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    no player is going to want to leave during the playoffs to fly 15+ hours each way for a 1 off friendly. Ricketts makes regular appearance as does Johnson, sheer foolishness Hamilton is the natural backup if either Altidore or Ricketts gets hurt in training. Akindele makes regular appearances, maybe if he really wants to go he'll call up the CSA and they'll get him a flight. 99.9% sure Morgan is still hurt, he was 6-8 weeks somewhere around 7 weeks ago iirc It's a pretty meaningless friendly with 8 months until they play a meaningful game again, their club situations are far more important. There would be a far stronger argument to be made if they were playing two games in the window but with only 1 I can't see how it would be remotely worth it for a lot of these guys
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    I guess the CSA's plan to play more friendlies vs worthy opponents somewhat backfired. You could call this match vs South Korea...
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    Dario Zanatta

    scored the winner is their game today
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    Piette is better han Mannella. I know he isn't great. I believe that he's a better defensive midfielder than all the players named here. The others are better than him as central midfielder.
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    La'vere Corbin-Ong

    To get USL action, just take everyone from the 3. Liga, get them really drunk, and put them on the pitch. USL is improving year over year, but it's still a pretty low level of play.
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    Supporters United for the CanPL

    The Support Local Football campaign has two purposes. The first is to grow The Voyageurs and the support of all our national teams. The second is to support the launch of the CanPL. Why Our players need a place to play. The CanPL will not replace the MLS teams. The CanPL will expand the range of opportunity for Canadian players. I want to make it clear we will not be taking an anti MLS position in supporting the CanPL. This is an opportunity to grow the game. Goals The Voyageurs will work to connect with the soccer community from top to bottom to do the following. Promote the long term support of the Canadian league so that players aged 8 today will have a place to play when they are 18. We are looking for a core of people in each city to put in a ten year commitment to make this league work. Work with the league and teams to set up standards for supporters based on what we have learned works and does not work from current supporters groups Raise funds for supporters groups over the next year to help with local SG start up funds (ie buy scarfs ect) Raise community awareness of the league Foster an improved Canadian soccer culture that supports the game in Canada Plan Develop effective messaging to support the goals so we are consistent from coast to coast in how we approach people Hold a supporters summit prior to the launch of the league Increase the presence of The Voyageurs at events across the country Create Original Supporter merchandise to raise funds for local CanPL supporters groups Build relationships with associations, clubs and community groups across Canada
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    Retracted... cap Piatti! Ooh wait a minute
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    Cap this thread!
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    Patrice Bernier starts for Montreal vs. NYRB Wandrille Lefevre is on the bench for Montreal vs. NYRB (Hassoun Camara also started at RB and so far, looks like an upgrade to our current situation imho.)
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    Canadians abroad: November 4-10, 2016

    Bodo/Glimt finish in 15th place. Occean finishes T-4th in league scoring with 10 goals (28 games).
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    He probably won't be....but he'll probably play some 4th, or 5th division ball in some European country. Will be good for his CMNT chances.
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    I don't see NYCFC keeping a clean sheet here against Giovinco and co., and with that I don't see them scoring four goals. But stranger things have happened. Should be a fun match to watch.
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    Impact 2016

    Just me or anyone feeling there's been little hype generated on the matches tomorrow? TSN had a few segments in TFC discussing the importance of the match, RDS just a few videos but no talking heads really. And MLS forget it, Just articles on the Red Bull's and what they need to do to overcome the previous loss. Look forward to the MLS scripting an all Cdn semis. Fingers crossed.
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    D3 Cup

    http://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/718061?referrer_id=2309049 Vaughan & MRO split the first leg 1-1; final leg goes next Saturday in Pickering.
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    Free kick

