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    The BEST roster we could ask for. Period.
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    CANADA SQUAD1- GK- Maxime Crépeau | CAN / Ottawa Fury FC2- FB- Zachary Brault-Guillard | FRA / Olympique Lyonnais3- CB- Manjrekar James | DEN / FC Fredericia4- CB- Derek Cornelius | SRB / FK Javor Ivanjica5- CB- Dejan Jaković | USA / Los Angeles FC6- M- Samuel Piette | CAN / Impact de Montréal7- M- Russell Teibert | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC8- M- David Wotherspoon | SCO / St. Johnstone FC9- F- Cyle Larin | TUR / Beşiktaş JK10- W- David Junior Hoilett | WAL / Cardiff City FC11- F- Tosaint Ricketts | CAN / Toronto FC12- W- Alphonso Davies | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC13- M- Jay Chapman | CAN / Toronto FC14- W- Liam Millar | ENG / Liverpool FC U-2315- CB- Doneil Henry | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC16- M- Scott Arfield | SCO / Glasgow Rangers FC17- FB- Marcel de Jong | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC18- GK- Milan Borjan | SRB / FK Crvena zvezda (Red Star Belgrade)19- F- Lucas Cavallini | MEX / Puebla FC20- F- Jonathan David | BEL / KAA Gent21- M- Jonathan Osorio | CAN / Toronto FC22- GK- Alessandro Busti | ITA / Juventus Primavera23- W- Tesho Akindele | USA / FC Dallas
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    For anyone who's been ripping on Herdman, this squad should cause you to give your head a shake. Canada needs to dominate to ensure their Gold Cup qualification is secured, and this roster reflects that. This squad contains arguably our best 11, with lots of opportunities to cap tie promising U23 players. And if you want pride in the maple leaf, note that Will Johnson and his "I don't like playing at the Gold Cup" attitude is not in the squad. Would have liked to see Stephen Eustaquio in the squad, but I think Zambrano fucked that up royally.
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    The only player who I wish was in the line-up was Adekugbe.
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    Steven Sandor has a good article on the selection, including this quote from Herdman on Ballou Tabla: https://the11.ca/herdman-sees-canada-playing-in-the-world-cup-in-four-years-time/
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    Does anyone else just feel a kind of genreal sense of f*)&&*%$ing releif?
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    Scott Arfield

    Scott Arfield and Rangers advance to Europa Group stage
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    If we don’t captie David and Millar I’ll be upset
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    I had my prediction at 10-0 Canada. It has now been changed to 12-0.
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    And when you lay it out that way I can see that an inter-squad game is well in order. Herdman is no dummy: He knows he has named a too-strong squad for this match, but the match itself is only part of the package. This is his first chance to really put his stamp on this team, to spend meaningful time with the core of his future squad, and to convey his vision moving forward. (It is also a tactic to get all of us on side, which is also very smart.) He is sending multiple excellent messages by naming such a large and strong squad. And, because he is smart, he will be sure to manage player expectations for the actual game. No, most of the guys will not see the pitch, but it'll be all part of a bigger plan, and Herdman will make it very clear to every player what that plan is. Strong roster. Wish Kaye was not injured and that Hutch was only 28!
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    Cyle Larin

    got a really nice assist on ozyakup's goal at 45' to make it 2-0 for Besiktas over Partizan (3-1 on aggregate). https://streamja.com/maEo
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    Jonathan Osorio

    https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/report-tfc-jonathan-osorio-agree-long-term-deal/ signed a contract extension with TFC
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    Anthony Jackson-Hamel

    I don’t watch Montreal very often, so I just had to look up some numbers for Amarikwa, Mancosu, and AJH. Here is what I learned. AJH scored 9 goals last season in just over 1100 minutes. Amarikwa’s best season was 8 goals in just over 2500 minutes, which is 400 more minutes than AJH has played in his entire career. Mancosu’s best season was 6 goals last season in just over 1700 minutes. For career numbers its 24 goals in 9217 minutes over 10 seasons for Amarikwa. 12 goals in 3592 minutes over 3 seasons for Mancosu. And 12 goals in 2166 minutes for AJH over 5 seasons. AJH has scored 2 goals this season in 570 minutes compared to 0 for Amarikwa in 2017 and 2018 in 515 minutes. The year before, in 2016 Amarikwa needed 1699 minutes to scrounge up 3 goals. Mancosu has scored one more goal than AJH this year with almost twice as many minutes played as AJH. So yeah, play AJH!!!
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    Rocket Robin

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I want to see Canadians play soccer. Watching TFC vs Montreal on Saturday with one Canadian starter on each team isn't good enough for me. The Canadian content percentages have got worse over the years. How is this going to help Canada in World Cup qualifying? I also don't like that it takes me 2+ hours to get home after a game. My York 9 tickets will be an 'instead of' TFC.
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    Ballou Tabla

    From Steven Sandor's article on the roster for the US Virgin Islands game. Includes this update on Tabla. https://the11.ca/herdman-sees-canada-playing-in-the-world-cup-in-four-years-time/
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    My wife better brace herself for what is coming later. Very excited about this squad.
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    Canadians abroad: August 24-30, 2018

    Larin’s assist
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    Right on boys!!! Great line up, never been this excited to watch Canada play a minnow., We have to come in confident and expecting a big result.
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    I would think ZBG would start at RB/RWB. I assume he was partially brought in with the idea of cap-tying. If we start him then we can also captie Millar, David, and Busti by subbing them on but still using a pretty strong starting XI
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    Ayo Akinola

