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    "Elva was recently called up to the Canadian National under 17 football team who recently took part in the Under 17 football World Cup in Bahrain but could not take the call up to the team due to his immigration papers not yet being processed. His immigration papers have now been processed and he is set to take up the opportunity of his dream to pursue a career as a professional footballer. Caniggia Elva along with his father Titus “titi” Elva, his uncle Olivier”bolbear” Elva have all been based in Canada for the past few years." http://www.caribbeanhotfm.com/news/2523-a-stlucian-born-footballer-is-pursuing-his-dreams-to-play-professionally-in-germany
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    Viewing Parties: CMNT vs Panama

    Will also try to make it to the Duke
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    Viewing Parties: CMNT vs Panama

    I should be going this time, see you guys there.
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    Alex Pena

    Nice and comfy feeling like a victim hey? The big soccerplayers don't want to play with us, booh. If someone doesn't want to represent Canada so be it. This happens all over the world, get over it.
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    Viewing Parties: CMNT vs Panama

    Going to the Montreal one. Hope to meet some new folk.
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    Tesho Akindele

    I don't think you need to play competitive footy to have an opinion on loyalty and what's right/wrong. We all pay and commit our lives to this team, of course we're going to take offense when over-priveleged players choose to screw over the country that made them and their families over-privelege. But the truth is, and I'm just starting to realize this, that these players who are defectors are LOSERS. They don't have the character to ever be winners because they don't even believe in themselves. These guys are so insecure about their own talent and the chance at being a key player on Canada that they choose less playing time and responsibility on countries they have smaller ties with and a better chance to ride the coat tails of to silverware. Jason De Vos and Craig Forrest wouldn't be denied theirs... even as Canadians.
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    Alex Pena

    if his brother is so proud he should move to Uruguay. Now that I see his twitter I actually played youth club soccer against him. He went on to have a decent strike rate at York U. He's now the head technical director at woodbridge soccer club. Nice to see that woodbridge is developing players for the Uruguyan national team. Contemplating responding to his tweet with a sarcastic "proud canadian" I'm also thinking of sending an E mail to woodbridge soccer club saying how dissapointing it is that their technical director is encouraging players to defect.
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    An American from Unattached FC? Canada is having an influence on CONCACAF.
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