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    Hoillet AND Petrasso starting for QPR! Still 0-0 in the first half.
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    Based upon Twitter and QPR fan forum, both Junior and Petrasso played very well. Great news
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    Hainault and Elva squared off, both putting in a full 90'. Final score 2-2. Elva seems very promising.
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    Best Canadians Abroad week in a while.
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    It was only a matter of time for Petrasso, anyone could see his quality in u20 and u23 qualifying.
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    Petrasso and Hoilett starting for QPR today in the championship. Awesome news.
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    Kit Supplier Contract

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    Kit Supplier Contract

    You should tweet these images at the CSA... Or maybe @Umbro Double Diamonds still monitors his account.
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    Doneil got on in the 87th minute.
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    Canadians in MLS (2015 Season)

    It's a tough situation, Johnson is slowly getting pushed out of Portland as they've adapted to his absence and Akindele is an out of position super sub due to the formation not favouring him.
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    Unnamed Trialist

    Messi today at my kid's club

    Messi in a Chinese ad shot today at my kid's club, you can see the shield in the background on the wall, on the right, APA Poble Sec. Two years ago they shot this Audi ad for a Madrid-Barça partially at the same field with teammates of my kid, the day shots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4OVQM8Ens8
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    the Humberlands

    Kit Supplier Contract

    Just tweeted this out to Umbro. See if anything happens...
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    the Humberlands

    Kit Supplier Contract

    Just saw these..... JAHINHO you harbinger of kit goodness. Can we seriously have these sent out to @UmbroCanada
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