    Well I can only assume if we had 11 Humes we would have won in 2012 in Honduras 11-8 instead of losing 8-1.
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    I just filled out the form to drop my TFC season tickets. They made it easy with the price increase and scab labour. Going all in with york9
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    anyone else excited to maybe see the cav-larin combo tested up front?
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    I imagine Kaye would likely have been called if he weren't injured. Likely on place of Chapman or Teibert.
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    WOW. SO PUMPED! PROPS GUYS & HERDMAN, not being cynical, thank you to everyone who accepted the call, that's what I'm effing talking about! Even if it vs a minnow, this is an excellent precedent. Never been this excited. Should be a great way to build team morale, while building and creating a positive momentum.
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    Liam Fraser

    I thought Fraser had a very strong game against Portland yesterday, subbing out in the second half. He's a better passer right now than Bradley and never seems rushed with the ball when under pressure. This resulted in a few turnovers but with experience, he'll learn. He's almost a Cheyrou clone in that he just sees the field so well but there isn't that level of physicality or quickness that stands out. I think he needs to spend the offseason reshaping his body with a trainer to just squeeze that extra step into his game and he'll be on another level.
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    Where are all those people "in the know" who kept making shit up about Cavallini potentially "upset" with the CanMNT??? 🙄
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    Who starts at RB? Seems like Brault-Guillard is the only RB on the roster but it seems odd to toss him right into the 11. I really hope that Henry isn’t moved to the right.
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    Remember earlier this year when some people were concerned that players wouldn't want to play for a women's coach? That was a thing right? I'm not imagining it?
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    Wow. Not going to lie, I was not expecting this. A few people on there I am now going to have to look up! A fun weekend of make up rosters coming up.
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    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    It's about the Canadians for me too. I got interested in soccer in 86. Started following every 4 years. Then started getting interested in the MNT and the World Cup qualification campaigns. I follow TFC now too. I live in midtown Toronto and will be happy to take the subway to see Y9 in the first few years. I can already feel my allegiance switching to CPL. Can't get enough of it and what it will mean to the MNT over time. I'm expecting the season opener to be Wpg at Hamilton. I plan to be there !
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    Ayo Akinola

    I would gladly take a team full of guys like Ian Hume - full of heart, pride and dedication to his country (even though he lived most of his life outside it). But when he brought it to the team, everything was left on the pitch. Blood, sweat and tears. These guys like Jono DeGuzman who stayed on the fence are all the same. It's all about them and their careers - not about their country and it shows. Hoilett was this way for years and although hopeful, I always felt like he would choose England or Jamaica - although maybe he never got the chance. Since he showed his intention to play with Canada, he has been a great talent and I believe a strong voice for the team. Canada should never feel 2nd best. When you see Mexican players at the beginning of a match with their hand at their heart and singing their national anthem proudly, it far exceeds the level of pride for players in our country. IMO, This has to change. As far as I'm concerned, guys like Akinola need a slap in the face. I don't give a crap how many goals you score if it's all about you. I would rather him score fewer goals if he makes it a better team - one that can play at the highest level where he and his teammates are proud to play for their country.
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    Jonathan David

    So they are bounced from Europa league. That's too bad, but he got the chance to play qualifiers and even scored a few goals. That's a fantastic experience for any 18 year old striker, of any nationality, let alone a Canadian. Great start to his European career! (Nothing can kill my exuberance around this kid - if you couldn't tell)
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    Jonathan David

    FT: 2-0 win for Bordeaux David came on the 63rd minute Congrats to him on his first CanMNT call up today!
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    Anyone's guess but I don't want to see De Jong on the left of a three man back. Prior to the this roster announcement, I thought this team's personnel was well suited for a 4-3-3 but maybe they will go with three at the back
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    Northern Football Apparel

    Why not just post as who you actually are.
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    Feels strange to be excited about a line up, especially for one against a minnow.
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    I dunno. Turmoil again, new coach, new competition, very few games, so much potential will it be used..... This seems like a solid stamp on we mean business.
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    Are you trying to see if David C. has a picture for that one too? I hope he doesn't, I'm at work.
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    Considering how attack heavy the roster is, I hope Herman is willing to experiment the formations. Here's my line up: At some point the subs should be: David in for Cavallini or Larin Millar in for Hoilett (Hoilett is coming off an injury, if he isn't healthy Millar should start) Brault Guillard in for Henry or even Davies. In this way we cap tie three important players, while still having our best players out there.
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    The only thing I can complain about now is that we only play 1 game. Where a squad of this magnitude would need 2.
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    Holy shit I almost crashed... Don't read the lineup while driving. This is a strong fucking lineup.... Herdman you have me
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    They already announced end stands, one up close to the goal, the other further back. Sot hat is not new. And those renders: really poorly done, though if the architecture is like that, with neutral grey, clean stands with white roofs, the logo large like that, then they'll have really taken a step up. As is, the stadium is very ugly, it is terribly cheap looking, with bad colour schemes in blocks along the main stand, a logo on the stadium that is kitschy, the area around it very poorly taken care of. Encroaching buildings that look like wholesale radiator distributors. Even the Rugby Canada building is depressing. And that is also a testimony to this mayor, Mr. Young. In general, in public architecture in Langford, buildings are very poorly designed and you have to ask the guy: why don't you hire a quality architect, or just recognize you have no vision for such things and let someone who does? Will Pacific FC have the vision to tell that guy what is really needed to pick things up a bit and make the fan experience minimally decent? This basically looks like an illegal bazaar on the Star Wars Kessel Run.
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    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    One thing CPL really has going is the hardcore angle. TFC fans now are a lot different than they were in 2007.. many of the core people who started that movement (even on the player and management front) are now with CPL and MLS has gone mainstream so all casuals can take the reins. We can make lightning strike twice.. get it big enough that casuals hop on board and then we’ll start on D2 😉.
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    Milan Borjan

    First time since Lars in 2007 that a Canadian keeper is a team's definitive starter in Champions League. How about that.
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