal march on to the finals Sunday 10.00 am. Monterrey of the Under 17 group beat Chicago 2-1 in a tough contest. I saw some of this game too and the fancied Chicago team fell short at this hurdle to again, a very good Monterrey side. Can they be beaten - I'll see later today. It has to be an excellent team that can beat Monterrey. The Under 19 (regulars) went at it in their semi-finals yesterday. Caught a bit of these game too and they are tough matches. FC Dallas Juniors lost 1-0 to rivals Dallas Texans U18 Academy in a wonderful game with maybe 200 people watching. The Dallas Cup ends today. At this moment, it is raining hard and is windy. All through the night, snd starting just as the final whistle went in the City game last night,electrical storms, wind, heavy rains and so on. No signs of a Tornado hitting Dallas but they were around elsewhere in the region I heard. It is supposed to clear up later this morning so the final games should be unaffected. Good luck to the Whitecaps tonight. While this is not the Under 20 World Cup so nobody should get carried away, there are, nonetheless, 3 or 4 solid teams from pro clubs here and that makes the Dallas Cup different from most others. In all age groups, there are no less than 129 USA teams, some from England, Canada and sprinkes from Germany, Costa Rica, Holland, a good number from Mexico, 2 teams from Barbados, Trinidad, Bosnia, Argentina, Brasil and so on. A great event celebrating it's 30th year. It could go on for ever.
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    2009 Dallas Cup

    I think the Eintracht coach was at the facility way too early for a 6pm kick off so rather than have the players sit in the bus, he let them walk around and lounge in the grass watching games from the other age groups. They spent about an hour or so, maybe less, and left the park maybe 2 hours plus before their game was due to start, and headed for the stadium where later. I saw them and the Whitecaps training on one of the turf fields that FC Dallas uses 60 minutes prior to kick off. I do believe they had lots of time to soak up the atmosphere of the event. They had days off and probably should not have done what they did. At this level, it is all about preparation and focus. Somehow, I think the Frankfurt coach would think twice about this again. These are fine tuned player, men really when you consider this is Under 20 by a certain age qualification stipulation, here on business not pleasure in my view. In havene't seem any other super cup sectionsteams strolling and lounging about before any games and generally get there about an hour or so of the kick off. Anyway, differnet strokes for different folks - it's up to them, I am merely pointing out the extraordinary preparation of the Frankfurt team which may, or may not, have contributed to their dismal showing in the semi-final.
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    2009 Dallas Cup

