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I probably should have come in here first

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Hey everyone. This should have been my first post, but being the excited new guy that I am, I seemed to forget that scrolling was a thing in the Forums page.

Ever since I was able to afford going to football matches (which was 3 years ago), I was keen on joining supporters' groups for my local club (TFC) and the national team. I'm just glad that we have a football team and a national side that I can support, and I look forward to joining you all in home games, viewing parties, and other such events.

About Me

I've been a football lover from the very beginning but wasn't able to follow the sport when I was a kid. I'm the only one in my family that's really into football, so I found it tough to make time for watching matches. As I got older, I got access to the Internet and appropriate TV channels, and since then, my love for football grew, and my enthusiasm for the teams that I support grew stronger. I originally support Manchester United ("AND SOLSKJAER HAS WON IT!!!" started my love affair with football), but because I moved around so often as a kid, I was never able to support a local football team until I moved to Toronto. Nowadays, I'm a season ticket holder at TFC, and I attend every CanMNT game that comes into BMO Field. My current goal is to start attending away games for both TFC and Canada once I saved up enough money.

Regrettably, I didn't play as much football as I should have, but I'd love to play if I can find a group to play with. Eventually, I do hope to become a football coach and contribute to football's growth here in Toronto and Canada as a whole.

Once again, I look forward to supporting Canada with the rest of you and, hopefully, contribute to football's growth here!

TL;DR: Newbie; football fan since the beginning; supports Man. Utd. and TFC; looking forward to joining Voyageurs events, etc.

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  • canpl-game-cropped.png


    Join us for this historic game!

    The Voyageurs are inviting all fans of the game who want to be at this historic match to join us. 

    We have arranged with Forge's James Hutton to set up a section at the game.

    After we will be joining a post game inaugural CanPL party hosted by the Barton Street Battalion 

    Please join and share the Facebook event here. Let's spread the word and make this a great day.

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