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  1. Levi Oakey

    Grand River Union

    Currently supporting KW United FC of the USL PDL but pining for the days we will be in the CanPL. If it is local, and it is soccer. We are there.
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  2. We're just getting started out, but we're proud to support Valour F.C.! We're based in Thompson, Manitoba which is 8 hours (781km) from the stadium! Still working on getting a website going, but we have our twitter page and facebook page.
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  3. About Us - Pile O'Bones Supporters Group was formed in 2016 by several Saskatchewan members of The Voyageurs. Wishing to translate their love for Canadian soccer into a following for a potential Regina professional team and spurred on by persistent rumours, POBSG has slowly but steadily prepared for the arrival of CanPL in Regina. We might not have a team (yet) but we still know who we are - PRIDE OF THE PRAIRIES.
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  4. coxon

    Stony Monday Riot

    We are an organized group of supporters for the Ottawa Fury FC. We support soccer at all levels in the National Capital Region. We strongly believe in independent supporter culture created by and for supporters. The Stony Monday Riot is not a customer or consumer of a “game day experience”. We are, as all supporters are, full participants in every match we attend. Our passion belongs to us. We are inspired by the creativity of our members and the diversity of Ottawa’s soccer cultures. While we recognize the strengths of various soccer cultures from around the world, we believe that supporter culture should grow organically. We do not follow a particular ‘style’ beyond what our members bring with their interests, ideas, and most importantly passion. We operate on the donations of time and money of our members. We do fundraise through our merchandise. We are an inclusive group of supporters. We want to remove the barriers to participating in supporter culture. We believe in working towards being a fully bilingual supporters group. We do not charge a membership fee. We believe ‘members’ are the people who contribute their time, effort, and passion to making, sustaining, and growing SMR as a loud voice of supporter culture in Ottawa. Riot In The Glebe! Always With You
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  5. ted

    Lake Side Buoys

    Support the Victoria Highlanders playing at UVic's Centennial Stadium in the PDL. Twitter: @LakeSideBuoys
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