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  3. Not at all. We are building this site for you guys. We want to improve it, and open to all ideas. Still a whole bunch of little things to tweak. Rintarin just posted something to bump Duane off the top! That is how it is supposed to work! Woo hoo! https://www.canadiansoccernews.com/articles/canadian-teams-leagues/nsxi-interview-with-vancouver-island-fc-inaugural-signing-alexis-mckinty-r69/
  4. Absolutely. Sorry, did not mean to come off as “we need this now”. Just a discussion based off of current and past attempts at the CSN site
  5. That will change. But it is up to people to add their content. I have made accounts for people, but they are not adding links to their content... not sure why, they would get some traffic out of it. There is a lot more to add, I just can't do all of it at once and I am currently working on sorting out all the tickets and making shirts for the game this Saturday.
  6. For consideration... we have dozens of highly active, hundreds of moderately active users on the forum. DR is the only remotely active poster on the home landing-page. Is there merit for this unbalanced approach? The Forum is likely a much more effective landing page for CSN domain.
  7. Last week
  8. Cloud based software as a service.... no access to such things. I did switch the theme back, I think it should have that option now. I just forgot to check.
  9. It could be just the favicon.ico file you place in the root web directory and any web browser will use this file as the icon.
  10. Our goal is to increase traffic via CSN, and point people here. V's will have the crap the promoted out of it there.
  11. Will tickets for future games in the voyageurs section be posted on just this website or can we expect related threads on the new forum website as well?
  12. I see it now at CSN - plus 2 or 3 other things that I couldn't see a few hours ago. And I see an easy to find link to the forums now from the CSN home page! Not sure why I wasn't seeing earlier - I'm only on mobile (Android) currently ... still out in Vancouver for a few more days! Good work moving it all and keeping it intact!
  13. I finally managed to do it
  14. The legal stuff was all attacks on people, really only three, nothing from the OT Forum. One of them doesn't count, but at the time it was hard to know that. The relentless negativity was a problem. We get new people in or we die, that simple.
  15. Just to throw my two cents in, I thought it was BS that the anti PC thread in the Off Topic forum was deleted. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't remember too much of anything libelous there (that came out of the keyboard of people here), just differences in political opinion. There is a very large political movement to the right happening and not the evil alt-right that some would proclaim but getting back to old time Conservatism, but that is neither here nor there. The stuff that I thought was libelous, in my hundred years here, were some of the anti CSA wingnuts (my so called Legion of Doom). Some of those people (and some are still here) called Kevan Pipe everything but a child of God. Now, I'm no defender of the CSA but I did comment rather vociferously against some of those comments especially when people in those positions can't defend themselves publicly nor should they to a bunch of internet yahoos who haven't a clue about the constraints they are under and what goes on behind the scenes. JMO
  16. Cool, what are you learning?
  17. I'm behind this 100%. Thanks for making the tough move. Happy to help in anyway, as I continue code literacy to ensure millennials don't steal my job.
  18. i'm not saying it's new either, just saying that there were a lot of members who shrugged it off as nothing as of late and do wish it was made clear, in a more viewed forum in more recent times, that this shit wasn't great for the group. some stuff was trickling into other zones (iirc someone asked about the vs in a bunz group a while back and the comments were largely negative) re: lawsuits. not shocked.
  19. It isn't new either, and long before PC reactionary stuff rolled along. People have been saying down right psycho libelous shit for a long time. We have been threatened to be sued at least four times over the last ten years, and there are many in the soccer community for which we are permanently buggered with for things said on the forum. This has been in the works for a long time.
  20. i'm not saying the plan to move was new, i'm just talking about the first listed reason. i do agree losing a press pass because there's a forum on a site is dumb as there's not too much difference between forums and comment sections.
  21. The original idea of CSN was to move the forum there and do what we are doing now and that was years ago. The problem was as soon as there was a forum connected to the writers, they lost their press passes back then. Total bullshit, but it was the case. Doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. Otherwise I have talked about this issue on and off for several years. It isn't new.
  22. point number one is Separation of the forum from The Voyageurs as a group to limit possible damage from content. i on several occasions said that the comments that were popping up on the forums were troubling and could very well damage the v brand in significant ways. this was largely laughed off as dumb pc-ness. i do somewhat wish during such flame wars you had mentioned this was also a concern of the admins. (i think you did in an off-topic forum, but not one of the main threads)
  23. People have posted in the MLS forum on CSN...What are you not seeing? ????
  24. I don't understand this either....
  25. What? I totally don't understand what you mean.
  26. just to note. i find it funny that the issue i had with how certain posters were posting is the top issue listed above. could have just said you were concerned man
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  • Women's World Cup
     Send Off Party




    Our tickets for this game are $20. 

    $2 from each ticket is supporting our tifo project for this game.

    Events for banner painting will be announced later.

    Section 112

    Canada vs Mexico - 112


    Section 113

    Canada vs Mexico - 113

    Family Section - Back of 113 for a good view

    Canada vs Mexico - 113
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