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Thanks for the link.  I watched the game last night and was really impressed by the pace of it.  Everyone was playing hard right to the last minute, so the players were exceptionally fit.  UNC reminded me of The Courage, right down to the uniforms.  I wonder if there are significant ties between the two organizations?

I didn't like the referee's interpretation that all you had to do was touch the ball first and anything that happened after was a-ok.  There were a lot of reckless challenges, and I must have seen Fleming do about three or four somersaults after having her legs cut out.

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I didn't watch the game, but judging by the highlights, it looks like Gabby Carle played an important role in the FSU win over Stanford in the NCAA semifinal game.  She scored a goal on a great individual effort, cutting in from the sideline to the top middle of the penalty area before unleashing a good shot.  She had to beat quite a few defenders before getting the opening for her shot.  She also appeared to be marking Stanford's Macario, one of the best goal scorers in the NCAA.  Here are the highlights I watched: ncaa site.

So, we'll have one Canadian to root for in the final game.

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