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Temtem announced its development roadmap

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buy Temtem Pansun The new Pokemon-like MMO Temtem recently announced its development roadmap which will add a divisive battle pass among other things. These types of passes are key to the long-term health of gaming.

Crema the developer of Temtem has published another update to the game’s roadmap that extends from spring 2020 to summer 2021.

Most battle pass games are free-to-play and exist in multiple forms of monetization. It’s rare (though not unheard of) to see one included in retail buy-to-play titles.

In its mid-term roadmap Dojo Wars trading houses console ports an endgame island a store a battle pass and a nuzlocke mode are planned. So let’s go through these one by one. The Dojo Wars will let players battle and conquer a Club Dojo and there will Temtem Pansun for sale be one of these buildings on each island in the Archipelago. Clubs will be able to challenge the current Dojo leaders on a weekly basis by jumping into tournaments and battling with and against other Clubs in “predefined time frames during different days based on the Dojo they want to capture.” Once a Club takes a Dojo they may decorate it and earn rewards for the time spent defending the building. Like Gyms in Pokémon Go but with extra conditions for battle.

It’s simply cheaper to keep an existing game running than trying to develop a hit from scratch over and over again. Developers can take more risks such as Temtem’s implementation of the Nuzlocke mode. Otherwise such a niche addition might not be worth the resources.

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