    I wouldn't exactly call the Whitecaps team world class - because they are not at that level. The game versus Eintracht almost put me to sleep the first half as it was just boring with neither team getting moving at all. Eintracht tried to pick up the pace a bit at the start of the second half but soon fell back to their apathetic approach. The Whitcaps, on the other hand, seized the opportunity and sprung to life in the secnond half, particularly # 11 who was not getting a kick off the ball before. # 7 was just terrific, working his butt off throughout. Eintracht seeed uncomfortable with the turf field and their star # 9 was reduced to a bit player throughout. He just never got going at all and was effectively completely subdued right from the start. The booing of him throughout, which was quite unfair to say the least, by a young Canadian team didn't help him either. The # 7 of the Whitecaps was, for me, the man of the match, although # 11 with his goals certainly made a massive impact too. The centre back pairing of the Whitecaps # 5 and # 4 were very difficult to beat and when Eintracht did get a chance, the GK of Whitecaps was up to the task. The back 4, generally, did a great job. Less than three hours before the game, the entire Eintracht Frankfurt squad were cruising round Pizza Hut Park watching soccer and lying in the grass. This surprised me, in fact shocked me, as I didn't think they were treating this semi-final game with the Whitecaps with much respect. Not quite what I would have expected from a big pro German outfit who had a lot of momentum in this tournament. In the end, they got what they deserved - a big shocking loss! One final point, the performance of Eintracht versus the Whitecaps was like night and day when you compare their performance against Sao Paulo in midweek. In the Sao Paulo game, the Germans were very impressive against an also very impressive Sao Paulo but, last night, it was like a nightmare for them. Just awful. As for the Whitecaps, they are a good well rounded team who have proven to be a tough nut to crack. They play like a loose confederation of players, few stars, but who all do their own thing - and, within obvious discipline re 4-4-2 formation as set up by the coach, they seem to hit it off. Frankfurt just could not figure them out as they, the Germans, are a programmed team that plays to a strict system and when coming up against a loose team like the Whitecaps, just didn't know what to do. The second game of the evening, which like the first game was not well attended. I recall that for semi=finals in some past events there were 11,000 - 12,000 spectators. At that time, the event was held a lot closer to where most of the action is in Dallas as Pizza Hut Park is in Frisco, well North of the City and maybe people just can't find the time to travel all the way up there. Anyway, what the event loses in gate receipts ($12.00 to get in - $45.00 for the week) they collect in parking fees ($7.00 a day or $25.00 for the week). I guess it worls out as the other venue, although attracting thousands of people, never paid for parking. Anyway, a much anticipated game and it lived up to it's billing. The game started at 8:00 p.m., local time ( 2 hours after the start of the Whitecaps game). Two very good sides again with the result very difficult to project but I was going with Sao Paolo to win the match. Sao Paolo came out very strongly and City were prepared to sit back once again to see what the Brasilians had to offer. Well, Sao Paolo had a lot to offer and came close a couple of times - # 7 inches away. As the game went on, it became very even indeed with end to end play. # 7 of City, not quite giving the performance he had against TFC, made a couple of runs into the heart of the Brasilian defence but nothing came of it. # 10 was his usual effective target man and did a fine job winning the ball here and there. City preferred wing attacks and putting the ball into the Brasiklian penalty are but only a couple of times was this truly effective. Although this was 1-0 into overtime, this was far from a botring game. Quite to the contrary - it was a wondeful show of pure talent, effort and determination for the entire game. In the penalties, Brasil won 4-2 as City had two kicks saved by the great Sao paul goalkeeper. Throughout the game, the City goalkeeper was flawless and deserved a better fate. Losing by penalties is never a great thing but, in the end, we did have to have a winner. For the final tomorrow, I take Sao Paulo to win by three goals - which is no disrespect to the Whitecaps. The Brasilians are that good. Really!! I also saw the whole oakville Under 17 game versus Monterrey and they were never in it. Although the score wass close, 1-0, the Mexicans were truly superior in every department. The huff and pusff of the Canadians was no match fopr the skilled, on the carpet play by this fine Mexican team - but watch out for Chicago Under 17's. They could surprise everyone.
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    2009 Dallas Cup

    I haven't had the chance to see Ajax yet but hope to see a bit of them this morning all going well.
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    2009 Dallas Cup

    Sao Paulo defeated Manchester City 4-2 on penalties after 0-0 regular time and OT. The Brasilians play the final against the Whitecaps who did a solid number on Eintracht tonight 2-0. The first goal by the Whitecaps came midway or so through the second half when the goalkeeper of the Eintracht team kicked the ball in a clearance onto the body of #11 of the Whitecaps - the ball rebounding into the net! The second goal was more played for when a beautiful pass split the German defence and # 11 again ran a few yards with the Germans in pursuit and then unleashed an unstoppable high rising shot into the top left corner of the net. This coming with less than 10 minutes to go. Unfortunately Oakville Under 17's fell 1-0 to Monterrey and were eliminated.
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    2009 Dallas Cup

    aC Milan roster but there are no shirt numbers. Aquilante, Claudio Azzolina, Sciany Benedetti, Alessio Brandi, Valerio Carani, Piermaria Cattaneo, Mattia Corri, Andi Crudeli, Andrea Di Fabio, Davide Di Lauri, Luca Felciano, De MoraisGiosule, Daniele Mihaylov, Antonio K Motta, Nicole Galetti, Paulo Noventa, Filippo Passoni,Gioele Pellegata, Giancarlo Sandrin, Luca Schenetti, Andrea Sciannameo, Davide Vinciguerra, Marcello.
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    2009 Dallas Cup

