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Adam H

Location of supporters section

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This is probably directed to @socceronlybut I'd love to hear others' thoughts. 

It pertains specifically to the location of the supporters section at BC Place.

I watched a recording of the Mexico match after the fact (I'm a bit of a sadist, I suppose), and the positioning of the main broadcast camera means that the hardcore section is only visible when play is in that lower corner in front of us. 

Just from the angle of that broadcast camera, would it not be better to locate the hardcore section in the other side of the tunnel (where I believe the family section was)? That area is a lot more visible on the broadcast, and the angle would give a lot more visibility to the hardcore section, as well as the banners and signs in the corner. 

(for reference, I'm talking about sections 252-254 in what is the Southsiders area and moving the family section to 201 side.)

Now, maybe the CSA wants us where we are, but the supporters section being more visible can't really be a bad thing. 

Could this be brought up with the people who make these decisions? Obviously, this would mean a return to Vancouver, but the same principle would apply at any stadium - be on the upper right (or left, depending on which side the players enter) of the main broadcast angle, and be visible every time the ball is in that end. 

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2 hours ago, paul-collins said:

Perhaps the better answer is to move the cameras opposite the benches?

I'm not sure that would be possible. As far as I know, large venues are usually set up to have broadcast positions reman the same (broadcast camera is always on that side.)  I also don't think physically moving the benches to the other side is feasible, because the pitch at Bc place isn't centred, meaning that there's more room on one side for the benches, if memory serves. 

Based on Jamie's reply and the reasoning behind it, the only real option would be to have the players come out, then to the right, to the opposite side of the goal, and then cross the field to the benches. It would look and seem a bit awkward, though. It would only require having event staff open up a section of the ad board on the other side of the goal, and herding the players to the right side instead. 

As to the closer to the bench reason, I have no suggestion, other than make up some BS about how the angle to the benches from the other side would improve the sound that reaches the bench, but I doubt it really. 


TSN production also could have done  a better job with capturing the crowd atmosphere as well. There were very few crowd shots at all. Weird decision considering  the circumstances of a sold  out electric crowd. 

So, yeah, I can definitely see both sides on the location, and both make sense for their own reasons. 

Maybe we should just talk to the TSN producers about the visibility instead. 

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6 hours ago, socceronly said:

I think originally the CSA wanted us on the other side of the tunnel... 

But for anyone in the front who essentially satisfied most of their life goals making Honduran players visibly angry that first game... well....  it was pretty valuable.  

This is the truest thing I've heard/read today. 

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