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    Canadians abroad: March 8-14, 2019

    To be honest a little numb atm..just got home from the game... I was in the away end with 1500 screaming Killie fans when he scored..a little unreal!! SO happy for him! Hopefully first of many and great timing with the national team game coming up!!!
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    Tosaint Ricketts

    Dwayne DeRosario Dale Mitchell John Catliff Tosaint Ricketts ......... He may indeed be done with the NT, and he has many flaws, but delivering was never one of them.
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    Pretty much exactly what has been happening. He’s training well is close to a start and has featured in 4 out of the 4 games he has been on the bench for. But it’s a tough route. Exactly what he needs. to fight and push and try to fight his way into the starting line up. That’s his goal for this loan. . He had a meeting with Steve Clarke yesterday and was told he’s doing well he’s very close to a start but be patient and keep working. Goto love a manager that lets u know where u stand... 3 out of the 4 youngsters (phonzie liam and ballou are getting the same treatment atm David is doing really well) but it’s part of the process to becoming a top top player.. happy with his journey so far!!
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    CPL Stadium Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU74A8RCYPs Was just watching a video of FC Midtjylland and was surprised that venue only holds 11,800 people. The noise level trumps anything I have seen in MLS minus a packed Saputo maybe. Scale this baby anywhere from 12,000 to 16,000 seats and you will have a blue print for the first permanent SSS built for a Canadian CPL club. Looks expandable to if need be afterwards.
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Kovac declares Davies fit for selection this weekend 😊
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    CPL TV Contract

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    David scores. 2-1, 58’
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    CPL General

    I think he’s more referencing the guy who barely gets touched in the lower body and then rolls around grabbing his face waiting for the penalty. Then miraculously with some spray he’s 100%. That kind of thing grated on a lot of people.
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    dyslexic nam

    Tosaint Ricketts

    Seriously? As Obinna pointed out, you are slagging a guy who is tied for 4th in our all time scoring list. With a couple more calls, it isn't inconceivable that he could reach 2nd (would need 3 goals). There have been times where he has been a bit wasteful in the past, but I don't get the idea of ripping on him. He has quite clearly and undeniably delivered goals for us, at a time where we were generally starved for offence (he didn't have the supporting cast that we currently have) - and usually from a wing position. I am all for giving the next generation playing time, but don't justify it by ripping on a guy who has proudly answered the call whenever it came.
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    John's Herd vs. Holger's Heros

    This is your best post in years. I must agree that Herdman's lack of experience in the kind of pressure situations the team will be facing in WCQ is the second biggest problem we have, our centre backs being the first. However: In 2013 the CSA hired one of the most expensive coaches they could afford. Floro had recent Concacaf and International experience in addition to his Real Madrid heydays. On paper, he looked excellent. In 2016, needing a point in Honduras to make the Hex... we were down by a goal with 30 minutes left... who does Floro bring on as we fight for our lives? Ledgerwood and Straith. We had 2 forwards, Jackson and Haber who were left on the bench. And most importantly, Osorio and Johnson were not called, though both were healthy and wanted to be there. Either Floro was ON CRACK, or he choked, or his attitude, methology, gameplan and man management was deeply flawed from the very beginning. Floro was experienced in big game situations, and still shat the bed and screwed us. Bottom line is sometimes experienced coaches suck, and good inexperienced coaches have their break through seasons and moments all the time. Perhaps this is Herdman's moment. Perhaps the stars will align. Best of all, thanks to this upcoming Gold Cup, and the Nations League in the fall, we won't have to wait until qualifying to find out what Herdman is really made of.
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    some more sigma, and nice to see Quillan Roberts show up
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    Jonathan David

    David is now tied for the club lead for goals in all competitions with 9. This is despite playing 1230 fewer minutes than the guy he is tied with. To say he's been prolific is an understatement.
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    CPL TV Contract

    Lets be honest being on TSN and as a result becoming force fed to consumers thru Sportscenter is the best way in this country to be legitimized with joe average. Thats really what the CPL needs the most right now
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    Maxime Crépeau