    2016 MLS TV Ratings

    The most important thing is that the games have to be on the fixed channel and in fixed timeslot. Thats been the problem. There has been no habit forming for the viewer. One week they are on sportsnet 360, the nxt week they are one TSN channel, the following week on another TSN channel and then the fourth week they could be back on Sportnet one. Over all this time, they could have been played anywhere on an Saturday afternoon to sunday evening or even in mid week. No program will have good ratings if it keeps getting moved around and viewer have to look for it. Because if you do that, the only people who will watch are those who will bother to look for it. The others, which is the vast majority, will just miss the program. Plus, with the cord cutting trend, some of of these channels are on higher pymt tier packages with small subscriber bases. Whereas with baseball, for example, its on everyday, and Rogers will put it on something like four of their five channels. On saturday night on CBC at 8Pm, you could put an Arizona versus Florida Panthers game on and it will get eyeballs because everyone knows thats the hockey timeslot and channel. I am not saying that the MLS has bigger viewership than these other sports but stability and and the willingness by the broadcaster to promote the programming means a hell of a lot.
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    Canadians abroad: November 4-10, 2016

    Arfield subbed out in the 65' with the score 2-1 Burnley. CP tied it late and Burnley win it 3-2 with a goal in injury time.
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    Huge for him to pot a goal before leaving on international duty. Especially after just joining the club.
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    Zanatta scores his first professional goal just before half.
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    Of course he's a better def mid than the players mentioned. Coaches would agree cause he's played more than double the amount of pro games than any of those players. How is that "just talk"? Funny thing is the players you mention aren't even defensive mids, only Eustaquio who can't seem to hold on to a starting spot in NASL, and Manella who has zero appearances in MLS over two seasons.
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    Rocket Robin's Soccer In Toronto year end editorial for 2016... 83 games in the GTA area so far this year! http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports16/16cana03.htm
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    Supporters United for the CanPL

    Already are, you just can't see them. They're that good.
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    Complete Homer

    Supporters United for the CanPL

    So when do the camo-scarves become available?
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    dyslexic nam

    Canadian Premier League

    Thanks. I am probably just cranky. I am so hopeful that this is all real that I get frustrated with what seems like 148 pages of speculation and rumour. Not knocking folks who are thread contributors (at least not meaning it that way) - I just want to read about the CPL home opener, where I can buy my Charlottetown Potatoes jersey, and how AC Vancouver hates Canada.
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    Surrey BC's population is now over 500K, second largest city in BC and a good location for a CPL club if an investor can be found. As its in the Greater Vancouver Metro area it can use "Vancouver" in its name, "BC" or "Surrey". Surrey's talked of wanting to build a 10K stadium for a few years now and also was rumored as a CFL BC Lions stadium location possibility previously. A modular stadium like the Vancouver Whitecaps Empire Field could be erected for a few years while a permanent stadium is built. Whitecaps farm team in USL was looking at Surrey as a possibility at one time and the city even had a tract of land for the stadium in mind. Nussli erected Empire Field's modular stadium and has also done Charlotte's Ramblewood stadium (1.9 million with 4250 seats) & Sacramento's Bonney Field (3 million 11K capacity). Ramblewood : Sacramento's Bonny Field :
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    La'vere Corbin-Ong

    Nice to see a guy work his way up through the pyramid like that. After being with the Caps Academy he played 2 years in the 5th division, moved up and played another two years in the 4th division and now is a starter for a pretty good team at a good level in the 3rd division.
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    Unnamed Trialist

    La'vere Corbin-Ong

    German lower tiers have small divisions and competition is in fact better quality than in Championship and League One England, IMO, where there are all these filler teams full of scrub doing nothing by February. Just think: in Germany 25% of the teams in Championship would be playing in League One. And 25% of League One teams would be in League 2. The move to a nation-wide league in German B3 was daring on their part, since a lot of players were shifted into a lower and clearly less competitive 4th tier, but the quality of B2 and B3 was raised substantially. If you want to argue for the quality of lower tiers in England, you can't base yourself on salary; overpayment in England has to do with the speculative nature of top flight, the relatively large stadiums and fan bases, and the potential to promote into a very lucrative financial set-up. But England has overpaid players from the very top all the way down, which is basically very nice for the players being overpaid. And pretty useless for the quality of the football.
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    I agree, great point. It's also great that the team that's provided stability is a Canadian one. I had to read that twice. Showing my age, I don't use that expression, and wondered at first what an ass grin was, and why it would be great.
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    La'vere Corbin-Ong

    USL Pro is no where remotely close to the level of play as German Liga 3, or League one.
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    Every time I watch Ricketts score I get a big ass grin on my face. It's awesome to see him have a little success given the turmoil he's had club wise in his career.
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