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    Ballou has started for Barça B, home to Castellón. I'm not there, but it's on tv live. He looks good, he's very technical, would love to see him have a few breakout games. Edit: he was very active first half, they deserved to win as were quite superior, but an own goal made it 1-1. Subbed out m. 70.
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    He was always really helpful to us. Just recently he sent me a list of every player that ever played for a Canadian team. I am going to make a flag out of the names.
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    Pacheco starting in Portuguese Primeira Liga. Up 1-0 at half. Call him up! (I’ve jumped on this bandwagon too - if you’re playing at this level you should be getting a call. I reckon it is higher that where Wotherspoon is with St Johnstone in Scottish Premier League).
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    Membership brainstorming

    Passport and patches. In order to have something to put the patches on.... perhaps we could all use a little Bob and Doug. You can put your patches on a Voyageurs dinner jacket and wear a proper Voyageurs toque. The uniform of pure class.....
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    Norrin Radd

    Cyle Larin

    I would think if he's going to transfer anywhere else in Europe, from a cultural perspective, England would be the best choice. He speaks the language and he has experience driving on the left side of the road. Unfortunately getting a work permit in the UK can be complicated.
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    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    David Edgar considering a move to the CPL apparently, according to canpl.ca. https://canpl.ca/article/report-david-edgar-considering-cpl-move-after-recent-sunderland-trial
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    I don't think he speaks Scottish either!
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    Membership brainstorming

    I’d totally wear that jacket toque combo. Imagine 100 of us at a pub or marching to a game.
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    Why? It's great experience when he isn't eligible for Canada. I know that's no one on here's preference but he will more than likely be hedging his bets or at best getting experience until he is eligible to play for Canada. Does he feel more English, Nigerian, Canadian or American? No one other than he could probably tell us that. It is what it is right now.
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    Marcus Haber

    'Never good in the air'..been watching the wrong guy for the last 10 years..in 14-15 scored 6 headers in league one..in 16-17 4 in scottish premiership
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    Initial B

    CPL TV Contract

    Well, some of them just lost their EPL broadcast rights, so they may looks for something to put in their place.
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Ahhh, to live the life of RIbery!! I can currently only afford bronzed steaks.
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    Marcus Haber

    Games in Scotland tend to be played at a very high tempo with a lot of running about like a headless chicken done chasing down no hope scenarios just to keep the fans happy as much as anything else. Players that have the ability to poach goals are useful to any team but will tend to get criticized by fans in Scotland more than they might be elsewhere, if they don't do that. Think the main concern would be more whether he still has the same appetite for going in where there is a risk of getting hurt as he did when he first broke through to playing at the fully pro level. That's what tends to see a lot of strikers drift out of things by their mid to late twenties even before they lose a step in terms of pace. CanPL teams don't appear to be spending huge amounts on salaries, so still well worth the gamble in that context even if they have to sign him on a guaranteed deal before getting to see him in a training camp I would have thought.
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    That video is so weird. Did those guys have sex after carving up that beef? To each their own, but I'm more of a cut your own filet Montreal steak spice kind of guy.
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    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    At the same time, Canada barely runs camps, while the US has many throughout the year.
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    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    If he truly wanted to play for a weaker side in Canada, he wouldn’t be taking call ups regardless and playing for another country just to advance his career. Thats just my point of view
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    CPL Stadium Thread

    Watching Woking from 6th. tier English soccer at home to Premier League Watford in FA Cup action. Playing at Woking FC’s stadium fits around 6000 place is packed this is the kind of atmosphere I’m thinking of when I say I don’t mind these small stadiums we will see in Halifax, Calgary and a few of the other stadiums in the CPL, nothing compares to a small stadium packed with fans, makes it the place to be kind of feel.
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    dyslexic nam

    Membership brainstorming

    FWIW, all future thrift shop visits will now involve searching for a sweet retro plaid lumberjack jacket until I find the right one. Pinky swear.
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    Worldwide women's news

    Maybe, with all the political problems going on between Canada and China, it isn't a good time to send a team there for a friendly.
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    dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Stop it. You're both pretty.
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    Norrin Radd

