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    It seems the posters and table set ups at Voyageurs Cup games and the Allstate soccer show have had an effect. At least five people have emailed me saying we met at such and such an event and are coming to their first game. There are many people asking which Shoeless Joe's to go to because it is also their first game. ( Because I took the location for granted as known) Not all of them bought tickets through us, the supporters section isn't for everyone. That's ok. Just glad they are going to the game. Thanks to all the people who helped out. JM
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    General Discussion on CMNT

    This picture make me smile, happy Tuesday/ game day my friends.
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    Atiba Hutchinson

    Nice Atiba video and his time in Istanbul posted by CanadaSoccer
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    David Bailey, Aubrey Lustig, Keving Phillips, Rob Not, Sam G all helped out at tables. Ottawa crew helped out with set up and take down both times, was super helpful!
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    CPL new teams speculation

    To be honest I’m the opposite. I’d rather see Edmonton / Calgary, , Saskatchewan/ Winnipeg, Hamilton / Ottawa, Toronto/ Montreal than watch Toronto/ New York. Domestic rivalries are always the best ones IMO. In the long run having a 12 team CanPL including the 12 largest markets in Canada would be best for Canadian soccer. There are lots of national brands who would support it and there would be competition for media rights.
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    He may be 7th on the Juve depth chart for keepers, but it's Juve. If our coaching staff deem him to he the best of our 3 keepers in camp, and he gets the start tomorrow, then so be it. He isn't competing against the keepers in the Juventus system, he's competing against Pantemis, the third choice at the Montreal Impact (4th if we include Crepeau), and Thomas who is playing at "I have never heard of em" FC in the Norway second tier. I wonder where either would rank in the Juve depth chart?
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    Unnamed Trialist

    Milan Borjan

    I saw that result and looked at stats and there were like 21 shots on goal, he made over a dozen saves. That was enough for me. And now this BS. Today they had the whole game on repeat but I couldn't watch, I would have like to. At Red Star they have the highest salaries in Serbia, the idea that extra cash from losing to a European powerhouse would be a tempation is insulting. The real motivation, and knowing all top Balkan players, is to make a leap to a stronger league, and you do that by holding Naples, a high scoring team, scoreless at home. I find the whole thing upsetting and do not believe he was involved in any way, in the least.
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    dyslexic nam

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Hutch has been an absolute pillar for our team. As much as it will suck to see him go, he has def earned the right to leave on his terms with nothing but good vibes from me. If he helps us win the GC, excellent. If he decides to stick around for 2022 WCQ, amazing. But no matter what, he will always be pretty special in terms of CMNT alumni.
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    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    Massive up the the Vees. Section looked solid gents
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    Atiba Hutchinson

    Knew he'd retire sooner than later, but it is still sad. Atiba was and is PURE CLASS on and off the pitch. Never a shred of controversy or drama relating to him unlike the DeRos, Radz or DeGuzmans of past teams. And now we have a clear mid-term goal. Win Gold Cup 2019. No more talk about just scoring a goal or getting out of the group. The sky is the limit for this team.
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    Call me crazy, but I live in St. John's, Newfoundland and I think I am going to buy a Season Ticket in the Supporter's Section. Hear me out. I spend $160 per year on a TFC Jersey. I also attend about 2 games a year while travelling. That's over $200 a year. I fully intend to transition my soccer spend to HFX. If I'm getting my jersey for free with season tickets, that's attractive. I also intend to purchase a bit of gear (hat, etc.) so the discount that comes with season ticket membership is attractive to me. After that... I'm in Halifax each year much more than Toronto, plus having grown up in Nova Scotia I have a number of family and friends there who I would love to encourage to check out a Wanderers game and could possibly sell / give tickets to. Plus, I already put the $50 membership fee down in order to get early access to the store and just generally support the team, which was important to me when they launched. So... like... $199 bucks. I might pull the trigger, that's amazing. Am I nuts?
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    Then he starts getting interest from Italy and he changes his mind and then we all accuse Herdman of not capping him and blah blah blah begovic this begovic that
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    Goalkeeper is an interesting position. There can only be 1 on the field at a time. So, you can have very very good keepers get ZERO playing time if they are playing behind a better, or more established keeper. That said, one injury or a couple opportunities with good results and all of a sudden you could be playing every game. Let's say Busti gets a chance for the Juve reserves and lights it up, and starts playing every game. All of a sudden he rockets up the depth chart. I'm not saying that will happen, or that I know how 'good' he is, but it could happen, and he's on the books at Juventus for a reason. Plus he is only 18. Cap tie please.
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    Game day! I'm pumped for this match, it's been awhile since we've had a MNT match at BMO, I hope to see many of you at Shoeless, we'll be there early!🍺
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    Canadians abroad: October 12-18, 2018

