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    Liam Millar

    All will be revealed by 10pm bst Thursday...(transfer deadline in the UK) hopefully before..😉
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    Liam Millar

    Standby today.... going to be a long day!!!
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    dyslexic nam

    Jonathan David

    Screw it. I am calling it - we are winning the 2026 WC.
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    Am a TFC SSH ( at least for one more year) Live where the drive to Forge and TFC matches are about the same No brainer- the TFC game is dead to me- will give those tickets to anyone ( If I can) Forge match all the way
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    Canadians abroad: January 25-31, 2019

    and he scores to put Gent in front lol
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    CPL General

    The article was just updated with the following: Editors note: In a subsequent email to Sportsnet, the CPL confirmed that in addition to the roster requirements mentioned above by David Clanachan that another rule mandates that a minimum of three domestic players on each team must be under the age of 21 AND those players must play a minimum of 1,000 minutes per season. That's a bit of a change. Definitely working on development of young players. I think this works as extra push to keep on some of the U-Sports draftees beyond training camp. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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    CPL General

    As has been mentioned, as much as we want to criticize some of the blurry bits around today's major announcements, and the absence of some anticipated details regarding others, in the end it all boils down to one simple fact. The world's largest automotive manufacturer has made a corporate decision to attach their brand to the CPL. Fu'k me.
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    Jonathan David

    I love it, and honestly im not surprised since David is truly a quality player. Its no wonder Gent gave him a new contract since they clearly had the foresight that he would draw interest from bigger clubs sooner or later. Honestly if it werent for Phonzy breaking through then David would get a lot more hype.. and as an icing in the cake I love the fact he was born in the USA and we snatched him hehe... plus he never played in MLS so they cant claim any credit for his development.. yes I'm petty like that 😛
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    Liam Millar

    there it is
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    Jonathan David

    Absolutely and just a reminder that Panama had two players on their World Cup squad who never even got a match with Gent, never mind made an impact as an 18 year old. For a 19 year old Canadian that's an incredible level and I'd be upset if he went to a big club and turned into a youth/reserve player.
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    Today's combine at the Ontario Soccer Centre involved only League 1 Ontario players. I got there at 8:45am and the players were doing testing. Pylon navigation with and without a ball. Also sprinting with a bungee cord attached I'll assume increasing in resistance the further across the field you ran. There were 47 players listed for the morning games divided into four teams wearing pinnies I recognized from the CPL open tryouts last Fall. Each team played two 30 minute half games against the same team ie. Orange vs Green for 60 minutes then Yellow vs Blue. First game started at 10:14am and second at 11:43am and ended at 12:48pm. After lunch there was another game with 33 players split into two teams (leaving bench strength for substitutions). This was also a two 30 minute halfs game. This was an 'invite only' day involving L1O players that had been prescouted by L1O and selected to show off for the CPL coaches and officials. These players were not involved in the open trials that took place across Canada months ago (although some other L1O players were at trials not just here and Hamilton but the other venues and some passed for the promise of a tryout--which was later changed to a possibility of a tryout). Duncan Wilde of Oakville Blue Devils answered me that his team had none of his players at the Open Trials back in the Fall but some were here today. There were some players that came from FC London and even one from Ottawa South United—Barou Junior Mbuyamba who made it to the afternoon session while their goalie Jared St Thomas and defender Turner Johnson had successfully tryed-out in Hamilton. Today's players looked better than the 200+ I saw over two days at this location. That was open to those who put up the $200 fee. Players may have played on the same club team but today's squads were scattered about. There were a lot of offsides called in the three games today and the backheel passes didn't always work because players weren't used to each other. I've got all the goal scorers from the games. The afternoon session had the survivors play in Yellow vs Blue pinnies but that meant the numbers worn were different as some of the Greens and Oranges passed and pinnies were given out at random. Officials from L10 and CPL seemed glad to see me but I had not been invited and found out about it from folks on the Voyageurs message board. L1O provided me with a list of the morning rosters and after the afternoon game I was allowed to take a picture of that roster on the promise I wouldn't tweet it. Good deal! I have a commitment tonight so I can't get into the details of games but will work on it tomorrow and Saturday. Stay tuned.
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    CPL TV Contract

    For the mass audience I think the general production quality of the broadcast is more influential.. If it's similar to a CFL level of production(ie camera angles, replays, commentators, pre-game post-game show) the it will feel like a top-tier league in many ways. I have watched USL streams and it isn't really TV-level production.
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    Jonathan David

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    Juan Guillermo Cordova

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    Manjrekar James

    James' recall is now official:
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    CPL TV Contract

    Lets be honest being on TSN and as a result becoming force fed to consumers thru Sportscenter is the best way in this country to be legitimized with joe average. Thats really what the CPL needs the most right now
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    CPL new teams speculation

    I’m not ready to talk about the narrative of the level then CPl players are coming from. Only about 1/3 of the rosters are filled. Also please don’t call BBTB names. He has a valid point of view, even if it’s has some sandpaper, he’s come a long way in the last 2 years. We’re all on the same team. Back to the point let’s see what happens. As it is there will be 110+ Canadian players in the CanPL and in 2020 maybe 140. Lots of those players will move on to other leagues and players will move in from other leagues. Bottom line is the league is expanding and will deepen our player pool.
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    Davies comes on and makes his debut in the 86th min while Bayern were up 4-1 on Stuggart. Had a few nice and clean touches on the ball.
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    Marcus Godinho

    Scores his first for Hearts and was unlucky not to score earlier too. Goal and build 50 secs in. First chance right at the start of the video.
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    Marco Bustos

    Using my Crocodile Dundee skills I am going to say he is driving South. Sun is to his left (East) and it is rising since it is 8:51 am in the morning. So going back to OKC based on my science.
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    Unnamed Trialist

    Lucas Cavallini

    I love the idea that a neophyte David playing a few months in a league where defending is still soft and coming on usually in uncrucial moments of games or against weaker sides is somehow better than a proven striker in Mexico, with years of production and a just as encouraging developmental curve. I am encouraged by David but I too get tired of how frigging silly this board gets. If David is scoring for Gent next year in Europa League, or the one after that in a better league, come back and talk to me. The case of Larin has shown that some leagues are clearly harder than others, in spite of folks thinking that maybe MLS is comparable to Turkey.
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    CPL TV Contract

    My source says there will be eight cameras used to broadcast games at Westhills (and I assume each of the other stadia) and we were told at the very first pub night that cameras would be positioned to face into the three stands. They are well aware they have to make the broadcasts look as good as possible.
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    Ballou Tabla

    Man I would absolutely love Tabla to get a first team sniff this season. It would be a long short, but you can see how it could happen given the injuries. Imagine, in the same season, Canada has an 19 year old debut for Barcelona and an 18 year old debut for Bayern Munich. That would be absolutely epic.