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  1. Stones starts when he's healthy and Gomez is the best talent in their CB pool, he does everything really well. Maguire is good, and he might start over Gomez for a little while but Gomez has a chance at being really, really good. Gomez has everything for a modern CB. In terms of Tomori, if he wanted to break into Enlgland he needs to leave Chelsea, Zouma is ahead of him and has been out on loan for a few years, Christensen is barely getting games as well. Even then he's a big underdog to do it and if he does he's very likely to be a part time call up.
  2. I think going to the Bundesliga would be great, ideally though I think playing another year at Gent would be the best case scenario. He's young and especially for a striker it's important to build that confidence and play, he wouldn't play a ton most likely at a club like Dortmund if he went next year. No matter what though he's doing really well and exceeding expectations Germany always tends to do well developing young talent.
  3. Yeah he's a really big underdog to make it into the England senior squad going forward. There are a lot of really good English players being developed right now as well as a bunch of players in their mid-early twenties already far ahead of him. Barring a huge jump in development its hard to see, hopefully he comes into the fold for us.
  4. Pulisic is arguably the second best player in the region after Chucky Lozano as of right now. Look Phonzie has a huge ceiling and is doing great right now and has way more athleticism, but Pulisic has already shined in the Bundesliga and the Champions league and has a very good soccer mind already. I don't want to rush the comparisons, I think Davies can compete and surpass him but there's still a ways to go to catch him and Pulisic has the advantage of already being at a big club and getting to play on the big stage from a young age, Davies will you'd imagine will take some time to climatize.
  5. Hopefully he can continue to get chances to be a kid and relax away from all the pressures and responsibilities of being such a big talent at such a young age. He shows absolutely everything you'd want to see from a kid thrust into the spotlight, he speaks and carries himself so well as good as he does on the field, really high hopes for him and the combo of talent/personality/maturity is super impressive.
  6. And they have two fantastic distributors in the middle in Thiago and James and a very good target CF, its got all the ingredients for a young wide player like himself to flourish, especially with Bayern often running away with the league he should have every opportunity to be successful on paper.
  7. Robben, Ribery and Gnabry are all very good players with pedigree at the top level. I think Davies will have every opportunity to get playing time and Kovac really likes players with a profile like Davies. Its crazy that Davies is still so young but will be competiting with world cup and Champions league winners. I do think that bringing him along slowly and getting the chance to train and adapt without the pressure of games for the first few months is a good thing.
  8. I'm for getting the max strength in the U-20 squad over the Nations League, the vets should be able to get the job done and the U-20 tournament is a shitload of games in a short period of time so having a deep squad will be hugely beneficial since even though some of the teams are minnows you can't play players every other day. Building a good team and qualifying for the world cup will get these guys playing and building together and getting to play top end competition, that development can really translate down the road and building cohesion through going through adversity together is really valuable.
  9. Bayern right now is a bit of a dumpster fire with players seemingly already turning against Kovac. Don't think it should be a big problem for Davies, think by the time he gets there either the coach or some of the older guys on their way out will be on the outs. Hopefully Davies doesn't pick up any bad habits with that dressing room, I doubt it but its always a worry if the leaders in the dressing room aren't fully on board.
  10. Yeah I do think they have a good young core and they did have players who played well overall, and they were much better then they've been, I just have a problem with people who were over the moon when in reality they beat teams that they should beat and when they came up against teams with a midfield they were played off the park. I think my issue is that their results are going to be difficult to replicate vs good teams going forward if they continue to play a midfield with Henderson/Alli/Liingard, need more possession in midfield and players who can pick a pass and create chances from open play if they want to compete consistently.
  11. They were really overhyped, when Colombia attacked them they dominated the game late in the second half but for some reason played 3 holding kids and gave England too much respect and England still only got through on pens. That England team was very limited progressing the ball or creating chances in open play, they relied heavily on set pieces, not a crime but really hard to say they are now in the clear, Southgate did some things very good and people weren't sure how to play against it but that element of surprise is gone and if they keep trying to play that midfield without people who can control the ball and create from deeper they will struggle. All of that said Maguire and Stones are both very good CB's and are very young, they were basically their playmakers and Joe Gomez looks fantastic this season, so I do think they are fairly stacked with young CB's right now.
  12. He came off the bench today, and he's very much a wide player and a good one watched a lot of him last two seasons and Bordeaux and he has everything you'd want in a wide attacker. Think Barca right now is very tense anyways and the guys coming up and playing with the first team from Barca B are under a microscope with the La Masia vs outside transfer debate raging on, so not the worst thing to take his time and play with less pressure and develop out of the fire for a while.
  13. You're forgetting about Malcolm who is right behind Dembele in terms of Barca's pure wingers, knowing Valverde and how he rarely rotates or uses players from the B team I'd be surprised if he got many games with the A squad barring a few injuries.
  14. My bad the site I use doesn't show the Spanish third tier so I was looking at his games in La Liga 2 from the end of last year. Good to know that he's starting and doing well, I saw him on the summer tour and thought he looked pretty good.
  15. Tabla still isn't getting a ton of minutes at Barca B, hopefully he gets more starts as the season progresses, Davies and Tabla on each flank for us is going to create so much space for our central midfielders and strikers for years to come. Also we are going to have the players to be lethal on the counter attack, that could be super valueable in tough away games in CONCACAF. We've never had these type of players or this many quality attackers, fingers crossed but Tabla and Davies are still just teenagers and have ridiculous potential ahead of them.
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