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Jets Week 8 AntiGame Ball: The Offensive Line

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The Jets lost once again on Sunday, which means it is our sad duty to give out another anti-game ball.When it comes to the anti-game ball, we have some guidelines. We like to avoid giving it to the quarterback whenever possible Trumaine Johnson Jersey. That is just too easy. The quarterback is usually a major part of any loss. That isn a problem in this case. Josh McCown performance wasn anti-game ball worthy this week.We also try to avoid giving it to repeat winners whenever possible. There isn much sense in picking on the same weak link over and over.This week I am giving the anti-game ball to an entire unit, the offensive line. The Jets really struggled at the point of attack in yesterday game. Almost one-third of their running plays were stopped for no gain or a loss. When that happens, it means the running backs are getting contacted behind the line of scrimmage due to poor blocking. The Jets also had a couple of sacks on the edge of field goal range in situations where they could not afford to take sacks https://www.thejetsfanshop.com/70-Ben_Braden_Jersey. While part of the problem was the quarterback, the offensive line was beaten on these plays.There really isn one lineman who sticks out in this game. It seemed like everybody was having problems. Across the board it seemed like players were getting beaten and committing penalties.The offensive line gets my anti-game ball.

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