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  1. Hey guys, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct spot but there doesn't seem to be a section for city league teams. I figure what better place to recruit some knowledgeable players than on the Voyageurs board? Maybe you're young and talented (we'll make a spot for you on the men's team. Or maybe you're an old has-been.. In which case, if you still have one good leg we can probably still make room for you on the Masters team. Comets FC – Founded in 1997, has a great core group of players and is looking to add a couple hard-working, dedicated players for the Indoor season (starting end of October). A couple of spots are available on both our Men’s team (any age) and our Masters team (35 years of age or older). Please email cometadmin@mailman.srv.ualberta.ca for more information.
  2. Hey Strobe, if you came out to one or two of our practices you'd get a good idea of where you fit in as we have a team in each category. Basically, Masters is for 35+ and the higher divisions still play some pretty competitive soccer, lower divs (1 & 2) are a little slower. Open category is the most competitive and there are strong teams at every level include the bottom where most teams are located (4th). Most of the people playing in Open are between 18-25 I think, but there are a few older guys still playing there.
  3. We're in Div 2b (masters) also. Was "Ambushed" a clue? I can't find your team in our div http://www.edsa.org/site/standings/668
  4. Comets FC is looking for a few good natured Voyageurs that never miss an opportunity to play the beautiful game. We have a couple openings on both our Men’s Open division (any age) and Masters (over 35) EDSA (Edmonton District) teams. Please send me a private message (PM) if you're interested. Chris.
  5. Silly me.. I came to this thread thinking someone had posted news on the ASA Shakeup.
  6. Broadcast March 29, 2010. Looks like a 3 part series http://www.cbc.ca/edmonton/mediaarchive/ Under audio & video look for Soccer Part 1
  7. I'm in! Hey River City, do you still have my scarf? If you do I'll stick around (and promise not to tell you the result )
  8. Thanks for providing the torrent. Am I the only one having trouble playing the mp4 file? I have the latest version of Quicktime on a Windows Vista system and the file either plays choppy or freezes Quicktime completely.
  9. That's cool. Thanks Chris Adams (Kicked)
  10. I paid for one scarf last time around and would only want reimbursment from Tom. This time around I would like 4 scarves.
  11. Thanks for this! I'll seed as long as I can:)
  12. Gerry Gray, from the soccer hall of fame: GraySHF
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