    Montreal gifted Vancouver a starting goalie, I don’t think you can fault him on any VW goals against, he’s faced like 4 PK’s already.
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    Fikayo Tomori

    That's LITERALLY all we do here.
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    Herdman new head coach

    I thought he was selling a time share in Nuevo Vallarta. In fact, I'm going there in a few weeks' time and I am anticipating getting this same spiel at the resort where I am staying. If not you, then who . . . are we going to be getting some more matches against (besides French Guinea)? How about a friendly or two against some higher echelon opponents? I want to "change the conversation" (a favourite TED talk phrase). Talk is cheap. Do well at the Gold Cup and I'll consider joining "The Herd." Until then, colour me skeptical.
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    Dual Nationals Part 2 - Canada + ?

    @Jmhutchinson Our region has developed leaps and bounds in the last 20 years without our help, I don't think we need to help develop our region at the cost of losing potential players. In my personal view, Canada's level in the last 20 years has been poor because our best players have been consistently poached by other national programs. And I'm not just talking one or two guys, so as a group we are sensitive regarding this topic. Further, our player pool is just not wide or strong enough for us to be encouraging fringe players to join other programs. Canadian players are notoriously late bloomers, so you must understand that we really can't afford to let anyone with any kind of international potential go to another program. I don't think you'll get much assistance here.
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    CPL General

    The Al Classico was a joke brought up by supporters years ago that has caught fire in the local community. Lots of people find it humorous and ultimately it was a supporter driven and naturally grown name. It’s not something some marketing intern made up cause they thaught they were being clever. It is just a lame funny pun that took off.
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    Milan Borjan

    http://crvenazvezdafk.com/scc/vest/8086/Terzic-Borjan-ostaje-do-2023 Borjan signs a contract that will keep him at Red Star through 2023.
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    What the fuck is the point of all this? Are you going to the opening game? After all this shit, you better be buying a ticket to this game. And you can't sell anything other than flex packs or seasons when you don't have a schedule yet.
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    Scott Arfield

    History aside, Doneil Henry has played every minute for Vancouver this season, and he's been one of their better players.
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    Brilliant night tonight at TYC, first class ! I was there 5 minutes after the door opened and it was PACKED. Ownership did a bang-up job on this one, full credit. Food, beer, players, mascot, merch, ..........even the wife was happy. Without a doubt, Valour have the best jerseys, home and away !
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    “stuck in the USL.” - LOVE IT
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    So proud of him. So glad he's OURS.
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    CPL new teams speculation

    Here is my new article about CPL expansion, Please read and share: https://culturesoccer.com/2019/03/03/quelles-prochaines-expansions-en-canpl/
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    Alex D

    CPL TV Contract

    I don't understand the "dual loyalty" fan concept. There are always going to be conflicts, it's unavoidable. What happens when Hamilton or York play TFC in the cup? Is everyone supposed to hold hands and sing kumbaya? You are eventually going to have to pick one team and live with it.
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    Well, yes and no. I am in three FB chat groups that represent the leadership of most supporters groups across the country.. Not more than a day goes by without someone copying and pasting one of your posts going WTF? These people represent thousands of supporters across the country. Many of those in new supporters groups. None, save for one post here anymore, and they sure as shit won't send any of their newly minted supporters here either. Why would they? I get why people of our generation are cynical. I really do, I bet many of us could fill a stadium with horror stories of corruption, mismanagement ect... but we need to stop living by it and being governed by it. Good shit is happening, really good shit and we should embrace it. All of this needs to be fun. It really does or there is no point in doing any of it. CanPL on this site is not fun.
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    General Discussion on CMNT

