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HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

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Sekunda is 23 and has 83 professional games under his belt which is 83 more than a number of other signings announced.  He is young, technically strong and has the potential to play at a much higher level but just needs the right development platform which is what the CPL is all about.  We don’t want a league full of older players having to drop down a level to where they can get minutes, we need 18-23 years olds that can be developed and sold on after 1/2 seasons. Playing for Canadian youth teams is no guarantee of future success  as individual managers stick to certain types of players who fit their style of play and we hardly have a legacy of success!    This has to be a league that improves the overall technical standard of Canadian football, developing players that are comfortable in possession, can play our and keep possession under pressure, like all the top soccer nations can. If this is just going to be a boys club so old faces can get game minutes the product will be predictable and dire.

I personally hope SH signs a whole team of exciting and technically strong U23s as the on field product will entertain fans. They might not win the league but you will get your monies worth.

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1 hour ago, Chris 1976 said:

They have only announced one player so far who happens to be a very good young Canadian professional who has had valuable experience in Europe. Trust me more than one player is signed with the club they just haven’t announced them yet but will be soon.  Quality over quantity 

LOL, can I copy and paste this into the PFC thread! We are in the same boat (different ocean). ;)


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