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Russell Westbrook made a decision for the sake of the Rockets

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NBA 2K20 VC The NBA betting public is increasingly optimistic on the regular-season win total of the 2019-20 Houston Rockets according to a weekend report from theScore‘s Alex Kolodziej.

Russell Westbrook oh the selfish player. He’s never won anything and it’s solely his fault not to mention the fact that he pads his stats and chases triple doubles. I hope you can detect the sarcasm. For one I’ve previously written about how he’s already proving his doubters wrong before playing a single game for the Rockets but also the narrative of The Brodie being selfish is just not true at all.

Of Westbrook’s 411 hoists from three-point country only 12.4 percent* came from the corners. He did however knock down a respectable 37.2 percent* of his corner threes buy NBA 2K20 VC Boosting a far cry from his season-long percentage of 29 percent (his worst three-point percentage since his sophomore season).

The Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers lead the way among the NBA’s Eastern Conference teams with projected win totals by the sportsbook of 57.5 and 56.5 games respectively.

According to Mark Stein of the New York Times Westbrook modified his contract to help facilitate a trade to the Rockets which comes as no surprise to me. To be clear he’s still getting the same 124 million he is owed in total over the next 3 years but he’s modified his contract to where the Rockets won’t have to pay him as much up front. The decision to make the contract less front loaded really helps a Rockets team that was already capped out due to the contracts of James Harden Clint Capela and Eric Gordon in addition to Westbrook’s.

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