    Iv'e been updating if anyone is still interested. 2019 Canadian MLS Player Stats Player Team Position GP GS MP G A Samuel Piette Montreal DM 7 7 630 0 0 Doneil Henry Vancouver CB 6 6 540 1 0 Mark Anthony Kaye Los Angeles DM/LB 6 6 504 2 2 Jonathan Osorio Toronto AM/CM 5 5 435 1 3 Will Johnson Orlando CM 4 4 291 0 0 Kamal Miller Orlando CB 3 3 270 0 0 Tesho Akindele Orlando ST/W 4 4 244 2 1 Russell Teibert Vancouver CM/DM 3 3 228 0 0 Mathieu Choiniere Montreal CM 5 1 172 0 0 Shamit Shome Montreal CM 3 2 150 0 0 Jordan Hamilton Toronto ST 2 2 142 1 0 Clement Bayiha Montreal RB/RW 3 1 139 0 0 Jay Chapman Toronto CM 5 1 126 1 2 Derek Cornelius Vancouver CB 2 2 121 0 0 Ayo Akinola Toronto ST 4 1 121 1 1 A Jackson-Hamel Montreal ST 4 1 98 0 0 Z Brault-Guillard Montreal RB 2 1 95 0 0 Richie Laryea Toronto RW/RB/CM 1 1 61 0 0 Raheem Edwards Chicago LW/LB 1 0 55 1 0 Tajon Buchanan New England ST 3 0 38 0 0 Ashtone Morgan Toronto LB 1 0 15 0 0 Callum Montgomery Dallas CB Dejan Jakovic Los Angeles CB Liam Fraser Toronto DM Noble Okello Toronto DM Julian Dunn Toronto CB David Norman Jr. Vancouver CM Theo Bair Vancouver ST Simon Colyn Vancouver AM Brett Levis Vancouver LB Michael Baldisimo Vancouver DM Brian Wright New England (Loaned to Birmingham Legion) Ryan Telfair Toronto (Loaned to York9) Aidan Daniels Toronto (Loaned to Ottawa Fury) Daniel Kinumbe Montreal (Loaned to Ottawa Fury) T Meuilleur-Giguere Montreal (Loaned to Ottawa Fury) Goalkeepers Team GP GS MP SV GA Maxime Crepeau Vancouver 6 6 540 18 10 Dayne St Clair Minnesota James Pantemis Montreal Jason Beaulieu Montreal Greg Ranjitsingh Orlando Thomas Hasal Vancouver Sean Melvin Vancouver
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    CPL new teams speculation

    ^^^ To dream the impossible dream...to fight the unbeatable foe. Maybe someday, for now I just want these first clubs to stay above water.
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    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    We made the big time!
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    Kamal Miller

    As pointed out on the Canadians Abroad page, Miller starting!!
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    The old CSL was in trouble from the very first game. They were severely undercapitalized and doomed to fail. The Winnipeg Fury was cited earlier or in this thread or another as having some success. I have a good friend who was on their board. They were shipping money out the door throughout their entire existence. The Safeway promotions were an unmitigated disaster as they papered the house and undercut the value of their own tickets. I’ll take his analysis (considering he’s also an economist) over yours. There is a lot to learn from the CSL’s failures but little to compare between their ownership, leadership, and context and the current situation. But more importantly, these constant criticisms are pathetic. Considering the size of the task, its difficulty, and its risk, there are really only going to be two kinds of people when it comes right down to it ... those who are willing to help make the league a success (in whatever way they can) and those who are not. So which is it, grumpy old men? Are you going to sit at your computers spouting worthless criticisms in your personal little echo chambers or are you going to take some action to help? And if help it is, what are you going to do? I’d love to hear it. It might change my opinion of your current contribution to the effort which to be honest is less than zero.
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    Norrin Radd