    Emile Legault

    Invited to the training camp with the Impact. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/01/05/reports-montreal-impact-invite-canadian-youth-international-camp
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    dude it's hard when you pounce on almost half my posts
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    dude your points were not related to anything anyone was just talking about. you went on a rant anout usl to hear yourself talk (or to win the day with a certain part of the fanbase) and you've made those points several times and we've moved passed that.
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    Tajon Buchanan

    Well you would think that a guy who is probably going to go pretty high in the MLS draft should have at the very least got a look for the last Canadian U20 team that failed miserably. It’s not like this guy just got good at the last minute. So nobody pointed this guy out to the CSA ? Once again and I’ve stated this many times on these boards in many posts, that Canada with our miserable results in men’s soccer be it in men’s U17, 20 and our full national team does not have the luxury in missing players like this who have talent. But this has been going on for years with our beloved CSA , I remember a certain Eddy Berdusco who at the time was one of the leading scores one season of our last attempt at a professional soccer league in Canada the old CSL that lasted from the 1980’s to the early 1990’s , he was of age to get picked for I think it was the Under 23 men’s Olympic team at the time ,but for some unknown reason was not picked to play on the Olympic men’s U23 team even though he was of age. Instead a few players not even playing in the CSL or anywhere were picked over him an incredible omission at the time for a guy who was scoring goals in out national professional league at the time.
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    NCAA Canadians 2018

    Love how easy it is to make a Canadian domestic when it’s convenient, even though we’ve been told fornyears that it’s “illegal”.
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    It's not about the manager choosing a league over another, it's a question of resources and time. If you have to travel halfway across the continent to see one player with a so-so chance of making the national team, then you might not bother, especially when you can go to a closer game and see a dozen players with similar chances. It's great to cast a wide net and find every possible CMNT player on the globe, but you will be seen more often if you are playing in the CPL than the USL.
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    Forum Mergers

    Yeah, I was just in a fuck the MLS kind of mood.
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    Tajon Buchanan

    @Blackdude while I admit he wasn’t a Larin type prospect he didn’t just become a GA top pick in the last 3 months. He’s been a well known player in NCAA since his debut.. obviously it’s not easy but guys who are projected top 3 picks should get a look. Part of the problem is we have zero camps - the roster was basically named based off the Toulon tournament and domestic pros so if you had no prior involvement with Canada you were out of luck sadly. The handling of our u20 team was a disaster and it showed. If we weren’t going to call our top u20s then there needed to be more evaluation. Our rivals probably think we’re so odd having all this talent and somehow losing to St Kitts.
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    Jonathan Osorio

    Jonathan is up for Concacaf Male Player of the Year. Lets get some votes in for him. https://www.concacaf.com/en/awards/concacaf-awards-2018/male-player-of-the-year?utm_content=sf205459039&utm_medium=spredfast&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=CONCACAF&sf205459039=1
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    Since signing news is still slow after the holidays, I compiled a list of all the current player rumours: Cavalry FC Moses Danto Ali Musse FC Edmonton Michael Cox Mauro Eustáquio Ali Musse Brandon Onkony Dylon Powley Forge FC Tristan Borges Giuliano Frano Junior Kingue Richie Laryea Monti Mohsen Roger Thompson Halifax Wanderers FC Kouame Ouattara Pacific FC Marcus Haber Valour FC Moses Danto Diego Gutiérrez Fernando Meneses Jordan Murrell Ali Musse York 9 FC Manny Aparicio Cristian Cavallini Joseph Di Chiara Morey Doner Zak Drake Bruno Fornaroli Darren O'Dea Fabricio Ortiz Justin Springer Roger Thompson Cristian Zaccardo Linked to CPL move David Edgar Raphael Garcia Luca Gasparotto AJ Gray Chris Suta
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    Seems obvious that CANMNT calls up will mainly be Tier 1 oversea, MLS and CPL. USL will definitely be cut out. This should be added incentives for Canadians to seek CPL ahead of USL unless they are in one of the 3 Canadian MLS teams. This Ottawa affiliation thing will die off after next season and Canadians will see it as a dead end. With 2026 being partly in Canada, I'd say that once that message got accross, most players won't risk drop off the CANMNT radar to join USL. Thomas spent the previous two seasons with the Charleston Battery of the USL. He appeared in 47 games over those years. But, while he was getting regular playing time, he felt that he’d become a bit lost when it came to national team selection. “There are just so many teams in USL,” he explained. “Half the teams we don’t even play. And there are so many players — so, yes, you can get lost. Meanwhile, Thomas is looking forward to playing in a league where all the teams will get to know each other pretty well, unlike USL.
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    Lucas Cavallini

