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Alfa GTA and not too much GTA

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Grand Theft Auto V Money What does the world say about the new Alfa Romeo presented behind closed doors for 2020? The Giulia GTA Euro6 is strong of course but how much and for what aspects? It will really affect market portions making technical reference in its range; on the track with victories; or in the collective imagination thanks to real roles in everyday life and not just for the web? Because all this meant GTA in short since its birth in 1965.

This acronym over time in 55 years of history Alfa Romeo first and FCA (Fiat) then the right one has been used: not too much. But sometimes for the purists that little was enough to be abused too. When the "Gran Turismo Alleggerita" Alfa Romeo was born it was really light not even 750 Kg. It had a "right" 1.6 engine which according to the various modifications went well beyond 150 HP perhaps 170. Certainly not the 540 HP of the new Giulia GTA 2020 where the sedan is still said cheap Grand Theft Auto V Money but over the decades everything has changed (doubled): in a really exaggerated way.

Which one do you like best among the many Alfa Romeo proposals signed GTA? Hard to say because today's one in 2020 is really a car for the few in all senses also considering the costs and social conditions of many fans. Few indeed will drive it and not often in the street among the 500 lucky ones. Very few will own it as direct owners according to that old and very old slogan quoted: "one victory a day with the car every day".

ALFA ROMEO GIULIA SPRINT GTA. Sport queen of the rich range in the mid-sixties with lightening of bodywork and 1.6 115 HP engine. Many technical corrections during his career. However the Autodelta imprint has always been present for this model which opens the series and lasts a long time.

JUNIOR (1.3 GTA). Small variant at the debut at the end of the sixties much loved by collectors in retrospect it touched the 100CV and put the double ignition in the reduced cubature. The GTA true for everyone.

Giulia GT-A / Am. Version also designed for racing in the USA (Gran Turismo-America) with 1,750 engine. Over the years the oversized version has also been proposed with the engine rising to 2.0 cubic meters.

GTA Junior RACE. The small Giulia in version 1.3 with 16 valves capable of running in various trophies and series including international ones bringing home great results in the early seventies.

GTA-SA. Very few specimens of the Giulia 1.6 were even equipped with Over-Power with two turbines (Group 5 competitions). "Museum stuff" today unlike the previous ones with which it is easy to take the liberty of tinkering (on the track) even in the wind.

ALFASUD GTA. Example of use of the acronym without pure DNA. This Alfasud was a preparation of the car without major technical modifications to the 1.5 boxer engine and to the front wheel drive.

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