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  • The first step in making some major necessary changes to the Voyageurs, is moving the forum.

    The major reasons being:

    • Separation of the forum from The Voyageurs as a group to limit possible damage from content. 
    • The ability to more heavily moderate the forum without the sense that people are being suspended or banned from The Voyageurs as a group
    • Decrease the view of the Voyageurs as simply a forum, that many people are not comfortable to join.  They need to join a group.
    • The divisive nature of inter city bullshit
    • The divisive nature of club soccer 
    • Attract those that are soccer fans in this country but do not want to be part of a national team organization and are hesitant to participate in the forum.  
    • Increase in traffic as a general Canadian forum/hub for club and national team soccer can drive more people to The Voyageurs.
    • Drive more traffic to Canadian podcasts and blogs with the forum being integrated into CSN as a general Canadian soccer hub.
    • Impending draconian copyright laws

    Please test things out on the new site, and email me at socceronly@gmail.com   If you run into any problems. 


    Check out the forum's new home on CSN, which will be built into a general hub for all Canadian soccer.

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Free Canadian Soccer Cards

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Posted (edited)

Does anyone have any suggestion on where to post the following:

I'm moving, and I have some soccer cards (mostly European of course, but including some Canadian) that I would like to give to someone.  I wish they (along with the SUPERCANUCKS banner which I helped make about 25 years ago) could go to a Canadian footie museum of some sort.  Until such a thing exists, is there anyone in the Vancouver area who would like to take care of them?

Thank you


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Thank you, Masster.  I've added a few things, although I'm not sure about the Bunbury shirt.  That'll be difficult to part with, but my wife and a lack of space may make it easier.




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You can tell I'm old and scatter-brained from how many times I have to say, "Oh yea, and also..."

The Bunbury kit was given to me by Fonseca's brother-in-law while Bumblebee was still at Maritimo.

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On 4/14/2019 at 2:16 PM, masster said:

I live in Vancouver and will make a good home for them.

With the forum moving at the same time I am, and taking lots of glitches with it, can you please let me know how we can contact each other?  (I'm old and not a techy sort of person, be patient please.)

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    Posts as of noon ET  April 15th will not carry over in the forum move. 

    So please feel free to browse the forum, but don't bother writing your soccer manifesto at this point as it will not be carried over.



  • canpl-game-cropped.png


    Join us for this historic game!

    The Voyageurs are inviting all fans of the game who want to be at this historic match to join us. 

    We have arranged with Forge's James Hutton to set up a section at the game.

    After we will be joining a post game inaugural CanPL party hosted by the Barton Street Battalion 

    Please join and share the Facebook event here. Let's spread the word and make this a great day.

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