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    Liam Millar

    Wanted to share these photos of Liam's shirt that his family had framed for him from his senior debut! He's a proper proud Canadian!! It's up in his room in Liverpool!!
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    Canadians abroad: March 8-14, 2019

    To be honest a little numb atm..just got home from the game... I was in the away end with 1500 screaming Killie fans when he scored..a little unreal!! SO happy for him! Hopefully first of many and great timing with the national team game coming up!!!
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    for the record Liam has turned down 3 call ups to England... for the record...
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    Tosaint Ricketts

    Dwayne DeRosario Dale Mitchell John Catliff Tosaint Ricketts ......... He may indeed be done with the NT, and he has many flaws, but delivering was never one of them.
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    Liam Millar

    Liam come son at halftime for Lazar Markovic(a £80000/week 1st team player) and scores 2 in a 4-1 win vs Arsenal u23s... That’s now 5 goals in 4 games....
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    And he scored in the 56th. Sounds like he may have also had a goal incorrectly called back for offside in the first half.
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    Liam Millar

    Go longer if you want, always appreciate any insights/inside info you can offer. We're all pretty stoked about this kid and the way he plays.
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    Wonder if this means anything 🤔
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    We are completely toast and we’re never going to make the hex. Floro has us turtling and we will never be able to get a goal when we need one. When was the last time we scored from open play? He gets his lineups all wrong. He plays guys out of position. Henry at right back?! You’re kidding? Our best defender, and one who has been playing consistently is stuck on the bench because Floro is a hard-ass and won’t tolerate dissention. Floro is obviously a dinosaur who can’t man-manage, is tactically naïve, and loves yes men. We are going to go back down to San Pedro Sula and get owned again. Everything is setting up for a soul-crushing defeat. We were playing an insane game against Mexico at home, leaving ourselves exposed like that and going forward too much. If only Cavallini would accept the call, come and bang in three goals a game and save us. If only Arfield wasn’t injured, he would have saved us. If only Osorio was called because he’s the only truly creative player that’s getting consistent minutes. The CSA is a shambles. Mont Vic is stealing money from Scotiabank and saving it with TD. I saw him recently over at one of those old ‘Johnnycash’ machines … they only have a few in secret hiding places. The mainstream media doesn’t pay any attention to the game and kids just aren’t inspired. Plus, how can we improve when MLS won’t count Canadians as domestics. The USSF and MLS are conspiring against us. We had a chance to beat El Salvador at home and we blew it and our chances went out the window. El Salvador’s players were on strike and they were ripe for the picking. We will never get a home game in Canada as every game has more away fans than home fans. This is because soccer is not a top sport in Canada. This is because the Voyageurs are racist, sexist, bullies who kick people who look Mexican/don’t wear official Canada jerseys/need to sit down for a moment to rest their knees and feet out of the section. This is because people don’t respect what Canada has done for them. This is because so many soccer fans in Canada are Eurosnobs. We have no domestic league of our own and until we do, we are going nowhere in soccer. We will never get a domestic league because there is no support for it, it is not financially feasible, it would have to play on artificial turf and there will be Football lines on the field. There is no one in Canada that would invest in a Canadian league that is doomed to inevitable failure. If we get down in Honduras they will dive, time waste, point lasers, throw piss bags, wrap their net in razor wire, throw a party outside of our players’ hotel. We won’t be able to get a goal back anyway because we will only take short corners. We haven’t had a capable winger since Josh Simpson broke his leg. The supporters are fractured because no one can tell who the real face of Canadian soccer is. Once our players fly through the extra timezones to get to Vancouver (inevitably) in September, they will be too tired to play. You see … it’s hopeless.
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    Pretty much exactly what has been happening. He’s training well is close to a start and has featured in 4 out of the 4 games he has been on the bench for. But it’s a tough route. Exactly what he needs. to fight and push and try to fight his way into the starting line up. That’s his goal for this loan. . He had a meeting with Steve Clarke yesterday and was told he’s doing well he’s very close to a start but be patient and keep working. Goto love a manager that lets u know where u stand... 3 out of the 4 youngsters (phonzie liam and ballou are getting the same treatment atm David is doing really well) but it’s part of the process to becoming a top top player.. happy with his journey so far!!
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    Big THANK YOU to Dylan Sacramento of VALOUR FC, who came to my U10 boys practice and ran a few drills for some starry eyed boys. A night the kids will never forget ! Pure class ! FOR VALOUR !
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    Dario Zanatta

    More Congratulations to @AlloaAthleticFC's @dario_zanatta, who has been named @Ladbrokes Championship Player of the Month for December!
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    Winnipeg Fury

    CPL General

    I honestly could care less what the CPL budget is. It can be 1.2 million, $850,000, $700,000..........who cares. Nor do I care if CPL is better than Ottawa Fury, or has a bigger budget, etc.....In the big picture, it's meaningless. CPL is in it for the long haul. CPL need a viable, sustainable business plan. I believe they have that. If they can stick to the script, it will grow in quality every year. And if the old CSL is any indication, the difference in quality year to year will be massive. As a season ticket holder, that's what I want and expect. A Canadian league that's in it for the long haul. The rest will take care of itself.
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    I think we just leveled up.

