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CPL - 7 Team Schedule and Champion

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^ True, the more there is on the line the more there is on the line, intensity is a big part of any sporting contest but this early in the game (as it were) I don't think any of the franchises are banking on converting non-footie fans to make ends meet.  The "soft outside perimeter" of their core audience may be quite expansive.  Its going to need to be from what I can see with the way this league is marketing itself.  And that's OK.  I think we've reached a critical mass of support in this country that we can support a truly professional league, modest though it may be, without getting too gimmicky.

All that being said I'm surprised at the number of people who I know that follow all the big tourneys, and with some amount of knowledge and insight I might add as well, but don't otherwise follow any club football. 



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