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World of Warcraft Lich King is back in the next expansion!

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buy WOW Classic Gold If you happen to know the history of World of Warcraft you know that in the 'Wrath of the Lich King' expansion we defeated Arthas the 'King of the Dead' at the time. However it was a bittersweet victory as Bolvar had to sacrifice himself in order to keep the hordes of zombies under control.

However a new leak seems to suggest that Lich King will be back in the next expansion of what is still the biggest MMORPG on the market the famous Blizzard World of Warcraft.

Therefore several renowned leakers have made it public to say that the next expansion of World of Warcraft will be called Shadowlands… And apparently players will have to deal with a Corrupted Bolvar. At least that's what some leaked marketing material seems to suggest.

That said after we have learned that we will be able to visit a new area called Bastion. The Blizzard Gear Store also seems to have revealed the main antagonist of the next adventure… Bolvar Fordragon the new Lich King.

After all Bolvar can lead an authentic army of darkness with all the undead of this world under your control! Which turns out to be extremely strange given that this character is an alliance hero who sacrificed himself to save the world from this same army.

By the way all this is even stranger when Arthas supposedly "killed" the real Lich King who lived in his Helm of Domination. But truth be told we can see Bolvar's eyes glowing with a blue fire instead of the red fire of life that the red dragons gave… In short buy safe WOW Classic Gold it seems that Lich King is still quite alive and is occupying the body of the former Legendary Paladin.

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