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    I tried to respond above but the quoting seems gorked on that post. You ask above why we should work with them at all. They run soccer in this country, and we have already been working with them for years. They use our trophy for the national championship. We participate in the presentation of that trophy (though that needs to be improved) Promote our viewing parties through their social network. Reserve sections for us in stadiums at home and away Hold, significant chunks of stadium inventory unsold until close to the game based solely on trust. Arrange ticket pricing at signficant discounts Arrange space at events like games, soccer shows ect. Link directly to us from their website Feature players using our scarf Talking about arranging Pre game events (as in days before) with alumni and current players Coordinating Voyageurs awards for in stadium presentations Improving all of the things in the list above. We don't do all of these things in spite of the CSA, we do them because of them. They are good people to work with, helpful and I don't know how many times I have to repeat this before people believe me, but they want us to succeed. Of course our success means more ticket sales ect... but it is more than that. It isn't cynical marketing or a bottom line on a spreadsheet. We should never stop being critical, but we do need to stop being destructively cynical.
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    Congrats Jamie. Thanks for all your hard work - looking forward to a bright future for the V's and Canadian soccer.
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