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    His contract or his injury?
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    Hopefully it includes playing more than 4 games a year.
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    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I’m sorry but this is hilarious. 😂 What are we antifa? It’s a discussion forum. This place really isn’t bad at all @socceronly.. it’s one poster people don’t agree with. He’s not violating forum rules so if people don’t like it they can press the ignore feature. I think banning someone for holding a negative view is outrageous and would delegitimize this board 1000x more than an opposing view.. The guy is a hilarious contradiction, his name is @BringBackTheBlizzard but he wants to douse every bit of optimism for the only league that could realistically “bring back the blizzard”. Like many of his arguments and legal opinions, a novel individual indeed. It IS annoying but just ignore him if you can’t take him. FWIW in my time on this board this is the best it’s ever been. CPL forum argues because it’s a passionate topic but the MNT board has been exciting and filled with optimism. There have been dark times - this is the exact opposite.
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    It is interesting. The skill level I see among the young elite players - even in a small province like PEI - is off the charts compared to what I saw 10-15 years ago. Kids are coming up through the ranks with ridiculous skills, and a desire to play attacking footy where they drive at (and past) defenders. I may be naive and just not as aware of the phenoms who went through the system in years past, but I think our growing infrastructure, huge registration numbers and tendency to stream top players into more elite training and developmental pathways is going to pay off in the next decade or so (and from then on). I know other countries have also continued to grow their programs but I can't help but think that we may have closed the gap quite a bit. And with CPL coming online and offering hopefully another strong domestic pathway for talented young players, I think we will only continue to get better.
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    Gold Cup 2019

    On Loin de s'en foot, it was mentioned that RDS will show Canada's Gold Cup matches and the knockout rounds.
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    https://canpl.ca/article/wanderers-approaching-sell-outs-as-halifaxs-reputation-entices-fans "Martin revealed the club is “going to get pretty close to sell outs” across the season, with less than 500 single tickets remaining for the club’s first home match against Forge FC on May 4. There are also fewer than 500 season tickets up for grabs, too, and less than 1,000 single-match tickets remaining for matches throughout the rest of the season. It means the Wanderers – who are currently in the Dominican Republic for pre-season training – head into their first season knowing that a strong base of some 5,000 fans will be in attendance week-in, week-out."
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    Gold Cup 2019

    Allow home fans to watch their team play live.
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    Doneil Henry

    If he can do that consistently, that would be a good start for the national team
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    CPL new teams speculation

    My take is that if it's feasible in Victoria then it's likely feasible in St. John's.
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    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    How about that French Guiana goal against Canada though 😫
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    John van 't Ship for Manager CMNT

    Enough of this shit.
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    I would rather we qualify once with the 32 team format so we can prove we have at least some reason to deserve the World cup in 2026 besides from the time we went 40 years ago.
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    Kamal Miller

    Kamal gets some love in this article about the game... https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/orlando-city-sc/orlando-city-nycfc-opener-takeaways/
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    CPL Season Schedule

    I am just so happy to get the full schedule released, now I can make plans for the Forge home matches and any road trips I will go on! With 7 teams and the CCL it was always going to be a little weird the 1st season, I’m so looking forward to this the format is not gonna ruin my buzz!
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    Best XI

    If we are setting up our best XI and subs then we should assume we are playing the top 3 in Concacaf...Mexico, USA/Costa Rica. Anything else is pure fantasy. With our present depth it will come down to who is getting minutes with their club; which is how most top teams select their squads. Notwithstanding experience, some of our senior players like De Jong are sadly not going to be able to keep up with the pace of International soccer. Other than Hutch and Arfield, Eustaquio has played at the highest level of any CM in our squad..top flight Portugal and now Cruz Azul in Liga MX. Just a reminder that Osorio won about every trophy he could given TFC's performance last year including top scorer in CCL. I know that David is looking good and I am a massive fan but I am not sure we can leave out Osorio. This is going to be a big year for our players. Competition will be fierce....fun times to be a CMNT fan.
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    CPL TV Contract

    My source said the deal is worth $150 Million to the league. So that would mean $15M per year, plus production costs, would easily be $200M.
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    Ambition is not a word I would use when describing the Fury. They are probably glad to avoid the travel costs.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    Let’s not rush to judgement on MLS yet, and I don’t think it’s fair to bash them either. I’m fairly happy that we have the MLS situation and I’m not going to automatically stop becoming a TFC fan after 12 years just because there’s a team in Hamilton. Personally they have been very good to me and my family, especially this last year when my son died. I’ll always support them. Keep in mind that the 3 MLS teams employ 28 Canadians currently on their 1st team roasters and other MLS teams employ 12 more Canadians. Probably at least 1/2 our player pool played in an MLS system at one point or another so the importance of MLS can not be understated in any way. Lets just be happy we have 11 domestic professional clubs right now and tone down the dramatics.
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