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    Viewing Parties: WWC & Gold Cup

    Frappe is organized for the games for Montreal both Women's World Cup and Gold Cup.
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    Canada takes on Cuba and the United States in Toronto in the Nations League. These games are crucial for our positioning in World Cup Qualifying in 2020. These are not friendlies, these games matter and we need your support. These are supporters section tickets, you can purchase them at the bottom of this page. People will be standing the whole game, waving flags, singing and banging drums. We will be adding a section on how to participate to this site in the coming weeks. Home Games Canada vs Cuba - September 7th - BMO Field Canada vs USA - October 15th - BMO Field Tickets Tickets are $20 all in, no additional fees You do not need a Pay Pal account to buy tickets Change the quantity of tickets in the Pay Pal cart Away Games The Voyageurs will be arranging away trips to Cuba and the USA. The nature of these trips will depend on the game locations so details can't yet be determined Cuba vs Canada - September 10th - Cuba - Venue TBD USA vs Canada - November 15th - USA - Venue TBD
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    Introductions - Say Hi Here

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    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I finally decided to join the forum here after being a casual reader for a while. I've always been a fan of international sporting events and was a casual fan of Canadian soccer. I became a bigger supporter in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics in London. Being from the Vancouver area, I was able to catch some of the CANWNT's games in the qualifying tournament for London and from that point on I was hooked. Since then, I've tried to attend any Canadian games as I could in Vancouver including both during the Women's World Cup and the CANMNT qualifying games in their attempt to qualify for Russia 2018. I'm looking forward to seeing how both squads develop in the future. Being from the Lower Mainland, it's likely no surprise that, apart from the CANWNT and CANMNT, I'm also as supporter of the Whitecaps and try to catch at least a couple of their games at BC Place a season. I'll also be paying closer attention to the Bundesliga and Bayern Munich for the rest of season to see how Alphonso Davies does after his transfer from the Caps. Cheers, Ashley
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    Viewing Parties: WWC & Gold Cup

    Scrap Gibson's. Viewing s will likely be at Finn's. Will update w confirmation once all the details are sorted.
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    Viewing Parties: WWC & Gold Cup

    Working on Saskatoon right now. Gibson's looking likely.
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    We've lost Jarrek! :(

    Deepest condolences Pawel. Jarrek's legacy in Canadian soccer will truly live on through the iconic Voyageurs scarf he designed back in 2005.
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    We've lost Jarrek! :(

    Hello, Thank you for all the well wishes. My brother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday. It has been a very difficult time for my family as we are all devastated. Reading your personal memories about my brother however helps ease the pain we feel. I have some of my fondest memories of him when we attended Toronto Lynx, TFC, and Canada matches. @Varsity Tyler your memory of him really matches my memory of him as he would often drive me soccer games in his 300ZX, it brought a big smile to my face. I have expressed some thoughts regarding my brother here that really can't do justice as to how much he impacted my life, https://www.facebook.com/pawel.popowicz/posts/10156436598142203. As posted earlier regarding the visitation and funeral information, all are more than welcome to attend.
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    I tried to respond above but the quoting seems gorked on that post. You ask above why we should work with them at all. They run soccer in this country, and we have already been working with them for years. They use our trophy for the national championship. We participate in the presentation of that trophy (though that needs to be improved) Promote our viewing parties through their social network. Reserve sections for us in stadiums at home and away Hold, significant chunks of stadium inventory unsold until close to the game based solely on trust. Arrange ticket pricing at signficant discounts Arrange space at events like games, soccer shows ect. Link directly to us from their website Feature players using our scarf Talking about arranging Pre game events (as in days before) with alumni and current players Coordinating Voyageurs awards for in stadium presentations Improving all of the things in the list above. We don't do all of these things in spite of the CSA, we do them because of them. They are good people to work with, helpful and I don't know how many times I have to repeat this before people believe me, but they want us to succeed. Of course our success means more ticket sales ect... but it is more than that. It isn't cynical marketing or a bottom line on a spreadsheet. We should never stop being critical, but we do need to stop being destructively cynical.
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    Congrats Jamie. Thanks for all your hard work - looking forward to a bright future for the V's and Canadian soccer.
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    We've lost Jarrek! :(

    I've just seen this after a long hiatus, and very shocked. RIP Jarrek, my friend.
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