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    October 14 friendly Canada vs Colombia Source : fifa.com fixtures Friendly is scheduled to be played in US EDIT: Get your tickets here http://www.thevoyageurs.org/index.php?/page/articles.html/_/articles/canada-vs-colombia-oct-14th-buy-your-tickets-r14
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    Borjan played in the cup match today for Ludogorets against Botev Vratsa of the second division. 5-1 win for Milan. http://www.ludogorets.com/bg/news/?i=1172
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    makes it easier for cavallini to make it to camp for once and honestly I love Edgar's support of the national team. He seems to always be there no matter where camps are being held. Also a decent game against the world number 3 could raise the stock of our players in the transfer window. And we're getting close to the gold cup which is qualifying for the copa america AND WCQ are fast approacing. new cycle, exciting times.
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    I'd say this will give us a chance for an exciting game if Columbia plays a B-B+ squad. ------------------------------------Cavallini----------------------------------- Hoilett-----------------------------Osorio----------------------------Teibert ---------------Hutchinson-----------------------Johnson------------------- De Jong----------Edgar----------------------Hainault-------------Straith ------------------------------------Borjan-------------------------------------- maybe a little bit of Akindele for Cavallini Ricketts for Teibert
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    Only three weeks away! This should be good. Reminds me of the brazil friendly in Seattle a few years ago, should have ended 2-2 if it wasn't for an errant de Guzman back pass. But he did score a scorcher on Julio Cesar
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    Looks like Colombia is playing El Salvador 4 days earlier in the same unknown USA location.
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    Nice! Wonder if that will get the Akindeles, Cavallinis and Johnsons to turn out. Certainly hope it will be on Sportsnet regular channels.
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