    A pleasant Wednesday in Dallas with the wind more manageable and 82 degrees. I watched the Toronto Fc versus Manchester City game in it's totality. The match was played at Richland College's # 10 field which is an enclosed park with seating for maybe a couple of hundred spectators. TFC started off very confidently while Manchester City were prepared to sit back and just see what this TFC team had to offer. The strategy for Manchester almost backfired more than once as two easy chances for TFC were blown wide or high because the shooters wanted to blast the ball instead of placing their shots carefully. Big let offs for City. Big frustration for coach Jason Bent, no doubt. At the other end, when City was prepared to take a few jabs at the TFC defence, the pace of # 7 of City was something to watch out for. At precisely 25 minutes of the first half, City began to take a strong command of the midfield and were now threatening the TFC goal several times, particularly with free kicks from 25 yards or less from the goal. TFC continued to play hard and tough but I think they started to lose a little energy as the game went on. TFC broke away again and had another amazing miss - again a wild shot at goal which really wasn't necessary. Just before the half, City got a free kick some 23 yards from goal and TFC amazingly kept the ball out of the net as shot after shot rained in from rebounds and off the cross bar. The TFC GK was doing very well at this stage but City were well in command now and would have the benefit of the wind, maybe 25 MPH, behind them in the second half. The break at half time would give both coaches the opportunity to adjust tactics, etc. City came out of the gate swarming the TFC half and seemed to concentrate efforts down their (City's)left side. The City # 7, Scott Kay in the programme, had tremendous pace and came in strongly from the left and placed a great curling shot into the left hand side of the TFC net. This was after one minute of the second half. Again City went forward, now dominating, and scored a second goal 5 minutes later as # 7 Scott Kay left the TFC defenders bewildered by an amazing run down the left, cut inside, outside, inside again to the goal line and passed to # 10 Alex Tchuimeni-Nimley who had an easy tap in. Minutes later, # 7 of City scored again with a thunderous shot which left the TFC goalie with no chance. Just near the end, with City well and truly coasting, a terrible mix up in the TFC defence practically gave the ball to a City player who then moved forward about 7 yards and scored easily past the TFC goalie. The result eliminated TFC (1-1-1) and put Manchester City (3-0-0) into the semi-finals. The TFC boys did their very best but were clearly outmatched in this game. Nonetheless, they never gave up and with better shooting may have taken an early lead - although City too had a couple of three near misses too. Nothing to be ashamed of here by TFC as they did well in this event and I am sure they will be invited back again next year when some of the players will be older, wiser and better. As for City, well they were sloppy in defence early in the game and a better team would have punished them I am sure. However, they march on with a 3-0-0 record. The next game immediately following the TFC game placed Sao Paulo and Eintracht Frankfurt on the menu. Frankfurt needing only a draw to get first place while Sao Paulo, because they only scored a 1-0 win over the Japanese side Urawa Red Diamonds while Eintracht recorded a 6-1 win ( goal difference is the first criteria for placing after number of points ). This was a wonderful game with end to end play throughout the match. Both Sao Paulo and Eintracht having some incredibly gifted talented players on their rosters and they served up a fantastic and entertaining game. The game was very even for a while until Eintracht scored a wonder goal in the middle of the first half as their main striker got behind the Brasilian defence after a beautiful pass from their midfield caught the Brasilians out of touch. Eintracht seemed to want to hold onto that lead and were a bit more subdued with their attacking it appeared to me. Sao Paulo started the second half with a great big blast when striker # 7 Jose Silva scored an amazing goal coming in from the right wing and the shot certainly flew past a very good German goalkeeper who had no chance as the ball was hit hard and was rising. Now 1-1 after one minute of the second half. Sao Paulo, took almost total control and dominated for long stretches, and were awarded a clear penalty for a late tackle on # 7 of Sao Paulo late in the game. The kick was taken well but this fine Eintracht goalkeeper guessed correctly and got down to his left and saved, and held, a well placed penalty kick effort. A great save and this allowed Eintracht to hold onto the 1-1 draw, despite frantic Sao Paulo efforts to grab the winner. The result means that Eintracht Frankfurt win their 4 team grouping (3 groups of 4 teams make the 12 teams in the event) and Sao Paulo, to my great surprise, finished runner up and obtained the wild card as the best placed runner up team in the Super Cup. So the organisers hoped for dream final will not happen as Manchester City will play Sao Paulo in the semi finals on Friday night. I'll stick my neck out and say Sao Paulo will win the game but Manchester City could just as easily prove me wrong. Certainly, City have a wonderful side here and, with # 7, # 