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Canada vs French Guiana Sunday March 24th 2019 in Vancouver

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44 minutes ago, Zem said:

I'm not sure why people have been rating James so highly all of a sudden, he's been average at best for the NT over the last couple years. Is is just because he signed with Midtjylland?

Regardless I disagree, he's a solid player but he has room to improve and/or shake off rust as a CB. It's great for us that he's finally playing consistently at CB again, but based on NT play Vitoria and Henry are easily ahead of him, and he's been no better than Cornelius either. Despite that, I do hope he can evolve into a starter for us if he starts getting decent minutes at CB with Midtjylland.

Henry and Cornelius have done nothing more to prove that they are any better than James. I rate James highly because he performed solidly with Fredericia in the second tier and good enough to be called back by Midtjyland on loan. While, Cornelius couldn't get minutes in the Serbian 2nd tier and Henry has always been a liability to make a dumb mistake. I think current club form should be more of a factor then past National team form especially considering how few games we've played recently.

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On 2/6/2019 at 12:29 AM, Boominbooty said:

Just bought tickets. Not in supporter section but we’ll be loud anyway! Bringing the whole family. LOTS of tickets left. I’m wondering if we’ll hit 10,000. 

Clearly this will be the all time test of what city best supports the team and deserves everything. Can’t wait!

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