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Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

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Tristan Henry for Forge goalie!   Yes he is from Sigma but look at his GAA last season playing every league game!  

Interesting that left his back up Baj Mann without an L1O game (although he excelled from what I read at their U-21 games) but he went to the tryouts in Vaughan last Fall and made the final cut of ~20 from ~210 trialists.  


  Triston Henry 16 1440 9 1 0 0.56

uh margin cut off.  Yellow cards 1  Red cards 0  and most important:  

Goals against average...….0.56  

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20 hours ago, youllneverwalkalone said:

...With the possible exception of Valour, all the clubs are drawing from pools of players very familiar with one another...

Think you might be onto something with that on how the Sigma FC trend could be justified to higher up corporate types. If prior familiarity with a particular preferred system helps a team hit the ground running and win consistently during their first ten or so competitive games that could be the difference between a successful launch season and a close but no cigar one. Then when the culture of the club is very much in place, it's easier to integrate players from elsewhere from the summer transfer window onwards.

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