10 and other great components, might just pull it off. In essence, it is really too close to call. I then later watched Vancouver Whitecaps play Andromeda, reigning 1991 born boys USA national champions. The game was played at Pizza Hut Park and started at 6:00 p.m., local time. I did notice a few team changes by the Whitecaps from the lineup I saw previously. A good vibrant home team crowd watching the game with the wind gusting Esat to West about 25 mph. The Vancouver Whitecaps started off very strongly and had a lot of the ball. The Americans seemed a little hesitant going forward with their coach electing to have most of his players defend their defensive third. Nonetheless, the Andromeda team broke through a couple of time but couldn't finish. Whitecaps, who seemed to rely an awful lot on #11 Dever Orgill, never really seemed to be in trouble though as they carved out several good openings. At the break, Andromeda still seemed to keep many player in the defence and this certainly hurt the, Of course,Dever Argill kept them on thei toes as did his accompanying strong midfield. The Vancouver Whitecaps defence played very well when called upon and i though their central defence pairing was invaluable in this game. Eventually, and shocking the pro America crowd, in a play very similar to the Eintracht Frankfurt goal against Sao Paulo, Dever Orgill brilliantly broke clear from the suffocating Andromeda defence and latched onto the ball in a flash, went forward, partly rounded the goalkeepper and placed a nice cool shot into the back of the net. A great goal from a real livewire striker and occurred with about 25 minutes to go in the match. The Andromeda team, quite late in the game, did cause a few problems with crosses from the wings and with headers that probably could, or should I say, should have tied the game with a close in power header than looked easy to just nod into the net. In the end, the Whitcaps deserved their victory by 1-0 (both teams having some good additional scoring opportunities) but one goal was all that was required. The reward for the Whitecaps (3-0-0) is a semi final game (no quarter finals in the Super Cup) against Eintracht Franfurt (2-1-0) to be played Friday evening at Pizza Hut Stadium. Andromeda finishing 1-1-1. The Whitecaps showed they are a good solid team with depth in the squad. I am sure that they will give Eintracht a very good game - but be careful for the German # 9 - brilliant and plays all over the place. River Plate lost again, 2-0 to Monterrey of Mexico in the Stadium and finished last in their group. How a great former Super Cup champion can perform the way they did here is beyond me. Very disappointig to say the least. I watched the last 30 minutes of the game and, well, what can I say that hasn't already been said. Watched AC Milan play Tigres of Mexico, also in the Stadium, following the River Plate game, and they looked a little bit better with some changes to their lineup. This is a very young and inexperienced AC Milan outfit. Unlike the Toronto FC game, they were allowed some space to play by a talented Tigres team. Some nice play by both teams and really no physical stuff at all. I thought the Milan # 7, with his yellow shoes, looked very skilled - a joy to watch his tricks. Didn't see him before though and he certainly wouldn't have survived very well against Toronto FC. A nice peaceful game with Milan taking the lead in the first half with a nice effort only to see Tigres score a minute before the break with another fine goal. Tigres scoring the winner in the second half to finish 1-1-1. Milan finished 0-0-3. The other Canadian entries had a mixed day. In the Under 19 regular section, the Toronto Lynx lost 2-3 to IMG Academy of Florida and finished with one win and two losses. Lynx has failed every time they have come here excepting, of course, an under 19 B division final a while ago and under different management. I expected better from them to be frank. In the Under 17 section, we had 4 Canadian entries. The only survivor from the first round is Oakville Gunners (2-1-0) who had an outstanding 2-1 win over santa Clara Sporting of California (2-0-1). A great resut when you consider a draw would have seen them eliminated. Well done. Oakville goes onto play Mexico powerhouse in this section Club Futbol Monterrey (3-0-0) in the quarter finals to be played Friday afternoon. The other teams in this section from Canada, Woodbridge Strikers, Clarkson and Dorchester Rock were eliminated in the first round. It's not easy down here but they all did their best I am sure. In the Under 16's, Ajax Gunners (2-0-1) lost 1-0 to Santa Clara of California but were still rewarded with a wild card and play South Bay Force from California (3-0-0) in a quarter final game on Friday afternoon. Six points was always going to be in contention for one of two wild cards but I was a little worried that Ajax goal differential was so small. Anyway, it turns out that they got the a wild card. Good for them and let's see them go forward. So, in the end, we have Vancouver Whitecaps in the semi-final Super Cup on Friday night versus Eintracht Frankfurt at Pizza Hut Stadium at 6:00 pm local time. We also have Oakville Gunners in the Under 17 quarter final game versus Monterrey on Friday at Pizza Hut Park 11:00 am local time. We also have Ajax Gunners playing South Bay in the Under 16 quarter finals at Pizza Hut Park 11:00 am local time. Good luck to them all.
  10. kennedy

