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    MLS Shortening Season

    https://www.tsn.ca/mls-goes-to-all-knockout-playoff-format-1.1227836 Play-offs single game elimination, season will end about a month earlier. Thank god, the playoffs are too drawn out in the current format - especially with Int'l window(s) thrown in.
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    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Wow “ holy fucking rubbish “ and “ disagreeing with your bullshit”, no need for this type of language my friend have some class .
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    top cheese

    CPL new teams speculation

    I think one of the things to consider is over extending the player pool such that it diminishes the product. I also feel that you have to be careful of the communities you place teams in from a business standpoint. I'm pretty sure that the size of some of these clubs will grow pretty quick in attendance figures. A league of ...... West - Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, East - Halifax, Hamilton, York, Laval, Ottawa , Quebec City Would suffice
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Imagine you're an 18-year-old footballing phenom and you're looking forward to your first Champions League experience, and you find out it's going to be at Anfield...living the f**king dream!
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    Nobody asked, but I'd just like to provide an example of why this isn't all that shocking. In MLS's early days, they had 12 teams. Here's their owners: LA Galaxy, DC United, Colorado Rapids, San Jose Earthquakes, Chicago Fire, NY/NJ MetroStars - Phil Anschutz FC Dallas, Columbus Crew, KC Wizards - Lamar Hunt New England Revolution - Robert Kraft Miami Fusion - Ken Horowitz Tampa Bay Mutiny - Owned and operated by MLS itself. Yep. At one point Phil Anschutz owned SIX(!!!!) MLS teams, and Lamar Hunt owned another three! They had four owners for 12 teams, and one of the teams was league owned (which is technically true of all the teams, but still) So, Bob Young owning the Forge, and having a large stake in the Wanderers (and KW when/if they get a team) isn't that insane. Especially when you consider the fact that Bob isn't the one controlling or operating the Wanderers, and that he's hired SEA to do that for him.
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    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Not bad, but your missing Delgado and Zaveletta, at least 1 of them need to be in the starting 11 every game.
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    Dub Narcotic

    Jahkeele Marhsall-Rutty

    Just in time for USL2. Want to be on the first page on this post for when he suits up at Bayern in a few years!
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    Worldwide women's news

    Must read https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/ada-hegerberg-not-here-to-dance/
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    2022 World Cup Qualifier Campaign

    I just hate this idea. It's like they spent years building a bridge out of popsicle sticks and bubble gum but weren't sure if it could support a car driving across it. Then at the last second they decide to load up a transport truck and drive it over the bridge instead.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    This is exactly it. I can’t see a CPL team doing any worse than Ottawa against TFC either tbh. I really feel my theory about the loans from TFC/MTL makes sense because this can’t be about playing level, existing salaries, club progression or any of that .. those points are easily debunked. It can’t be about fan support when a CPL side in Ottawa would more than likely get 1500+ SSHs. It’s not about exposure when no one in Canada has heard of you anyway and you’re not on TV.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    The CSL 86ers won 4 consecutive championships with Ivor Evans (Fiji) being the only non-Canadian player on the roster.
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    Initial B

