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  1. Bluemaster, thank you for your updates. However, in the future please post them in the weekly "Canadians abroad" thread that is a "sticky" at the top of the page. I have moved your two most recent posts to the appropriate weekly threads. Thanks. - Admin
  2. Last saturday he scored his first goal with an excellent head at the end of first half. We was sure this will give us 3 points until we got 2 goals against in the last 3 minutes. We controlled the match and Occean should have made 1 maybe 2 more goals. But it was excellent saved by an American, Adin Brown. He got 6 of 10 points in norwegians largest inline newspaper and was Man of the match. You can watch the goal and some higlights here. Norwegian lesson :-) Fortsett = continue. He is is better this season. And I am sure he will make more goals this year than the 14 he got last year. Some pictures from the match.
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