    2009 Dallas Cup

    In Dallas, and leaving the hotel shortly to watch todays games. TFC have a tough task against Manchester City at 12 noon and, right after their game, Sao Paolo will play Eintracht Frankfurt. I am happy to see Manchester City bring such a formidable and talented side to the tournament, as well as Eintracht and Sao Paolo. By bringing strong teams, these clubs uphold the prestige of their parent clubs and the respect for the Dallas Cup. I have been watching as many games as possible and I have to say that A C Milan, on their second visit, again brought a shockingly poor, poor team here - just like they did a number of years ago. I don't know why they don't do what the other big clubs do and bring their best available but, what can you do. Maybe they need the experienced players in Italy so they sent a bunch of kids who looked like they were selected from local clubs and put together. Whatever it is, it is not working for them again. Milan has lost 7 goals in two games and failed to score. Just like a few years ago. Toronto FC had a 1-1 draw against Tigres of Mexico in he first game. Hard working, no nonsense, take no prisoners, Toronto FC just ran all over A C Milan to win 3-0. Ac Milan finishing the game with just 9 players. Manchester City look really good and I think a Man City versus Sao Paolo final is on the cards, the organizers dream final I think, but Germany's Eintracht Frankfurt look very strong and have brough their best team to the event compared with their two previous sides. They have been rattling in the goals (11) so I think, no matter what happens today, they will get the wild card. Vancouver Whitecaps are doing well and had a fine 2-1 win over a disorganized and dispirited bunch of players who represented River Plate. No doubt, the 1-1 draw with USA team Andromeda in their first game was a shocker to the Argentinians judging by their body language after the draw and during the Whitecaps game. Whitecaps also beating Monterrey of Mexico 4-1 in their first game. Several good players on River Plate but others not so good if you know what I mean. I think the Whitecaps have everything going for themselves and I would not at all be surprised to see them win their section but, the USA team Andromeda are no slouches and the Whitecaps better be careful to day when they play them. A win for Andromeda by three clear goals would dump Vancouver out of the event and Andromeda will go through. The prize waiting for the Whitecaps, assuming they go through, would likely be Manchester City - if Toronto FC don't pull off a surprise and breat City today - then TFC would go through. I like this Whitcaps team, very professional abd disciplined and I wish them well. It is so important that, to be successful at the Dallas Cup, you must have exemplary control and discipline on and off the field of play. From what I have seen of the Whitecaps, they all have conducted themselves superbly and I really do hope they go through to the semi-finals. They deserve it. As for TFC, as I said before, they are a tough little bunch and take absolutely no prisoners. Not slow to cuss at their own team mates if passes don't go through and they try to win the ball as if their very lives depended on it. Today, against Manchester City, they have to play smart and cool because City are a very strong team with impeccable peformances from many players so far. There is really no margin for error in the Super Cup and, basically right through all the age groups. The way it looks now, Sao Paolo would play Eintracht in the other semi-final (there are no quarters in the super cup, but all the other divisions do have quarters due to the large amount of tams in each division). In the other divisions, the Under 19 Toronto Lynx were very poor in their opeing 5-2 loss but bounced back the next day with a 2-0 win against an US outfit. The best team by far in the Lynx section is FC Dallas Under 18's. There are other fine teams in the Under 19's so this should be interesting as to who actually gets to the quarters. In view of their opening day loss, I would say it is not possible for Lynx to progress - but they should try and finish on a high note if they don't get through. Who knows what will happen as the final day of round robins always spring surprises. In the Under 17 division, Oakville Gunners play first place Santa Clara Sporting from California. Anything but a win for Oakville means they are done. They must win. Having watched the California team yesterday, I think this is going to be a tough game for both sides. The Santa Clara side play three at the back and, at time, looked open. Perhaps Oakville can use solid tactics to punish this formation which, to be honest, looked the mnost vulnerable part of their team. Under 17 Clarkson and Woodbridge Strikers are out of the event in regard to qualifying haveing not won a game between them. In the under 16's, Ajax Gunners have 6 points from their first 2 games against so-so oppositions, but only a plus 2 in goal difference. They play also unbeaten Santa Clara Sporting in the third and final game of their section. A win for Santa Clara could put out Ajax despite having 2 wins already. Other teams with six points have better goal differential. I think a draw for Ajax would do the trick - but we shall see what happens. There are 2 wildcards in this division so let's hope Ajax can get through as winners as they would play a wild card team in the quarters - maybe opening up the route to a successful campaign. Lac St. Louis Lakers are out of the event but they are a fine side. I must say that the first two days of the competition, Sunday and Monday, were played in almost hurricane like winds - well maybe 50-60 mph, which made playing good football difficult. Some teams adapted a little but others had an awful time trying to play some form of football and shock results were everywhere. It waq so cold on Sunday, that my bones were shaking. It has touched freezing on both Sunday and Monday. Yesterday was a bit better with a high of 69 with less wind. Today, it is supposed to be 82 with winds of upto 25 mph. The Dallas Cup is a wondeful event. A bit pricey but who cares! Most of the game are being played during the day at both Richland College (great facility with about 8 superb pitches and a small stadium, and Pizza Hut Stadium and Pizza Hit Park ( 18 great pitches). Referees are first class and, in fact, everything about the Dallas Cup is first class and makes it a memoprable visit by all teams no matter how they fared. The excitement of the TFC players and staff when they opend the scoring against AC Milan with a superb goal tells the whole story. I hope the Canadian teams bring bacjk a trophy but, most important of all, they remember the event as something very special.
  11. kennedy

