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  1. Qualification has been set up this way because the Caribbeans and Central Americans are strong voting blocks in CONCACAF, but those communities in the states aren't important to the commercial goals of this tournament.
  2. Since the USA, Mexico and the UNCAF champion almost always make it to the Gold Cup quarter-finals, 4 out of the other 5 quarterfinalists would qualify for the Copa playoff. If the CFU champs advance to the QF too (a lot less certain) all 4 of the other quarterfinalists will qualify for the playoff. So basically, 2nd place in our Gold Cup group should be enough to qualify for the playoffs even if we don't make it to the semi-final. Is there any indication when the four-team playoff will happen?
  3. The Caribbean Cup winner? Someone in CONCACAF must have been trading votes for this tournament to get a spot. I guess I expected too much from the new regime under Jeffrey Webb. I wonder if Martinique and Guadeloupe are eligible.
  4. Is any Canadian channel showing their play-offs? It's on ESPN in the US, but it doesn't look like TSN is showing it.
  5. Wow. Fox is going the other direction with their Gold Cup coverage, showing 3 games on the Fox network. Maybe we'll meet the USA in the quarters or the final and everyone will get to watch on Fox.
  6. It seems like it's only on Rogers. Rogers says: Are those HD channels?
  7. Two to win in normal play, but one goal would have been enough to send it to penalty kicks.
  8. Do you mean Andy Gray? He was fired two years ago, but he was a good commentator. He said it to suck up to Manchester United (where he wants to manage someday) and to irritate his bosses at Real.
  9. So Liverpool vs. Spurs will be shown live for Rogers customers only? Sportsnet is showing Jay's exhibition baseball and the World Baseball Classic at the same time.
  10. What is Sportsnet going to do with the games on Sunday, especially Liverpool vs. Spurs at noon ET and Manchester United vs. Chelsea at 12:30 ET?
  11. I guess this means there won't be any other streaming of the games by Sportsnet.ca or the CSA.
  12. Has Rochester ever hosted an international match?
  13. For context, this interview was done months ago (December, I think).
  14. It's time to put the pins back in the Jonathan voodoo doll.
  15. Where did you see that? Regardless, I think Spain only allows dual-citizenship with those countries that qualify for that fast track citizenship due to their colonial ties.
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