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@tc-in-bc & @Vic , might as well start a new thread for the Algarve Cup.


As was posted already by @tc-in-bchttp://www.fpf.pt/News/Todas-as-notícias/Notícia/news/19966

Same 5 stadiums as last year: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Algarve_Cup

With the new format that is based on groups of 3, it would seem that only 3 matches will be played but on 4 match days.

Based on the CSA information:



In our case:

Wednesday February 27th vs Iceland

Friday March 1st vs Scotland

Monday March 4th - no match for us

Wednesday March 6th - opponent TBD based on placement.


Scotland will actually play Iceland in Spain in a January friendly, so their fixture will be a rematch.

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