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  1. Behrouz The old timer from the day one .
  2. Anyone knows where to watch the highlights Please
  3. behrouz

    TFC 2018

    It is the ugliest game I enjoyed ever.I don't care how we won it What important is. We are through If we win the cup nobody even remembers how you won it. it is about getting the job done The only regret is I wish we had a 2nd leg in Toronto
  4. behrouz

    TFC 2018

    It was a strong performance by TFC last night. TFC is more than capable of going through, All we need is one of those Seba's wonders away goal and we are good to go
  5. I am wondering if anyone knows where to see the recorded MLS cup full game.
  6. Columbus had only 3 chances. Bradley other than last 10 minutes he was amazing
  7. You can't balm TFC they can't play in that level Osario is doing Ok.
  8. Now we know our team can play ugly too. Let's just get the result in Columbus and finish them at home
  9. Cooper played 90 minutes for Panama losing 2-1 to Iran He was far the best Panama's player on the field today. I don't understand why he can't perform like that for us
  10. Hagglund may be more exciting to watch but he is more prone to a mistake than Moore You got to consider defending is all about how you position yourself. Moore is very smart defender he read the game much better Than Hagglund.there is the difference between player who read the game to player react to game
  11. Exciting game with a fantastic game plan . All we have to do is cover front of our center back. Red Bull can't do Sh@@
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