    The expansion of the Voyageurs cup just added a whole new dimension to soccer in this country. Smoke, flares, collapsing fences, pitch invasions and a level of intensity for two amateur teams really playing for something is going to matter. This will really make a difference and truly add something for the experience of our players. That was really fun to watch.
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    Ballou Tabla

    Zambrano on Tabla: http://www.rds.ca/tele/loin-de-s-en-foot http://www.rds.ca/soccer/impact/octavio-zambrano-veut-convaincre-ballou-et-patrice-bernier-n-est-pas-trop-vieux-selon-lui-1.4442394 We need to bring him witht he senior program immediately. We can't wait anymore. Ballou and other players are ready to join this program. On the possibility of Ivory Coast and Drogba's role in that: "I respect everyone including Mister Drogba, but Canada was the country that gave him the chance to excel and have success. I don't want to into details, but I'll sit with him and give him my opinion. Yes, he has Ivorian origins that you can't ignore, but when you find a home like he found it in Canada, he must watch what are the best option better for him. Also: "I don't want to pressure him, but I want to give him my opinion and give him the things that he needs to considre in choosing for Canada or not. I think that he has a golden opportunity to play for Canada and this opportunity probably wouldn't be given to him. In my opinion, it's much more advantageous for him to play for Canada." (To be fair I translated the second link that talks about Tabla but if you listen "LDSF Semaine 8", you'll be able to listen an interview between Zambrano with Olivier Brett and Patrick Leduc and you don't need to speak French to understand since the interview is done in English. )
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    Canadian Premier League

    Just got backed from the meeting, it was jammed. I think it took them by surprise. After hearing Paul Beirne very eloquently explain the plan for the 'CPL' and viewing SEA's proposal for a stadium and team on the Wanderer grounds I am fully 100% confident this has a chance to be something special for Halifax and Canada. The enthusiasm from the overflow crowd was amazing.
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    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    Signed a first team contract
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    Atiba Hutchinson

    I don't think they know it but I think they just got married.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    From the LAFC website: “Mark-Anthony is a promising young player with great potential and versatility,” said LAFC EVP of Soccer Operations and General Manager John Thorrington. “We look forward to integrating him into the group as we believe he can become a significant contributor to our team immediately.”
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    Maxim Tissot

    God bless you, Marc dos Santos!
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    CPL Stadium Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU74A8RCYPs Was just watching a video of FC Midtjylland and was surprised that venue only holds 11,800 people. The noise level trumps anything I have seen in MLS minus a packed Saputo maybe. Scale this baby anywhere from 12,000 to 16,000 seats and you will have a blue print for the first permanent SSS built for a Canadian CPL club. Looks expandable to if need be afterwards.
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    Strait Red

    Ballou Tabla

    Not going to lie, as soon as I saw the Ballou announcement I tweeted this to Fikayo Tomori.
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    Cyle Larin

    He has been on the bench for the last 5 Besiktas league games. I don't think a team like Besiktas is putting anyone on its bench that has no chance of playing given the right circumstances so he must have made a good impression at the very least. During that time Negredo has scored 4 goals in 2 different games but hasn't scored in the last 3 and he rarely plays a full 90. Vagner Love for his part has played in 8 games for Besiktas and has scored only two goals both in the same game (his second game with the team) in a 5-0 blowout against the worst team in the league that was already 2-0 before he entered. It is possible that the right circumstances will not arrive for Larin to get some time and possibly the coach will trust the veteran Love more even if he has been less than convincing lately. However, I don't think it is that far out of the question that Larin could get some playing time before the end of the season and depending how he does it could lead to more playing time. He didn't sign with Besiktas to walk into the starting lineup but rather to be given a chance to compete for a spot and it seems he has at least put himself into consideration so I am not sure why there is so much negativity about the move so far.
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    Complete Homer

    CPL General

    So far we've got: -Paul Beirne, former TFC President -Roy Nasrallah, former head of Nike Middle East -Greg McIsaac, former Director of Communications at TSN -Mark Silver, former lead for TSN Go and CBC Olympic streaming -David Clanachan, former Tim Horton's President and COO -Probably a few others I'm forgetting No one can say they haven't put together a well qualified, legitimate league office. Very happy to see the kind of group they've assembled. This league has the business minds to finally make a legitimate attempt at forming a stable pro league. Plus, I don't think anyone can say they would be able to attract these types of people if the project was shakey.
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    Alphonso Davies