    Completely forgot about this guy. A few seasons ago, I thought he'd be a guy who would eventually make his way into the pool. Not saying he wont eventually, but it's certainly looking much less likely. The increased competition is unfortunate for him, but it's fantastic to see as a fan of this team. He's up to 20 MLS appearances since joining the first team in 2016. Not bad, but gone are the days where that automatically gets you in our team. I do like this player and wish him the best. With all the turmoil in Orlando, I hope he gets a chance to cement himself in that team. He is still only a "MAK-level" season away from getting back in the conversation for a call, I think.
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    Atiba Hutchinson

    Disheartening reading about his lack of recognition in Canada. Makes you really scratch your head about that Sinclair tweet..
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    Ballou Tabla

    Really enjoyed the interview, even if his pro careers takes him to another club in the future, the experience at Barcelona and training alongside the likes of Messi will surely help Tabla grow as a player, both on and off the field.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    3 days after announcing how the quarterfinal matchups would work, CONCACAF has changed their minds on what groups they want crossing over with each other once the group stage is complete. 😂 The original quarterfinals were A with C and B with D. Now it's A with B and C with D. So, you're either on the Mexico/Costa Rica side of the draw for the elimination rounds, or the Honduras/US side of the draw. I guess they didn't want to take the chance that Costa Rica could take out the US in the semis when it was B vs. D originally, so let's just change what we've already published in order to give the US a better chance to get to the final. Can't say I'm surprised. 🙄
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    Too true but imagine saying that in the Canadian media “there’s this great forum that alerted us to him”.. little do they know, the voyageurs site is a much better source than those silly websites listed, which don’t include pages of commentary, odd facts and cries to cap tie.
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    Joe Keeper

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    Im not watching the game live but have been around long enough to know, with the descriptions in this thread, that this is a team in need of more friendlies. Even with good players there is so much to work on. Same old CSA approach to the Fifa calender.
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    I think a lot of Busti has to do with his "age" and yes his current environment, and I do see the point of pro football vs youth club football. To be fair, the entire cap-tie thing, I do believe is being overblown. He seemed very confident in the game I watched him play in the Toulon Tournament, so from that, I am not against the call, even if he only had 1 passport. From the big picture perspective, I honestly feel the call up is also part of a "trial/integration" for the 2019 Canadian Olympic qualifying. IMO he is one of the stronger keepers in this player pool. As Borjan is with his club prepping for some major Champions League matches around the corner, this game presents an excellent opportunity. It is very important your keeper understands the identity your manager wants your team to play, assuming this identity should be carried down to the U23 and below... At the end of the day, barring injury, (let's hope never), Borjan is our keeper for the next two cycles. Why not begin grooming a very young keeper into the program at a young age, you can not deny he is an excellent prospect, in a solid environment. I do 100% agree, he should not start if he has not earned it on merit in training.
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    Dub Narcotic

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Hopefully one in which the old players are being removed and there will be lots of playing time open.
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    While the jury may still be out re JH as coach of the CMNT he is doing a heck of a job on promoting the team. I have never seen this level of media coverage ever in the past 18 yrs. I am super pumped to be attending the game at BMO to see for the first time, in person, Davies /David /Millar /Tabla/ Cornelius/ Brault G/ Busti and even Cav....real quality young additions to our 2018 WC squad. Exciting times to be a CMNT fan.