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    Dominic Samuel

    Quite impressive to win L10 Defender of the year as a 1 year old
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    Summer 2016 Transfers

    So far it looks like many of these players have already made moves. In addition to them: Manjrekar James signed with Vasas Budapest of the Hungarian League. Iain Hume went back to India. Maxim Tissot was released by Montreal and signed with Ottawa. Randy Edwini-Bonsu released by VfR Aalen and signed with FC 08 Homburg. Kristopher Twardek files a one time switch to play for Canada. Liam Miller joined Liverpool's academy. Harrison Patton and Marcus Godinho joined Heart's academy. Also Kofi Opare may now be eligible for us. Overall seems like a relatively good summer for our players. Several veterans signed with Canadian MLS while some of our youth went to good academies.
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    Canadian Premier League

    Alright, I'm done with this thread until the league is announced. But when the press conference happens we should create two separate threads; one for the negative people to gripe about how the league wont succeed and a separate one for the positive people who want to discuss how to help make it a success. See ya then.
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    Kofi Opare

    Floro has a new CB to play at RB!
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    Canadians abroad: July 22-28, 2016

    Liam Millar Scored 2 goals tonight for Liverpool FC's U18's versus FC Bayern Munich's U19 in a 4-3 loss in Germany https://www.fcbayern.de/de/news/news/2016/spielbericht-fc-bayern-u19-fc-liverpool-u19-220716.php Have to use google translate on the page couldn't find an English version...
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    Unnamed Trialist

    Whitecaps 2016

    More of the same, we are signing in the same way over and over again, by rote. What I don't get is that our most successful recent goal scoring experience, Camilo, had a quick and mobile guy coming in behind a target striker of sorts and finding goals. Since then we've basically thrown that formula out the window, and we sign strikers, the guys up front. So much effort on them. And no effort on the striker that can come in behind, a Camilo type. I know Caps got burnt on that one, but to be so embarrassed you just try to sweep the successful formula under the carpet so no one remembers, insisting on a target model that has never really worked for us, is plain silly. As is this never playing a 4-4-2 letting two strikers work together up high. I mean never, except maybe a desperate last 8 minutes losing. Kudos and Perez together, sure it would work. I am sure Octavio would have scored more, Blas as well would be scoring, in a different system. So either sign a guy to play the Camilo role (who could be Kudo, I think he could do it), or just play the damn 4-4-2 so we get more from what he already have.
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    Summer 2016 Transfers

    Jakovic might as well go to Vancouver and have an all Canadian back 4.. haha if only
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    Kofi Opare

    The CSA will need to apply for an exemption, and I'd be surprised if they have not already done so. It will be granted, if again it has not already been granted.
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    Wikipedia Page

    They don't put FC unless they really need to differentiate with another club that has a short letter name. If there was a notable Toronto club named AC or AFC, they'd probably put it, but there is none.
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    Doneil Henry

    That's an interesting observation because with the (too many) chances and goals the Caps have given up in MLS this year, very often I have seen this daisy chain of break downs taking place: opponents being marked or tracked by double the number of defenders and a chance on goal still occurs.
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    Canadian Premier League

    hahaha can you imagine an MLS team with only 5000 people there? I think the general public doesn't know that FCEd still exists, or plays at the level they do. 2011 really hurt FCEd as they spent so much on promotion and but with players that were JUST this side of better than a lot of local guys. I think there's some potential for 2017 right now, as I think the club has consistently rebuilt its fan base year after year (very poor retention of season ticket holders etc). Ya I'm an optimist, but I do think that FCEd could be big here.
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    Potential CPL logo concepts

    Can somebody make a mock up of the potential GTA's team kit being white shorts, hooped blue and white socks and a royal blue jersey with a giant white T in the middle of the jersey akin to the old Toronto Arenas hockey team? That would look iconic. Any Toronto based soccer team that wants a unique brand that can be globally recognized needs a giant T on the jersey. I'm surprised TFC haven't gone that angle yet. It's one of the few letters in the alphabet that can work well like that.
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    Complete Homer

    Canadian Premier League

    The board has pretty much boiled down into two factions, those who see this as realistic and those who don't. There is some pretty silly statements from people in both camps that range from ridiculously optimistic projections of what the league will look like to probably paranoid delusions about pulling the league being a front for funding/election promises/etc. I maintain that it is reasonable to have cautious optimism for more than a few months after the first time mention regarding the league is made by an actual reporter. Everything else was fluff by bloggers who could easily be overselling the certainty of the information they had (no offense to Rollins), but since the Hamilton Spectator article came out we have evidence from a representative of an ownership group. As such, we might see this league launch in 2018 or 2019, but it is also not unreasonable to foresee that it could not happen at all. Most information from legitimate sources have had few details, and while I think it is safe to say that there are people like Bob Young making a legitimate effort to bring the league to fruition, almost anything you've seen about what the league will actually look like is either speculation or gathered from the blogosphere, which isn't much better than speculation.
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