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    Anyone else catch Borjan telling the ball boy to back off so he could burn off a few more seconds? This is the kind of gamesmanship we need more of.
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    CPL TV Contract

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    David scores. 2-1, 58’
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    I think if there is a stream then we will be provided a stream and we will be able to watch via a stream to watch the game. #Tg11
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    Russell Teibert

    I know, right?
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    What should we do with the Voyageurs forum?

    I love that people are getting into arguments in the thread about what needs to be done to make the forum more civil. That's the Voyageurs forum in a nutshell.
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    Hold up. Which big clubs do you honestly think are chomping at the bit to sign a 28 year old Canadian who hasn't scored a top flight goal in 5 years? He needs to stay at Cardiff this season, and prove himself to be a premier league caliber player again. To make a move now would be a mistake IMO.
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    Cyle Larin

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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Looks like he'll be signing with LAFC. Fantastic move. I hope it isn't lost either that it was Zambrano who saw something in him. http://www.sportingnews.com/ca/soccer/news/sources-lafc-set-to-sign-canadian-winger-mark-anthony-kaye/7w6mvdhq93vz1w66915urw3jk
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    The Beaver

    Zambrano out!

    While I am shocked by this news, there are a number of things that suggest this might be BETTER for us in the long run. First: Herdman is no dummy. He would not take on this role if he didn't at least feel the CSA was heading in the right direction and that he would have the tools necessary to have a positive impact. He may not have world class on-field experience as a player, but he is a damned shrewd professional football man. I have no idea if he has the tactical chops to squeeze gold from our rag-tag group of players, but from what I am reading I have little doubt that he is a much better prepared, better organized contemporary coach and student of the game. Second: I know we like to believe that the CSA is run by dumbasses--it is an immutable law round these parts--but the organization has become significantly more professional and contemporary and businesslike in the past several years, and if rumours suggest that Zambrano was looking like a real flop among the CSA brass, then there MUST be some truth to this. I was cautiously optimistic about what I saw--and heard--of Zambrano, but something always niggled at me, something about HIS lack of experience as the head of a program. What if, just say, Zambrano was a lazy fuck when he should have been actively pursuing players and checking out players and planning, planning, planning? What if the CSA saw real promise in his on-field, in-game experience but NOTHING ELSE? One last thing: The players might be as shocked as we are that Zambrano is gone, but they are not dipshits. They'll give Herdman a real chance. And he'll earn their trust. He is damned good at player relationships and motivation, as many of you've pointed out. It is the tactical acuity that I worry about. The guys will play hard for him, for sure. As they did for Hart et al. But will it be enough? I will give him a chance, for sure.
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    Cordova scores to even it at 1 in the 47th minute
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    As many on here speculated "injured" Canadian Will Johnson played for Orlando last night! As much as I like WJ, with the emergence of Piette, the return of Atiba and the addition of Arfield it might be time for the program to move on if he really isn't dedicated to the National Team, anyone else have an opinion on this?
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    dyslexic nam

    Alphonso Davies

    I think I said something like this a bunch of pages ago, but it is hard to describe just how happy I am about the whole Davies situation. An amazing footy talent who was an immigrant kid, who came to Canada along with what seems like a great family, developed his footy skills here in Canada, is appreciative for the opportunities he got, has massive potential (the kind that is unprecedented in the CMNT), and he chose us and seems proud to do so. I don't know if Alphonso and the other players read these threads, but if so: Thank you. You have made a whole bunch of us immensely happy.
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    Duane Rollins