    Ottawa CPL Club

    In my mind, I think the Fury/CPL conflict come down to three issues: Money - The Fury must believe that it would be more expensive to play a team in the CPL than in the USL. The Fury know how much it will cost to travel to USL games and they only have to travel half the continent to do it. The distance from Ottawa to Florida is shorter than Ottawa to Winnipeg. there is probably fear among the Fury FO that Ottawa fans won't want to watch a lower quality of soccer than what they are used to, which would lead to cratering SSH sales and the eventual folding of the team. Quality - The Fury know where they stand in the pecking order in USL. Right now the CPL is an unknown quality as no team has kicked a ball. The Fury are probably worried that as currently constructed their team will completely dominate CPL teams, which means they've spent money they didn't have to. They also figure that if they are forced under a salary cap to release players, they will also lose paying customers that have come to expect a higher level of play, leading back to this being a money problem again. Stability - The CPL will need to get at least a season under their belts before the Fury should be forced to join the league. We've seen way too many Canadian Soccer leagues fold over the past 40 years and the PTSD among existing clubs is probably great. The USL has been around for 8 years and has the backing of MLS. I hope that Bob Young is in this for the long haul and willing to lose up to $100 Million like Lamar Hunt and Phil Anshutz did for the first 10 years of MLS. That will show prospective owners/clubs that CPL is here to stay and build confidence in the league. I think both the Fury and the CPL should be given one year, to make their respective cases in league play. The key will be the Voyageurs Cup games between the Fury and CPL opponents. If it becomes obvious that the CPL teams are of a significantly lower quality than the Fury (ie. losing by 4+ goals), then we'll know the difference between the USL and CPL and based on the quality of play, the Fury could make a case to stay where they are. I think that's what Montagliani is most afraid of - if the Div 1 CPL proves to be of inferior quality than the Div 2 USL, then the ridicule and damage to the brand among the general public might make them lose interest, then revenue, then kill the league. If this all does go to the Arbitrator, I could see them upholding the rights of CONCACAF as the governing body to force the Fury to play in the CPL. However, I also see them ruling that CONCACAF will have to pay the Fury and USL a reimbursement fee to cover possible revenue losses caused by the switch, such as any broadcast payments, League withdrawal fees, etc, so the club doesn't go belly up.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    I guess the third option could be to join the unsanctioned CSL
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    dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This is precisely why I won't wish them all the best in USL. My first choice, despite all the bullshit, it still to have the Fury come into the fold. But if that absolutely isn't happening, then they can close shop to open the market (whether now or in 5 years) to a different CPL club. The continued exclusion of that market from CPL is not an outcome I will get behind. For me, in order of preference: Fury in CPL Non-Fury Ottawa team in CPL Fury in USL No team in Ottawa I only support option 3 if the only other alternative is 4.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    A few things to clear up. L1O is considered D3 in Canada. TFC 3 has played their last game in L1O (I'm not happy about that personally). And no, they don't run the table in L1O, although they did win the regular season in the first year in 2014. 2014 - 1st place 2015 - 5th place 2016 - 3rd in the West, 6th overall 2017 - 3rd in the West, 5th overall 2018 - 4th overall
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    Unnamed Trialist

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    Just want to say, Curtis, whoever you are, that was a skilled interview. Sometimes being low key, polite, understated, and let the person speak in a relaxed way, is the key. And he did. You also asked the right questions. And you got a little scoop. So all credit to you and best of luck on your YT channel. EDIT: I am not sure he is on here, but certainly he should be.
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    CPL General

    I think it’s been unofficially known since earlier this year. I honestly don’t see a problem with it as long as each team is provided equal financial backing - something I’m sure the league would enforce and something I think is evident in the quality of both Forge and HFX merch, pricing, etc. As long as we have a viable team in Halifax, I could care less where the money comes from (within reason).
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Gets Canadian baller of the year from Canada Soccer https://www.canadasoccer.com/alphonso-davies-honoured-with-2018-canadian-player-of-the-year-award-p161975
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    Maxime Crépeau

    I believe Crepeau is considered domestic league-wide.
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    CPL TV Contract

    This has nothing to do with what I originally wrote. I did not attack John Molinaro's credibility and I did not suggest that CanPL is not worth covering.
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    red card

    CPL TV Contract

    EPL moving to DAZN is bad news for the sport's exposure in Canada at least for the short term. EPL is the highest rated football on Canadian tv. It took a generation but EPL is now viewed by the average Canadian sports fan as part of their sports diet. They'll watch the big match ups just like they watch the big NBA games. EPL, World Cups and women's success are what moved the needle for football in Canada. Now other than 15-20 matches on NBC, one of the pillars will disappear for them. The average sports fans has no real reason to pay $15-20 for DAZN on top of their cable bill. The most watched sports in Canada are still on tv - NHL, Jays, Raps, curling, CFL and NFL (only hard core fans signed for DAZN since it was basically the Sunday ticket package). And the casual viewer is completely lost - though the silozation of viewing appears to be an unstoppable trend. Serie A back on TLN is nice but it didn't move the needle in the 90s and will not now given how Serie A has fallen off. Possible addition of a CPL match or two or UEFA Natons Legaue and more CONCACAF World Cup qualifying matches would also be nice but it doesn't replace the loss of EPL and Champions League.
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    CPL TV Contract

    If they are handling the streaming in house with a company purchased and owned by CSB, they will need to keep most of the content on their own webstreams to get people to sign up and actually pay for it. Local cable channel broadcasts are probably unlikely in other words, but a flagship game of the week broadcast on an easily accessed national cable channel might still make sense in terms of making the league visible outside of its core niche audience, if they don't have to pay an arm and a leg for access.
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    2022 World Cup Qualifier Campaign

    When has FIFA ever cared about politics or human rights?