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    Can't a proper journalist get an interview with Floro to hear the CSA version of the story on Oso, Teibert, Luca?
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    NEW Mother of all Canadians Abroad

    I'd love to see Gage get his career back on track. As a guy who was playing regular minutes in USL at the age of 18, I had high hopes for him. I hope he can still turn into a quality pro somewhere.
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    Lucas Cavallini

    Nothing impresses foreign clubs more than scoring the single goal in a 5-1 loss.
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    I will try to give u all a full story about not just Dixon, but other players as well... Btw. Ethan Gage, trained & played with Jönköping Södra last week. Jönköping confirms this. (http://www.j-sodra.com/nyheterna/u21-djurgarden-vantar-harnast/) Gage is at the moment playing in the 3rd div. and Jönköping is a club in the 2nd div. so it would be a step forward for him.
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    Mattias Laba situation

    Bradley and Gilberto are fine for DP's, we always give up on players too soon, only for them to excel the following years at another club. the list is innumerable. However, the coaching has been atrocious and that's an area that was never invested by the club. Losing Defoe is huge and hard to replace, but it doesn't work when the tactics and team preparation are subpar, many ex-players have commented on how amateur the training and prep is. I wish Tim Lieweke would stay and complete his promise to the fans. However, the front office needs to focus on one signing ONLY. A proven MLS, winning COACH. Whatever it takes to sign an experienced and name brand coach and pay him what he is worth - a place in the playoffs. Serious question: Would any of the TFC coaches used Tiebert as a defensive holding midfielder? Heck no! However he has excelled there alongside Laba. The core team is great, Bendik, Caldwell (if can stay fit), Bradley Osorio, Gilberto, is a nice spine to have. In my opinion Henry is not ready for the big time and might still need 2 years to further his development, but it'll be worth the wait. Yes we do need some defensive help, and we do need wingers who can cross a decent ball into the box, but I really do think a good coach is the difference for next year. Bob Bradley might fancy getting his son into the playoffs for a a semi truck full of money. Maybe Arena needs a new challenge and new jet. I can dream.
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    Canadians abroad: October 10-16, 2014

    Fisk got 7 minutes plus injury time, Coruxo drew 1-1 at Cultural Leonesa. They're still in second place.
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    Mattias Laba situation

    I think it's time TFC stopped worrying about selling tickets to soccer games and started worrying about winning them.
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    ag futbol

    Duane Rollins: Toronto USL in 2015

    They are going to let this guy, who is a player agent as well, operate club? When will these guys ever learn?
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