    Canadian Premier League

    Having read this through a couple clarifications/thoughts. - The figure of $1.5m has been suggested to me from start, but I've had conflicting suggestions on whether that's a salary budget, or TOTAL budget (including coaches, administration, etc). Goal is to be about NASL level as quickly as possible and salaries will reflect that (I was told NASL salaries are about $1m-$1.5m per team, with Cosmos much higher). Personally, I think it will launch at an upper USL level, which is fine. -They may agree to launch at lower than 75% domestic, but they will work towards that. Realistically the 25% international spots will have a lot of young CONCACAF players. - I don't believe there will be a college draft. Like NASL/stand alone USL teams un-drafted/cut players from MLS camps will be free to negotiate with individual teams. - Structure will likely be a hybrid between MLS single entity and a total free market approach -- think revenue sharing, but not central control over contracts. -- Most important aspect to me that few talk about is a requirement that all teams have an academy. That is where real development will take place. The CanPL teams themselves will be finishing school. -- There will be an emphasis on selling talent up. That's a big part of how investors convinced to lose money for first few (several?) years. - They still say 2017. I think 2018 more realistic. Better to delay a year than start before ready. - On personal level: Sorry for those who were "sick" of me talking about how I was right. Couple things though: Many weren't accusing my sources of being wrong/not having full information. No, they were suggesting I was lying -- making the whole thing up. Beyond the fact that I've been doing this since 2008 and I can point to a history of solid reporting on these issues (not perfect, no, but no one is and the misses haunt me more than anyone else), I can't get past this point: Why in hell would I do that? The glory and fame of being the guy talking about the Canadian league first? Also, you know I'm one of you right? I would never, ever mislead this community on this because I know how important it is to people that it happen. I know how unfair it would be to be given false hope. I sat on the news for almost a month when I first was told because I wanted to make damn sure it was real. So, trust me when I say, I've never reported anything I didn't believe to be true at the time I reported it. I'm sure there will be differences to the final product we see either through my not having full information or through changes in the planning, but the core points that I reported on in 2014 have all been confirmed by the Spectator report -- Bob Young, 6-8 teams, CFL money involved. I am not going to apologize for being proud of that, nor for defending idea that I was first reporting it in the days ahead when the Spectator inevitably gets that credit. -Oh, and for the record, "C-League" was never a real thing. I chose to use that name so it was clear what I was talking about and because I knew actual name would be different. For record I like Can-PL because it has "Can" in it.
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    Jahinho Guerro

    Kit Supplier Contract

    The thing is these jerseys can be actually made....and for cheap.
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    CPL General

    I think he’s more referencing the guy who barely gets touched in the lower body and then rolls around grabbing his face waiting for the penalty. Then miraculously with some spray he’s 100%. That kind of thing grated on a lot of people.
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    CPL TV Contract

    For the mass audience I think the general production quality of the broadcast is more influential.. If it's similar to a CFL level of production(ie camera angles, replays, commentators, pre-game post-game show) the it will feel like a top-tier league in many ways. I have watched USL streams and it isn't really TV-level production.
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    I'd go one step further and hope that CanPL player contracts don't allow for the unilateral right for clubs to trade players within the league. If CanPL Club A wants CanPL Club B's player, they should have to make an offer to buy the contract of that player from the club, as well as negotiating fresh personal terms with the player, himself. That'll truly differentiate CanPL from every other North American professional sports league.
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    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Yea that should be a no brainer.. he’s first name on the team sheet for us even ahead of Borjan. How lame and pathetic is it to dream of all this talent we suddenly have but waiting 4 months.. I know it’s been said 1000 times but it’s so bizarre. At first it was crazy that our MLS teams didn’t play Canadians and now we’re finally past that but not playing matches..
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    Who cares? We have better players in the USL than him. [/sarcasm]
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    Voyageurs' Cup 2017

    Lots of drama as usual for Voyageur Cup games, for me this beats any MLS regular season match. Lots of talking points for the build up to the the second leg.
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    Canadian Premier League

    While listening to he Manning interview I had many of the same reactions that people on here had. I thought he represented himself well and was very candid making the interview very interesting to listen to. However, I also kept thinking that in regards to what the vision of CanPL should be and what it's function should be that he simply doesn't get it. Sure he's protecting his territory, and as an employee of MLSE that's exactly what he should be doing. But that's why he shouldn't be trusted to make decisions on what is best for Canadian soccer. That doesn't make him dishonest, deceitful, or a bad person at all. It simply means that he is focused on other interests. However, I also think that he displayed that he simply doesn't understand some things and his answers displayed this lack of understanding. He commented that he didn't think that the supporters groups would support CanPL and not TFC, but there are a large number of people in TFC SGs who were Voyageurs first and for whom the advancement of Canadian soccer is front of mind. It might not be an overwhelmingly high percentage of those in TFC's SGs but it's not an insignificant number either. He also shows his bias by suggesting that a CanPL team in Toronto would struggle to draw a few thousand while TFC 2 in CanPL could draw 5000+ and that TFC 2 playing other Canadian teams would be an even bigger draw. This is a blatant contradiction. Either Manning is aware of this and is just trying to protect his territory or he's unaware of this and has blinders on ... likely the former, but who knows for sure. Regardless, major kudos to the VMP folks for getting him on and handling him in such an engaging fashion. It was a great piece of podcasting work on their part.
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    El Hombre

    Tony Fonseca New High Perf Director

    I assumed that they were just clearing the position for Rob Gale after his stellar performance in Costa Rica.
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