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  1. This is a shame !!! The Voyageurs Cup always was a championship, and awarded to the champion of Canada, unofficial the first years, and officially since 2008. The soul of the Voyageurs Cup is being stolen ! Canada had a national championship, unofficial for several years thanks to the Voyageurs, then official. With this decision (one of the most stupids in Canadian soccer history), we lose it. We are the lone developed country not to have our national championship. It gets from 3 to 4 teams and we disband it. What a shame !!! We are under the soccer poverty threshold. Now, we have a national cup, yes... But a national cup with 4 teams is still more ridiculous that a national championship with 3 teams. Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame !
  2. Bxl Boy

    TFC new clothes

    International fashion designer will now make Toronto FC official clothes http://www.bikkembergs.com/ Source : http://www.voetbalkrant.com/nl/nieuws/lees/2010-02-25/bikkembergs-mag-toronto-kleden
  3. I remembre him in Charleroi Good with the ball, but able to miss the easiest once in front of the goal
  4. This IS our national championship Let's keep it as it is More teams, more games, and more canadian it will become And 6 games instead of 4 isn't such a drastic change Each wednesday, now, we have a bye team, that will meet Edmonton next year
  5. The question is in the title. Canadians (Soccer 360, etc.) or foreigners. And how often do you buy them (or are you a subscriber).
  6. I didn't say hiring Nykamp wasn't a bad idea, I don't know what happened. I'm just wondering about some paradox here. Voyageurs saying “Don't hire someone from basketball Canada, that's a mess there” And, sometime later, showing that same basketball Canada as an example to follow. I think that not hiring Nykamp wasn't a mistake, and that we shouldn't now consider what happens at Basketball Canada.
  7. Weren't some people here criticizing basketball Canada when I don't remember which man was hired by the CSA for CEO (and never showed up, but that's another issue) ? So, where's the reality ?
  8. They also announce that there are 4 new teams So, 12 have disappeared, almost one third of the 2009 contingent !
  9. It's interesting, and good teams aren't weaker than 1st div. ones. The evidence ? This year, RDP, 2008 div 2 champion, was Quebec champion. Last year, Lakeshore, also a promovendus, was champion. Each year, a team that played in D2 the previous year plays the high of the D1 table. Bad teams can be very bad though, but they are fewer with the years.
  10. Bxl Boy

    A Grand Day It Is

    Which kind of heating system is it ? How does it work ?
  11. Quebec 1st division, provincial, 10 teams, bottom 2 relegated 2nd division, provincial, 10 teams, top 2 promoted, last one relegated, 2nd last plays barrage 3rd division, interregional, 6 zones, variable number of teams by zone 5 zones have a classic championship all season, zone 6 is for “far regions”, 1 team by region (4 in total) that play the “Coupe des 4” in one week 6 zone champions play de “AA Cup” (2 groups of 3 => groups winner go to the final) ; the final winner promoted to D2, the final loser plays pro/rel barrage against D2 2nd last one
  12. Stalteri will be called until he gets the caps record Then, maybe he'll disappear... What did guys that watched the Macedonia game thought about Wagenaar performance ? According to the CSA release (yeah, I know...) he looked very good despite of the three goals, but I want confirmation of that of course We need to have a fixed system. I think the 4-3-3 with JDG-Bernier-Hutch has proved to be good. The 4-4-2 in Poland was weak. Then, Hart (or a new coach) has to make all his decisions to build in function of this system.
  13. Did one of you see any of our midfielders give a ball positioning Friend or Radz in goalscoring position ? Our midfield is useless. And Hutschinson proves another time that when he doesn't want to play, he can be worse than an amateur league player. The smart one price to Jakovic, that well understands that such games aren't a punition but well a good way to get experience and learn.
  14. 1/ The league recognized by Concacaf is the Canadian Championship, so no problem there 2/ As the Montreal Impact reserve team is the best team in CSL, how could the CSL ask for their champion to be in CC ? There's a huge conflict of interest there... And it will be more obvious when Vancouver and Montreal will enter MLS and have their reserve team in USL/TOA
  15. And don't forget the Trois-Rivières Attak, a team where most of players “still can't have their drivers license”, according to a joke by coach Eullaffroy before the beginning of the season.
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