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    LUFC reacted to spitfire in Canadians abroad: March 8-14, 2019   
    To be honest a little numb atm..just got home from the game... I was in the away end with 1500 screaming Killie fans when he scored..a little unreal!! SO happy for him!
    Hopefully first of many and great timing with the national team game coming up!!!
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    LUFC reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    So a bit of an update.
    This experience has been exactly what Liam needed. Scotland has been a blast, he was thrown right in but hit the ground running. He's now had two really good first team substitute appearances and is really growing as a player. It's the small things you don't get from youth football. The day to day competition and struggle of working towards trying to get that starting spot... being around pros who can help you with the details.. training for an opponent.. Liam is hungry and happy!!
    Liam has come into a very good settled team but the manager Steve Clarke seems to have faith in him as he has thrown him into both games where he has come on and made a real impact and has been unlucky to not get his first goal. Big game on Saturday vs his former coach Stevie G and Rangers on Saturday!!!
    It won't be easy but nothing worth doing is and nothing good comes out of being comfortable...Very happy with his loan move
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    LUFC reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    i sat on this for a week, after turning down approaches from Porto and a few premier league clubs after a chat with Klopp Liam decided to sign a new long term contract and head out on Loan to Kilmarnock..,Really happy and excited for the opportunity for Liam...Here's to him going and smashing up the SPL!!!
    Sent from a hotel in Kilmanock!!!!
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    LUFC reacted to Obinna in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    My background should be irrelevant in determining whether I am a bigot or not. 
    To make such a determination, based on my background, is the definition of bigotry.
    Case in point.
    Have you ever considered the possibility that people are fed up with whatever it was that caused you to insinuate I am a bigot for espousing an alternative viewpoint on the matter?
    Others would say part of the US has pulled so far to the left and has openly accepted cultural marxism. Thing is, both sides are correct, although the boogie man on both sides is made out to be bigger than it is.
    The majority of people on the left are not cultural marxists.
    The majority of people on right are not bigots.
    At the end of the day, I can totally appreciate the feel good message of the advertising. It does make me feel good.
    But I am also aware that in this political climate, this commercial will undoubtedly be a dividing force in the world, which is ironic because the intention is to be inclusive.
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    LUFC reacted to Obinna in Jonathan David   
    Yeah I just saw and he scored on his debut in extra time. What a way to start your career!
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    LUFC reacted to Grizzly in Cyle Larin   
    Exactly. Larin should go to a higher level of play as soon as possible to avoid turning into another DeRo, ie. a top MLS player with a lot of flaws that hinder his performance at a higher level such as in international matches.
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    LUFC reacted to jonovision in Cyle Larin   
    I'd argue that many of the flaws in De Ro's game (selfish play, defensive limitations) would have been trained out of him in a better footballing environment (Europe) and combined with his individual brilliance he would have been a more successful and productive player for club and country. In a bigger pond than MLS, though, he may never have risen to the status of legend.
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    LUFC reacted to Kent in Canada vs Jamaica Post Match Thread   
    Larin just barely misses a header: people say he's trash, doesn't belong on the field, can't score despite multiple amazing chances to score.
    Cavallini misses a header by a lot: people say he is the clear starter, make no mention of inability to get in scoring positions, or missing the few times he does get there.
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    LUFC reacted to jonovision in Canada vs Honduras Post Game Thread   
    I liked your ratings but this one makes no sense to me. He did better work defensively than Petrasso who was constantly too narrow, and combined well with De Jong going forward. A 4 or 5 would have been a fair rating for Adekugbe against Costa Rica but there was no way he was among our worst players today.
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    LUFC reacted to Grizzly in Ballou Tabla   
    The guy who doesn't show up and gives interviews regretting getting capped for Canada has no right to criticize the commitment or passion of other players or anyone involved in trying to make Canadian soccer better. We need good strikers so I hope he lives up to expectations but there seem to be some pretty worrying signs about his attitude.
    As to Tabla I hope he plays for Canada and would have pretty mixed feelings about him as an Impact player if he doesn't. I think he learned a lot of his football skills here and also earns a living here so it would be the right thing to do. On the other hand he was born and lived 8 years of his life in Ivory Coast so it is not an illegitimate choice for him either. He is Ivorian Canadian as opposed to someone like Hargreaves who just had a passport through a parent and was not English at all.
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    LUFC reacted to jonovision in Lucas Cavallini   
    If Cavallini is forming his opinions on the national team based on what Osorio has been telling him, are we surprised he comes off sounding so negative about the team?
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    LUFC reacted to Bertuzzi44 in Lucas Cavallini   
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    LUFC reacted to Grizzly in nicolas galvis   
    So you accuse someone of being ignorant and culturally insensitive to such an extent that you are disgusted and think he should follow another sport and the only thing you have to say for yourself when it is pointed out that you were the ignorant one in this case is "good you told me or I would have been angry all night"? 
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    LUFC reacted to Obinna in Canadians abroad: May 12-18, 2017   
    Is it?
    If Vitoria doesn't see the 18 for three months, but is very effective and plays great upon his return, what does that tell us? 
    It tells us he is a good player regardless of his struggle to get into his club team, which is a level far higher than the NASL.
    Contrast that with a player who was playing great for the top NASL team. Is said player fitter and sharper? More than likely yes. Are they better and more effective than Vitoria (or someone in a similar situation)? I'm not so sure.
    I guess it boils down to this: Do you want an inferior player who has played a lot of games or a superior player who hasn't?