    The swagger we need up front for the Gold Cup, Nation League and WCQ
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    Marcus Haber

    A Haber-Zanatta strike partnership at Pacific FC would be interesting.
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    I mean, except that he's probably a much better player than that level suggests. He played NASL a few years ago. To me, players like this are the whole point of this league in the first few years. Build a decent standard of local pros and then focus on youth development.
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    Hmmm, in almost every picture of Haber on his instagram his hat is on backwards. Could be the same hoody.
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    Membership brainstorming

    I'd wear it
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    Intentional or.....? 😂
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    dyslexic nam

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Well, this IS the "Ottawa CPL Club" thread, not a "Why the Fury should get to do whatever they want" thread. Seems like an appropriate place for fans to discuss how to get an Ottawa CPL team, no?
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    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    what a terrible filter, anyways wednesday it is
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    Ottawa CPL Club

    I think the national team will favour CPL. Not for the reason of "supporting the local league". The reason being the CPL will probably have more younger talented players generally speaking. Just because the talented young players will be funneled into CPL now over the USL. For that reason, Herdman will likely keep a close eye on the CPL. We probably won't see anything yet, but a couple years down the road we might. Hopefully some young players tear up the league and get some attention.
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    Hoilett came on in the 3rd minute of added time as Cardiff lose to League One Gillingham 1-0!
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    Algeria Nassim Mekideche played for JS Kabylie in a 1-1 U21 result against JS Saoura England Hoilett is on the bench for FA Cup match with Gillingham Scotland Harry Paton played the last 27 for Ross County against Greenock Morton Zanatta starts against Dunfermline. 90 in a late 2-2 draw Trafford is on the ICTFC bench for match with QoS. Remained on the bench in a 2-1 loss Aird starts against Partick Thistle. Aird is off at the half.
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    Bayern's first Bundesliga match coming out of the winter break has been moved to Friday(18/01) night for TV. Might have to make a trip to the pub to watch that one.
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    New Canadian League Thread...

    Someone bumped this thread. Now I feel old.
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    Lucas Cavallini

  46. 1 point

    Marcus Haber

    I think you are likely expecting a lot if you think the CPL year one will be the same standard as English league One or the Scottish Prem or even Championship. I'd expect him to look good in the CPL and hopefully be just as useful passing on his experience to the younger players. It ain't going to be pretty to watch but it will be our ugly little duckling to build upon in the future and turn into a swan, or a seagull or something.
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    Liam Millar