    2009 Dallas Cup

    Good luck to the teams from Canada participating in the 2009 Dallas Cup - particularly Toronto FC and Whitecaps in the Super Cup section. http://www.dallascup.com/index.html http://www.eteamz.com/NSLSELECTSTORONTO/index.cfm http://www.eteamz.com/NSLMINORDIVISION/index.cfm?
  12. kennedy

    Dallas Cup Super Group

    Yes, it is a very good event. A little bit political in the operations area but good nonetheless. NSL Selects from Toronto have won the Dallas Cup 4 times (2 Super and 2 Under 16-17). http://www.eteamz.com/NSLSELECTSTORONTO/index.cfm
  13. kennedy

    CSL Press Conference May 13th, 2008

    How much to buy Stallions? Previous Stallions players still property of team? TFC not paying players. Does this set a precedent, if not already the case, that in the CSL players will play for nil compensation if one were to make the team all amateur in a league where the word professional is in it's name?
  14. kennedy

    CSL Week 15

    87 min…Supra Carlos Ceballos GOAL…Supra Oran Alexander crossed from 20 yards on left and Ceballos leaps to head ball from 10 yards over defender and goalie into left corner of net. Final Score:……..Portuguese Supra……..2………North York Astros……..1……….
  15. kennedy

    CSL Playoff Semi-Finals

    Money to players per game was never what is stated. Try half of that or less. Ownership has been very fair to the players generally in regard to compensation. Money is not an issue re the withdrawal of the Stallions from the playoff game or anything else do with with the costs of running the team. We know it is all to do with the field situation. The writer of the rant is from an other planet with his claims. Just not credible with attendances and such matters. Paid average crowd would range from less than 20 to an average of maybe 50-60 plus. At no time were there anything near 800 people at any games (lol). Ranter implies a key part of Stallions CSL team. Fact is he was no part of it. The CSL should not hold comments in the rant against the Stallions when they decide what to do about any penalties re the defaulted game and should concentrate only on the facts of the issue and not the hysterics from a person who would like us all to think he was a big shot when, in reality, he was nobody with the CSL team and his sole contribution was involvement in the Peel Halton District league with the so called Stallions B team. Even there I can't see what he could possibly contribute there either. Therefore Mr. Commissioner, I am certain ownership does not endorse the message from the ranter seen on other message boards and, for the future, your group has to handle such issues that forced the Stallions to withdraw a little better and show a little flexibility. Brampton has been a model franchise. The CSL is not exactly blameless in this matter and I think ownership of Brampton Stallions worked hard to make the franchise a success so don't make matters amy worse than they already are. The final analysis is that the Stallions were a victim of bad weather and poor planning and communication by others. (I'm done with this subject and, for the record, am a supporter of the league and looking forward to the CSL growing steadily, wisely and successfully which is, without a doubt, your goal too).