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    LUFC reacted to Blackdude in NEW Mother of all Canucks Abroad (and domestic)   
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    LUFC reacted to Zem in Maxim Tissot   
    Signed officially with DC United today
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    LUFC reacted to PhillyCanuck in Keven Aleman - Thank you   
    Here is the video of Aleman's goal tonight:
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    LUFC reacted to PhillyCanuck in Keven Aleman - Thank you   
    Aleman started for Saprissa tonight and scored his first goal for the club:
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    LUFC reacted to Grizzly in 2017 CONCACAF U-20 Championship   
    Well with such expert analysis and understanding of Quebec from Ajax Ontario one has to be surprised more people here haven't tattooed the Maple Leaf over their hearts. But the next time I get invited to the Tabla family for dinner I will make sure to ask him about his commitment to Canada. Sorry I forgot to ask all the other times I got invited to dinner with them.

    I don't think Tabla's absence or that of anyone else with a chance of making an MLS first team has anything to do with intention to switch countries. Any player with a chance to make an MLS team and get significant playing time needs to take that chance and be in the team's camp. Look at the discussion on the DiChiari thread about him and other players who played for a short time at a high level and then did not have much of a career afterward. Sometimes a player has to take the opportunity when it comes and often you only have one chance. Sometimes people think someone who is good enough will always make it but that is not entirely true, the amount of playing time at a certain level and certain age can have a direct effect on your development. It sucks for our U20 team but from the player's point of view he is much better to stay with his club and try to get his career going than join the U20 in a qualifying tournament. One could even make a strong argument that it is also better for our national team for the players to do that and get established as professionals.
    The Impact had a poor offseason as far as fixing our weaknesses go especially in the midfield so there is a good opportunity for both Tabla and Shome to win a spot. In a few weeks the situation could be completely different, ie. if the management thinks we are lacking at a certain spot they could make some roster moves and bring in someone else. If you were the manager of one of these players in this situation would you tell them to stay in the club camp or go with the national team? I think anyone with the best interests of the player's career in mind would tell them to stay with the club in this situation.
    That is not to say Tabla might not prefer to play for Cote D'Ivoire if he had the chance, I don't know what his opinion is about that and unlike some of the players like Hargreaves he was born there not playing through some family connection and it would be a legitimate choice for him as much as we would not be happy about it. But I doubt this decision has much or anything to do with whether he will play for us in the future or not. I have tried to find some information on Shome's injury and could not find any. He may really be injured but it also would not surprise me if it was a bit of injury of convenience. 
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    LUFC reacted to shamrock in 2017 CONCACAF U-20 Championship   
    I don't think it is too underwhelming. Ok having Shome there would have been great, but what can you do?
    I highly doubt Tabla's absence is because he wants to play for Ivory Coast, since it doesn't do anything to increase his chances. It would probably only raise his stock and he'd still be able to make the switch. My guess would be he senses that he has a chance at Montreal Impact and he does't want to leave this important moment in the season. Important in the sense that Biello is making up his mind about the team right now. 
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    LUFC reacted to itsinmyhead in 2017 CONCACAF U-20 Championship   
    Could be true, IMFC don't have a ton of depth at his position so it's a very good opportunity to try to secure a place.
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    LUFC reacted to Obinna in Adam Straith   
    That's exactly it with him, a negative stigma. Yes he makes mistakes like many of our players, but he gets a ddisproportionate amount of flack because of the league he plays in (same for Piette, even though he is younger than guys like Jackson-Hamel, Mo Babouli and McKendry). 
    To keep perspective, his club is traditionally one of the biggest clubs in Norway. It is a top tier club with top tier aspirations that has uncharacteristically struggled over the last few years. Clearly promotion straight back up hasn't panned out, but this is a club that has employed internationals. Only a few years ago one of El Salvador's top attackers played there - and before you scoff at "El Salvador", remember that we are not much further up the totem pole, if at all.
    Does anyone think that Straith has 40 caps at 26 because he is a 2nd divison Norway level player? Not even Canada calls such a player 40 times. This guy was playing (and sometime starting) in the 2.Bundesliga in his early 20's - and not with exactly a scrub team either. He then lost his spot, which sometimes happens to young defenders playing for competitive teams. He went on loan in the German 3rd tier, then made a permanent move (which isn't terrible), then moved to Norway and played as a midfielder. 
    At the international level I don't think we can have him start for us regularly as a midfielder, but I am okay with him as depth in this position BUT I want him primarily as a CB. I hope he gets the SPL move and will watch and enjoy people change their opinions of him - just as we've seen with Marcus Haber, Tosaint Ricketts. Perception is an interesting thing. 
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    LUFC reacted to El Hombre in Camp Poutine 2017   
    You're isolating one moment out of a game?  You know that I could easily find the exact same thing for literally every other player we have, right?  Jeezus Christ.  You don't think much of Straith.  Note taken.  Move the fuck on.
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    LUFC reacted to Obinna in Canadians abroad: January 13-19, 2017   
    I didn't agree with some of his selections but I do think he gave the program some positive momentum and a solid foundation to build on. We never qualified for the HEX but we were closer than last cycle in arguably a much tougher group. I think most of us would have been okay with these results back in 2012. Not many realistically expected us to qualify or even reach the HEX.
    Personally, I am happy he is coaching one of the biggest clubs in Central America. I hope he is successful and brings some Canadians down there with him.
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    LUFC reacted to nolando in David Edgar   
    Wow - ten years ago:
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