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Important Info - Buying Tickets and Unwritten Rules

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We are now dividing tickets up into three types.    Casual, Hardcore and Supporters Group. 

Hardcore and Supporters Group tickets will be put at the front of the section.   

Casual - Tickets at the back of the sections. We still need your voices, everyone in the stadium matters but not everyone wants to cause a raucous. 

Hardcore -  All Voyageurs not affiliated with any local supporters group

Supporters Groups -  These are set up for local SGs to promote a direct link for tickets and be grouped together.   If the "Super Mega Ultras" buy 100 tickets, I will block those tickets together say in a 10x10 block.  Inside that block will be effectively GA, and self policing.  This is really our only option left for maintaining a kind of pseudo GA.  

Here is something that should not need to be said... but.... do NOT buy tickets with a Supporters Group you are not part of.  


DO NOT tell your buddies who bought tickets elsewhere in the stadium to join us.  It is CRITICAL that this stops, or we could see ourselves without the ability to do this or getting over policed in a way no one will like.

I hear it all the time "I bought tickets somewhere else, but I'll be joining you guys anyway"  The people doing this are really screwing this up for the rest of us. 

Got deal from work?  Your club gave you tickets?  I don't care.  If you want to be in the Supporters Section, buy tickets with us.  We need to be able to allocate space accordingly. 

Anyone doing otherwise is endangering what we do.  


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