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  1. Club you supported as a kid: Olympiakos Domestic club you support now: Toronto FC Foreign club(s) you support now: Asteras Tripolis, 1st division team in Greece that play in the city my family is from. And there's also Newcastle Utd... Favourite lower league club: Any German clubs with Canadians in any given year. And starting next year, Newcastle Utd... Guilty pleasure you'd only admit to your closest internet friends: Although I never do it during qualifying, I tend to cheer FOR the Americans during the World Cups.
  2. I'm very sorry to hear that, John. My condolences as well.
  3. It's great to see you back, John. Nice to hear your business is doing well. And I wouldn't worry about the Simmons' of the media not writing about TFC. What if they did? What could they write about the club or the game that would be productive since they know nothing of either? Encourage those who do write about soccer, I say. You have to admit there's a lot more of them now...
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