    Liam scored in a 3-0 win vs Man U it’s in a behind doors match today! The keeper For Lfc saves 2 pens.. That’s 6 goals in 8 games now for Liam ... rumour that Sir Alex was in Hand watching...
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    One of the arguments I hear about the MLS is that it's not a 'real' First division because there's too many teams and no pro/rel. One of the arguments against CPL I hear in various forums is that it won't be a 'real' First division because of the so much better top divisions worldwide. It got me to thinking what makes a typical first division so I thought I'd do some digging to determine what the average first division looks like I've been spending some of my spare time reviewing the professional structures of the various countries around the world from First to Third division to see what we could learn and implement for Canada. I reviewed the top 5 ranked countries of CAF, AFC, and CONEMBOL; the top ten ranked countries of UEFA; and most of the major CONCACAF countries. In my analysis I gathered data on stadium sizes, number of teams at each level, season length and format, and Promotion/Relegation formats. I then ranked those nations based on how similar they were to Canada's population (as an indicator of talent potential), Land area (as an indicator of increased operational costs), and Human Development Index (as an indicator of how much money a nation has to throw at a problem and discretionary income). I weighted Land area a little greater than the other two factors and came up with a score out of 10, with the results shown in the attached chart. There were some interesting conclusions I drew from the data: The majority of leagues in Europe, Asia, and Africa play a single season, while CONCACAF is almost completely Apertura/Clausura format. South American leagues are an even mix of the two styles. The average number of clubs in top flight is 15, with the majority holding between 12 and 20 clubs depending on how robust the structure of the national league is. Smaller leagues tend to use the Apertura/Clausura system to give the seasons some meaning. Almost all the Div 1 leagues are single table, except for the US and Cuba. Even all the Second Divisions in Europe and South America are single table. However, in Africa and Asia (and almost all of CONCACAF) you start to see second Divisions broken down into 2 or 3 regional groups, with playoffs to determine who gets promoted. By the time you get down to the Third division, most of the leagues are split into several regional groups that have playoffs for the right to join the second division, but then they have to meet the financial and logistical standards to be approved for promotion. Some of these leagues still have a problem with the financial dissolution of clubs at the end of a season, which can mess up the Pro/Rel expectations. Season lengths vary from a low of 18 (India) to a high of 44 (Costa Rica). 80% of the leagues I reviewed have a season of average between 26 and 38 games. Of those leagues, the winner is usually the team that stands at the top of the table after all the games are complete, but there are a couple of leagues (and most of CONCACAF) that hold playoffs to determine the league winner. A small proportion of leagues have a Championship round to determine the league winner. There are a handful of leagues that don't have any pro/rel from their first division, the majority relegate between 12% to 20% of their clubs every season, with a slightly higher proportion of pro/rel between second and third divisions. Most of the relegations are automatic, but promotions often involve some sort of playoffs. Most of the top clubs in each league play in stadiums of over 50,000, with poorer countries having at least a capacity of 15,000. But on the low end of the scale, some teams have stadium capacities of less than 5,000 - even in the richer nations. So how does this relate to the CPL? Well, we have a cold climate without room for a long season, but it doesn't look like a league has to play a lot of games to still develop national-level players. Playoffs aren't necessarily an anathema to the world soccer order, either. So if you guys were to dream, what would you envision as being the ultimate form of the Canadian Soccer leagues structure? For myself, I would like to see a 10-team First Division playing a 27-game season, with the top of the table being declared champion and the top 3 places winning CCL spots (the fourth spot would go the the Voyageurs Cup winner). The bottom two clubs would be relegated to their respective regional Division 2 Conference. The 18-team, 2-Conference, Division 2 league would also play a 27-game season, playing one game against each team in the opposing Conference and the remaining games in their home conference. The opposing conference games would be half at home and half away, to keep operating costs down, but show that they can handle the additional costs in Division 1 if promoted. The Conferences themselves would be fluid, with one possibly having more than the other depending on the location of the promoted/relegated teams each season. Regardless, the bottom Div 2 team at the end of each season would be in danger of being relegated to it's respective Division 3, if that Div 3 Champion team meets the fiscal and logistical requirements of promotion. I forsee L1O, LPSQ and a yet-to be formed Western league being the Div 3 incubators for new teams that want to climb the Pyramid, with size and format limitations set by each individual league. The Voyageurs Cup would be open to all teams at the three levels of the Pyramid and would provide additional games to bring the total number of competitive games played each season to 30 or more. I think 28 pro clubs and any number of semi-pro/amateur clubs is sustainable in a nation like Canada. What do you think?
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    I suspect CPL Transfers has links to L1O. The vast majority of their rumours come from there.
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    I highly doubt Canada goes from 1 to 4 CCL berths anytime soon. 2 is realistic considering we barely have 10 fully pro clubs up and running. If the 2nd tier is gonna be considered fully professional, and marketed as such, I don't see a reason for splitting the league into conferences. For 3rd and 4th tier amateur/semi pro clubs with no money and little infrastructure it makes sense to have regional conferences.
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