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Allstate soccer show roundup

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We had a presence at the Allstate soccer show.   We have a decent booth set up now that I have pieced together over the last few months. I think it looked pretty good.  

Special thanks to David Bailey and Aubrey Lustig for helping out all day at the booth. Given the heat, it was a long 11 hours of talking to people. 

Summary of points

  • The response was very positive.   We had a tv running with videos of the supporters section. It's really easy to explain things to people when your starting point is to just point at a screen and say "We do that" and they go "oh, how do I join".
  • The banner signing was very successful. Easily 700+ people signed separate panels of the banner. 
  • We have been invited to give presentations to clubs, which is an interesting development.  The desired nature on the club end,as stated to me, was is to foster that sense of community and support for the game in general.  How to do this remains to be seen, but it is truly a welcome sentiment coming from soccer at the club level. 
  • I think putting together the booth and showing up the manner in which we did demonstrates we can be relied on to add to the bigger picture outside the stadium. We were not out of place with our booth on the floor with Umbro, Canada Soccer, Allstate, Toyota ect..
  • It was really fun and I suggest people take the opportunity if they have the time to do this at future events.
  • Some people are really really weird.





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  • canpl-game-cropped.png


    Join us for this historic game!

    The Voyageurs are inviting all fans of the game who want to be at this historic match to join us. 

    We have arranged with Forge's James Hutton to set up a section at the game.

    After we will be joining a post game inaugural CanPL party hosted by the Barton Street Battalion 

    Please join and share the Facebook event here. Let's spread the word and make this a great day.

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