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I probably should have come in here first

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Hey everyone. This should have been my first post, but being the excited new guy that I am, I seemed to forget that scrolling was a thing in the Forums page.

Ever since I was able to afford going to football matches (which was 3 years ago), I was keen on joining supporters' groups for my local club (TFC) and the national team. I'm just glad that we have a football team and a national side that I can support, and I look forward to joining you all in home games, viewing parties, and other such events.

About Me

I've been a football lover from the very beginning but wasn't able to follow the sport when I was a kid. I'm the only one in my family that's really into football, so I found it tough to make time for watching matches. As I got older, I got access to the Internet and appropriate TV channels, and since then, my love for football grew, and my enthusiasm for the teams that I support grew stronger. I originally support Manchester United ("AND SOLSKJAER HAS WON IT!!!" started my love affair with football), but because I moved around so often as a kid, I was never able to support a local football team until I moved to Toronto. Nowadays, I'm a season ticket holder at TFC, and I attend every CanMNT game that comes into BMO Field. My current goal is to start attending away games for both TFC and Canada once I saved up enough money.

Regrettably, I didn't play as much football as I should have, but I'd love to play if I can find a group to play with. Eventually, I do hope to become a football coach and contribute to football's growth here in Toronto and Canada as a whole.

Once again, I look forward to supporting Canada with the rest of you and, hopefully, contribute to football's growth here!

TL;DR: Newbie; football fan since the beginning; supports Man. Utd. and TFC; looking forward to joining Voyageurs events, etc.

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