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  3. 2K will release some portion of their player ratings for NBA 2K20. Rather than have the ratings come out individually from each player, this year, 2K is hosting a reveal stream on Twitter. To build hype for the ratings release, 2K has begun releasing screenshots. The first two were Los Angeles Lakers new dynamic duo LeBron James and this year's cover athlete, Anthony Davis. It appears star duos are suddenly a new wave in the NBA, and thus it has translated over to NBA 2K. If you need Cheap NBA 2K20 VC Boosting welcome to rvgm.com. Today, as it promised it would, 2K Games revealed the top 20 players in NBA 2K20, with the help of Anthony Davis, this year cover athlete alongside Dwayne Wade. As you would expect, there weren't many surprises when it came to this list, which doesn't look very different from last year ratings. However, it is good to get official details so PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC players know who to build their team around come September. For this year installment, King James has retained the top rating, with Kawhi Leonard, his new rival, right behind him. Meanwhile, MVP Antetokounmpo rounds out the top five with Kevin Durant and James Harden. After a good week of teasing player ratings, Visual Concepts finally revealed the overalls for the top 20 players in NBA 2K20 to kick off the 2019-2020 season. The biggest surprise may be who is sits atop the ratings right now. After an injury-plagued season where the Los Angeles Lakers failed to make the playoffs and many speculated that LeBron James is slowing down, the 34-year old superstar fended off current NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and season MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo to claim the top slot in the ratings. Freshly minted Laker Anthony Davis, who also graces the cover of NBA 2K20, landed in the seventh spot. Interestingly, the top five bigs were also revealed during the stream, probably because Davis was a special guest. Behind Davis and Emiid was Jovic with a 90 rating, and then Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert rounding out the top five. Personally, I think Jovic could use a bump by one, but otherwise that looks mostly right. As for the top 20, it mostly looks right as well. Maybe Paul George is a bit high and Lillard is a bit low, but otherwise, again, I think it looks mostly right. Durant at 96 may be a bit high with injury, but when he's healthy he's the best player in the league.
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    I love this thread, good info
  5. NBA 2K19 MT The popular video game announced the new cover players: Anthony Davis will be on the Standard and Deluxe editions while Dwyane Wade will be immortalized on the Legend. The new edition will be released on 6 September 2019 on all platforms These are the words of Dwyane Wade: "I was blessed to have been able to play the game I love at the highest possible levels for 16 years it makes me extremely proud to end my career by joining the greatest NBA athletes as cover athlete for the NBA 2K Legend Edition "My family and I love NBA 2K I am immensely grateful to all the fans who looked at me and who played wearing my shoes all these years." The Deluxe Digital Edition of NBA 2K20 will only be launched in digital Cheap NBA 2K19 MT Coins format and will include these additional elements: 35 000 VC (virtual currency) 10,000 points of My TEAM 10 My CARRERA skills enhancers My PLAYER's clothing capsule 10 packs of My Team League (one per week) 10 packs My Equipment's Thermometer (one per week since the beginning of the season NBA) 1 letter Sapphire of My TEAM of the cover player The Legend Edition of NBA 2K20 will be available in both physical and digital format with the following digital additions: 100 000 VC (virtual currency) 50,000 points of My TEAM 20 skill enhancers of MY CAREER My PLAYER's clothing capsule Mi PLAYER clothing collection Collection of shoes for you My PLAYER 20 packs of My Team League (one per week) 20 packs My Equipment's Thermometer (one per week since the beginning of the season NBA) 5 thematic packs of My TEAM (one per theme in the next five releases) 2 cards Sapphire of My TEAM from the cover players. NBA 2K20 will be available for PlayStation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch and PC from September 6th 2019. To download and play NBA 2K19 MT Coins today for free at https://www.mmoam.com/NBA-2K19-MT/
  6. what happened to the forums? what is canadiansoccernews? how come when i want to view current stuff going on, it somehow bumps me there? is csn a sub forum run by you guys also? my log-in/password dont work there does it?
  7. Hi from Mendoza, Argentina. Not a founder of Voyageurs, but around on the various boards since before the millenium. I am enjoying the promise of the latest Men's senior team, hope it pans out well. Cheers to all!
  8. I'm hoping for Canada to beat Mexico in the semis and get to the final in Chicago 🤣
  9. Ya it was quite the shock to us all. :(
  10. I've just seen this after a long hiatus, and very shocked. RIP Jarrek, my friend.
  11. Anyone going to Rennes or Paris for the round of 16? Want to pick up tickets for both for myself and a friend and sell them back for the match Canada isn't playing in
  12. Looking to connect with others going to Denver for the Gold Cup Match vs Mexico. Would like to organize a pre-match meet-up for all those interested.
  13. I'm 22: 2004 vs Guatemala in Vancouver 2004 vs Costa Rica in Vancouver 2005 vs Costa Rica in Seattle 2005 vs USA in Seattle 2007 vs Costa Rica in Miami 2007 vs Guadeloupe in Miami 2007 vs Haiti in Miami 2009 vs Jamaica in LA 2009 vs Costa Rica in Miami 2011 vs St Lucia in Gros Islet 2012 vs Cuba in Havana 2012 vs Honduras in Toronto 2012 vs Panama in Panama City 2013 vs Martinique in LA 2013 vs Mexico in Seattle 2015 vs Dominica in Roseau 2015 vs El Salvador in LA 2015 vs Jamaica in Houston 2015 vs Honduras in Vancouver 2016 vs Mexico in Vancouver 2016 vs El Salvador in Vancouver 2019 vs French Guiana in Vancouver
  14. There are people going for sure. But no idea who they are or which games. They all want to travel in secret.
  15. Anyone going to the Gold Cup games? LA, Denver and Charlotte aren't exactly bussable but could make for good short vacations
  16. Frappe is organized for the games for Montreal both Women's World Cup and Gold Cup.
  17. Canada takes on Cuba and the United States in Toronto in the Nations League. These games are crucial for our positioning in World Cup Qualifying in 2020. These are not friendlies, these games matter and we need your support. These are supporters section tickets, you can purchase them at the bottom of this page. People will be standing the whole game, waving flags, singing and banging drums. We will be adding a section on how to participate to this site in the coming weeks. Home Games Canada vs Cuba - September 7th - BMO Field Canada vs USA - October 15th - BMO Field Tickets Tickets are $20 all in, no additional fees You do not need a Pay Pal account to buy tickets Change the quantity of tickets in the Pay Pal cart Away Games The Voyageurs will be arranging away trips to Cuba and the USA. The nature of these trips will depend on the game locations so details can't yet be determined Cuba vs Canada - September 10th - Cuba - Venue TBD USA vs Canada - November 15th - USA - Venue TBD
  18. hi from south america lol
  19. Do we know who is broadcasting the Gold Cup games? Is it Onesoccer? Edit: Looks like TSN Edit 2: We are confirmed for Yates St Taphouse on the 15th and the 19th. (PFC KO is same time on the 23rd so we are going to be there.)
  20. Jamie you got my DM on here w my address?
  21. All WWC and GC matches will be shown at Library Square Public House in Vancouver.
  22. We are also doing Gold Cup viewings at Nicolinos.
  23. Finn's is confirmed. It's also going to feature at least one Saskatchewan Summer Soccer Series promo for June 15th. Getting those details sorted likely by Wednesday. It'd be swell if the SKSSS could somehow be mentioned, or have it's logo added, beside the Saskatoon info.
  24. The Canada v Cuba game on the 23rd KO at exactly the same time as Victoria v Edmonton. There really should a be a blackout for pro games within an hour each side of a CMNT game. 😠
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